COTTON Anti-chaffing Underwear

The Underwear Chronicles – Part II

My passionate talk about cotton underwear continues with a curvy girls answer to the dreaded chub-rub. I’m sharing my anti-chaffing underwear find of the summer with you. It would be unfair to keep something so good to myself.

Hey girls! Let’s talk about chub rub.  

If you’re a curvy girl with no thigh gap – “Hello there average woman” – you know the literal pain of wearing a dress, especially on a hot day. While it may look easy and breezy on the ‘skinny-straights’, it’s anything but easy for us curvalicious ones.

Has this happened to you?

It’s a hot summer day. You pull out that gorgeous summer dress that will have you looking and feeling like a cover girl (easy, breezy, beautiful). You head out the door perfectly put together, but the party hasn’t even begun and you’re already miserable. You  have no memory whatsoever of putting on those tights made out of “sticky fly paper”. You could literally ring your underwear out if only you could pry your thighs apart without it feeling like you’re ripping off a thousand Band-Aids at once!

“….. if you could only pry your thighs apart without it feeling like you’re ripping off a thousand Band-Aids….!”

If only I were exaggerating! Well, maybe I did exaggerate a little. It might only feel like 950 Band-Aids. 😉

No more Chub Rub! / Curvy Fashion / Plus Size Fashion

Jacket Loft / Tee Nordstrom / Skirt (similar) , (similar) Lane Bryant / Sneaker Steve Madden

For the Love of Dresses!

From the time I was a little girl, a dress has been my jam. My mom made lots of my childhood dresses. If I would have had any daughters (or granddaughters) my husband was warned that I would be keeping her well stocked in what I like to call ‘school girl dresses’. Those cute little numbers that are neither too frilly or too grownup. Just the right amount of feminine to make them adorable. But alas, I have no girls and wearing dresses in the summer without tights or panty hose after I “filled out” has been too uncomfortable to fully enjoy.

But then HALLELUJAH! I found COTTON anti-chaffing underwear to wear with dresses that are so awesome, I’m calling the GAME CHANGERS!!!!!!!

Curvy Fashsion/ Chub Rub Eliminating Underwear / Plus Size Fashion / Full Figure Fashion

Stop Chub Rub / Wear Dresses Again without Chub Rub / Curvy Fashion

Eliminate Chub Rub / Full Figure Fashion / Over 50 Fashion

Under It All

If you’ve read the first installment of The Underwear Chronicles (here), you already know about my passion for cotton underwear. It borders on a disorder really. And while I know that they’ve made this style of anti-chafing underwear for years, they are typically in those sweat inducing, crotch-putrefying fabrics that I don’t like. Can you hear my OCD crazy?!?!

Enter these amaze-balls (no pun intended – we girls don’t have those 😉 ) cotton boxer brief style anti-chaffing underwear from Calida.

Anti-chafing cotton underwear / Eliminate Chub Rub / Underwear for Fuller Figures

Photo Courtesy Calida

Let me gush for a second. I’m pretty sure the cotton was made by angels. I had a couple of pairs of Calida briefs and knew the fabric quality was stupendous so I figured there was a good chance that if this long legged style fit well, they’d be keepers.

I wasn’t wrong! The Calida anti-chaffing underwear are like putting on comfort itself. I can’t remember the last summer I wore so many dresses and loved it! I have my childhood back. Only it’s a little (or a lot) more embarrassing when my mom says, “Paula, put your dress down!” I’m just kidding. I haven’t even raised my dress (in front of my mom) this summer. 😉

Even if I did climb around on some monkey bars or something (yeah, that’s gonna happen), these beauties fit well and offer the perfect amount of modesty should your skirt “happen” to blow up.

I have these in both the black and the white. I only wish they made them in nude. The Calida Long Leg Cotton Short doesn’t stretch out with wear, but they have a generous fit. I have a pair in both the large and the extra-large, that both fit well.  I’m a size 16 for reference and 50″ at the fullest part of my hips.

Anti-chaffing Cotton Underwear for Full Figures / Full Figure Underwear / End Chub-Rub

Photo Courtesy Calida

These anti-chaffing underwear are a little pricey but worth every penny in my book. They have opened up my summer wardrobe so I don’t have to wait until cooler temps to wear skirts and dresses of every length and style.

Exception to My Disorder Rule

There is one brand of anti-chaffing underwear that I will wear when I need something with a bit of slippage (aka silkier) under my clothes. *These under shorts from *Thigh Society have an excellent feel. They offer no compression, which is fine by me. Compression would only add to the ‘hot factor’. And not “hot” like Ashley Graham either.  They are only a tiny bit thicker than a pair of tights but with a smoother hand than the typical spandex anti-chaffing slip shorts.

Thigh Society Anti-Chaffing Slip Shorts / Full Figured Underwear

Photo Courtesy of Thigh Society

*Note: I have linked to Thigh Society’s Facebook page, because I’ve had some dreaded internet issues this past week or so and am having limited access to many websites. I will update this when advisable. However, you can access shopping from their Facebook page.

Wear dresses again without chub rub / Curvy Fashion / Stop Thigh Rub

Clockwise from top right: Skirt (similar) Lane Bryant, Jacket Loft, Shoes Steve Madden / Striped Dress Aventura, Jacket Loft / Chambray Dress Old (similar), (similar)  / Knit Skirt JJill, similar; Tee JJill, Tote Barrington Gifts

Your Own Boxer Briefs

So if you’re longing to wear a dress in the summer and feel as breezy as you look sashaying around in that sun dress, try a pair (or two) of these anti -chaffing underwear. When you’re literally running around in them without feeling like your thighs are duct taped together, I’m  pretty sure you’ll thank me.



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  1. /

    Thanks for joining the Top of the World Style linkup party. Great look.

  2. Rach

    This is so helpful, thank you! I have one question though…are you supposed to wear underwear under shorts like this? Or even under other types of shapewear?

    • Paula

      Hi Rach!

      I don’t wear underwear under the long line under and almost never under shapewear. At this stage of the game, I wear as little as possible while still being covered and “supported” and being covered. 😄

      Stay cool and met me know if you try those undies…. I love mine!


  3. Sandie

    I’m a new fan your ideas are fantastic !! I and my 50 yr old daughter have the same problems as you.

    • Paula

      The undie struggle is real – a real pain in the thigh. 😂

      Hope you find some cotton undies you like and can experience comfort in skirts and dresses again. 😘


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