Hi, I’m Paula. I’m a personal lifestyle blogger, manicurist, singer, hobby decorator, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and sister; not necessarily in this order at all.  I am known as Paula, Mom, Mom-Mom and Poog – short for Pooga and sometimes Poogalicious and Poognasty to my baby sister, who dubbed me Pooga in the first place.

I’ve been married to my main squeeze Mike, for 32 whole years. We only dated for a month before becoming engaged and then married 6 months later. We both grew up on the east coast, hundreds of miles apart, but for the past 25 years we have made our home in a small Mayberry-esque Midwestern town. It’s miles from exciting, metropolitan, or fashionable, but it’s just my speed.

We have two grown sons who are married to some really lovely young women. We have been given 5 grandsons (my “Littles”) who are the best gift I never knew I always wanted!



I am passionate about my family, my faith, and beautiful décor as well as stylish yet comfortable shoes and clothes that are comfortable and make me look skinny.  I’m particularly passionate about comfortable (mostly cotton) underwear that aren’t granny panties and comfortable supportive bras. Did I mention that I like things comfortable?  YIKES! I have officially become my mother! I am open and transparent and will probably share too much.  I am not young or skinny and I have officially given up dieting forever….. AGAIN!  And, I REALLY like to laugh and may have laughed until tears ran down my leg once or thrice; I truly believe that laughter IS the very best medicine!

So, what can you expect to find here on Dimples On My What?   I have created this space to share my thoughts and stories about what fascinates, fulfills, frustrates, and inspires me along with a healthy dose of laughter. I’ll share fashion and beauty finds, decorating ideas and lifestyle advice designed to help us live the most beautiful life possible.   I am calling this a “Lifestyle” Blog because that’s the category that fits, but it’s more of a “Heartstyle or Mindstyle” Blog.  My greatest hope is that together, we could understand how looking deeper than just our “surfaces” can start a revolution to change minds and hearts about what beautiful women, both young and not, look like both inside and out; and it starts with US!  I am not super fashionable or photogenic or even a photographer and I don’t often travel to exotic locales.  However, I hope you’ll join me on this journey to be okay with being okay with who you are and to LOVE yourself and your life!

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Lastly but foremost, you should know that I love Jesus and will probably talk about Him and His awesomeness from time to time.  You may be thinking: “(Gasp!) But your blog is called Dimples On My What? That doesn’t seem appropriate.”  The thing is, Jesus loves me just the way I am, dimples and whacked out sense of humor and all. I’d love for you to know, or to remind you and me too, that no matter where or what your dimples (or scars or flaws or shortcomings or failings) are, you are loved!  So let’s stop being so hard on ourselves and get to laughing about that dimple on our butt that’s the size of a gravy ladle…. No? Maybe that’s just me!