Taking Everyday Style Up a Notch

  + Ramblings on Hairy Situations I was a hot mess last week. Blood, sweat and tears – literally. Funny thing is, it all ended up revolving around hair.  But, I pulled through and even… View Post

COTTON Anti-chaffing Underwear

The Underwear Chronicles – Part II My passionate talk about cotton underwear continues with a curvy girls answer to the dreaded chub-rub. I’m sharing my anti-chaffing underwear find of the summer with you. It would… View Post

another holiday, another puke story

Once again our holiday season brought with it sicknesses of multiple strains including ear infections, bronchitis and the most dreaded of all – a “stomach bug”.  Ugh! It also brought about a lesson in renewal… View Post

Paula’s a Fall-ah

Funny story! Well, kind of….. I fell! I fell in public! I fell on government property! In front of what felt like a bazillion people! Guys, I can’t make this stuff up. Folly must follow… View Post

leaving my mark on waco

I’m writing the weirdest funniest review of a trip to Magnolia Market in Waco, TX you may ever read. I’m not a great photographer so you will see better photos elsewhere. And words alone cannot… View Post