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+ Ramblings on Hairy Situations

I was a hot mess last week. Blood, sweat and tears – literally. Funny thing is, it all ended up revolving around hair.  But, I pulled through and even managed to elevate my everyday style  to run errands looking pulled together for a change. And all the while being extremely comfortable.

Some of my story is shallow and vain. Part of it may resonate with you. And of course, you may laugh out loud at a portion of these random ramblings about hair.

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Hairy Situations

I’ve had two tantrums over my hair in the last week. This is not usual. It’s actually really trivial and I feel like a drama queen for even having to mention it. It all started with the bangs. Then escalated with another hair color session to lighten my locks to the point I can grow out my natural gray with less of a demarcation line. 

And then, the cherry on top of the cake wasn’t actually on the top…. Think further south. So if you’d like to find out  what I’m talking about, read on…. 



Love ‘em. Hate ‘em. Need ‘em. Tolerate ‘em.  These ALL apply to me. I have a particular way I like my bangs cut. I like an angle. They need to cover my entire forehead, but look like they are “pushed” to the side ever so slightly without really “pushing” them that much. So, that means they need to be noticeably shorter on one side than the other.  Okay, I’ve read that back and can’t exactly understand it either. But suffice it to say, I took matters scissors into my own hands. It may have looked easy on YouTube, but it wasn’t pretty. TANTRUM 1


I THINK I’d like to have my natural gray hair grown out. We’ve begun the process to get it lighter so I can stop coloring it and grow it out. Remember, I do put regular photos of myself on the internet, so I don’t want it to be a terrible transition.

However, I really like my hair to look natural. And natural to me for so many years has been a nice shade of brown with the occasional subtle highlight. Not too streaked or striped. That’s not natural looking in my eyes.

 So as we’re lightening, it’s beginning to take on a tone that to me, looks like a “non-color”. It’s not brown, gray, blonde or red. It’s also not really that flattering to my complexion. I cried most of the way home from the salon and a little the next day. TANTRUM 2

Note: None of these tantrums occurred in public. I just wanted you to know that. And I’ve since curled my hair and like the color a bit better than when it’s styled straight like it is in these photos. And funny things is, my colorist has a special way with my bangs and fixed my YouTube hacked fringe. (And not “hacked” in the good way.) 😉


I’ve had more than my fair share of hair removal “accidents”.  I’m trying to decide if I want to save some of the worst funniest ones for my book. Or if I should just go ahead and write an entire post on them here. I will tell you now though, that in these photos there’s a bandage on my pinkie finger and it’s the direct result of my latest personal grooming fiasco.

You’ve heard the term, “Can’t see the forest for the trees.”?

Seriously, NEVER try to “trim your lady hedges” with a razor when you can’t see the “lady bits” beyond your “mountains majesty” and over the “bloated, fruited plains”. Because that great razor  you love from Dollar Shave Club, IS sharp enough to take off even that tiny bit of skin, UNDER the part of your fingernail you just shaved off while your hand was holding the flesh of your upper thigh taut for grooming. OUCH! And another grooming lesson learned…. Don’t groom blind! Or, try to find a place to live where it’s considered sexy to have your “nether-foliage” in your secret garden over grown beyond your panties. 

(Leave a comment below if you’d like to read more of my crazy, real-life grooming dramas.)

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My Outfit

On any given day, you’ll find me in cozy clothes. Even running errands can mean sweaters or sweatshirts with joggers or sweatpants and sneakers. And because it’s been freezing around here, I just cover it all up with a coat.

So when the winter takes a tiny reprieve and we have day when it’s not snowing (it is in fact, raining in these photos) and you don’t need the parka, it’s time for even a sloth like me to take casual clothes up a notch. You don’t have to give up comfort to look pulled together though and I think this look proves it.


The Leggings

These are some of my most favorite leggings. Athleta’s Metro Collection uses the catchphrase, “Give your jeans a day off.” These are indeed high-waist leggings, but with a center seam down the front of the leg. They also have front and back pockets, giving them a “less like leggings” look with ALL the comfort. It’s also nice that IF your bum shows (a little) it’s not as unflattering as it could be with traditional leggings. I’ve been wearing this same pair for at least 3 years. 

Soft Surrounding Tunic Detail | Fashion over 50 | Curvy Fashion

The Tunic

The Belmont Tunic from Soft Surroundings is a so cute. There’s something about the pinstripe that makes even a flowing tunic look more streamlined. It has a really nice elbow length sleeve too. If you’re a middle aged woman or just have a bit of fluff to your form, you’ll know how much we appreciate sleeves. And the button detail on the back make it sweet whether you’re coming or going. 


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The Jacket

SERIOUSLY! Don’t miss this Sebby Collection jacket. It’s faux leather and it has a great hand to it. There’s no weird chemical smell, like some “faux” pieces have. AND, it has a stretchy under sleeve and side panel for great comfort. And at $32.50 (currently), it’s a must have piece you don’t want to miss!!! 

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The Shoes

I can’t tell you how much I love these Born Booties! You can see me wear them multiple times over if you follow me on Instagram or Liketoknow.it They are comfortable all on their own. However, I have feet that require a bit of help in the form of custom orthotics. However, in heeled booties, these are the ones I use. They make a world of difference.


The Bag

This St. Anne Tote, from Barrington Gifts needs an entire post of its own. Suffice it to say it’s worth the money to me. I have carried it almost exclusively for nearly a year and half.

The Takeaway

I love to laugh. Even so, there are times for all of us when it’s hard to find the funny side of life. But even in a week that I would call “suck-hole” (my term for horrible), I found something about hair to laugh at. Even though it brought bodily harm to me. 😉

It’s okay to have a meltdown, to be sad or even mad for a bit. But always try to find something positive or funny in your surroundings. It really does help! Well, that and having plenty of Band-aides on hand.

I love being comfortable. I love that this outfit proves that being comfortable can look pulled together.

I also want you to know, that while this post contains affiliate links, I have purchased everything I’m wearing. It has stood the test of time and comfort. And, I wear these pieces over and over again.

Be Comfortable. Be Cute. Be happy. And for heavens sake, Be CAREFUL!





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This post contain affiliate links that will result in dimples on my What? making a commission should you purchase through these links, at not cost to you. 

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  1. Cynthia

    I’m home with the flu and my sidesand back are hurting from laughing at, uhhh I mean with you! You are a hoot! Thank you for making me laugh.

    • Paula

      Well, I hope it’s a good pain and that you’re recovered in no time. I hear it’s really bad this year.

  2. Birdie

    You look nice Paula! I think it’s hard to adjust to change on ourselves. You may find that the color might feather out a little as it grows. I always like mine better a few weeks or so later (after highlights) when there’s a little growth at the roots. Try not to fret….you look lovely! Love you sister!

  3. /

    Girl, you are making me laugh sooo hard! I totally get you about the hair color thing. When my stylist was trying to lift the red out of my hair (second round) and it came out pink (which I loved, but didn’t believe my office would) she toned it some kind of blah non-color. I didn’t think I would be able to survive the two weeks until my next appointment.

    Super cute look! I seriously need that tote. It is so perfect!

    • Paula

      I’m glad somebody understands what I mean by “non-color” Jennie. I seriously thinking about just going for it and growing it out from here so I don’t damage my hair any more than it already has been. With the internet and pinterest teeming with photos of both young and old dying their hair silver/gray, where are all these hairstylist who can do it? 😉

  4. /

    Great post and I am still laughing. You look so Comfy & Chic in this outfit. I feel you on the transition to let the grays loose, but I am just not ready for the all gray look . Maybe next year. Also, I have been thru the “mountains majesty” with my own version and was not able to see clearly. To my surprise the new growth came with a vengeance. I was told by a friend that right after shaving we should use the apricot facial scrub to alleviate any discomfort.

  5. I have died. Come back to life. And am in the process of dying again. All from laughing. I’m sorry that happened to you but your descriptions…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    I’ve just decided to go gray too. I parted my hair down the middle and saw that there’s just too much glitter to even deal with, so… I’m not going down gracefully. I’m just gonna let it happen. Lines of demarcation, roots, e’erything. This is like the big test to see if The Hubs really is in for the good and the bad.

    • Paula

      Ha Ha! My hubs says he’s in for the gray hair, but we’ll have to see as well. I’m seriously thinking of just giving it the “grow” from here too. The lightening process is so damaging. And I’m used to soft silky hair, so this really is feeling a lot like literal “straw” to me.

  6. I had to laugh about your “lady-scaping” it is very much more than a one-person job, in my opinion. I will check out your leggings, my favorite right now is Danica Patrick brand, hers fit so well and stay up but I have only worn for a few months so not sure how they will hold up. I started transitioning to grey a few months ago, not happy all of the time with how it is going but I am sure it will be great at some point.

    • Paula

      I’ll have to pop over and have a look at your transition hair. Or can you even tell in photos yet? I think that’s what I’m most worried about, photos during the transition. If I could be a hermit for 18 months….. 😉

  7. Kim

    Ok, I died! You crack me up and I am at work! Thank you! I think I have the same pants and I wear them all the time, too! I don’t remember buying them. Perhaps a house guest left them. teehee…

    mOrE lAdY gRoOmINg sToRiEs, PLEASE!!!!! hilarious!

    • Paula

      LOL… I wasn’t sure I wanted to put the “actual” terms for that area out on the internet. 😉 Plus it’s funnier when you have to think about it.

  8. Ronna

    Enjoy your blog…thanks for keeping it real. TOO FUNNY!

    • Paula

      Hey Ronna!
      Thanks for stopping by. Glad you had a bit of a laugh.

  9. jodie filogomo

    It’s amazing how our hair can make us curl up in a ball at times. I’ve embraced the fact that mine is awful and shouldn’t be the focus of my body!! But maybe if I dyed it an interesting color….

    • Paula

      I think it’s interesting how we always think we want what other people have; be it clothes, hair, body….

  10. Hi Paula!
    Enjoying your posts! I am also a person that doesn’t beleive comfy and cozy are 4 letter words! i always have to dress comfortable or I wont wear an item. Love the moto jacket, the longer tunic length over it looks great together. i have only now really started to wear jeans as I finally found some very soft and comfy pairs!
    have a great day!
    jess xx

    • Paula

      Isn’t it funny how sensitive some of us are to fabrics and the necessity for comfort? I have tried items on after seeing them on other influencers and wondered, “How are they even able to smile wearing this? It feels terrible.” LOL But, I have really sensitive skin too so maybe that makes me more sensitive to fit as well as fabrics.

      Thanks for stopping by Beautiful Lady,

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