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It’s once again time for another month of our Ageless Style Link Up. When a bundle of bloggers over the age of 40 set out to prove that style can be ageless. Our own stylish librarian Daenel, of Living Outside the Stacks has given us the challenge this month to come up with a style influenced by a fictional character. In other words, what characters closet, from print or film would we like to raid!

 If you’re as intrigued as I am to see how my co-hosts interpreted this Literary Themed Ageless Style Link Up, keep reading and check out their posts. Also, meet this month’s co-host, Patti from Not Dead Yet Style (don’t you just love that name?). She’s written an article  on this exact subject if you fancy another read. 

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The Cat’s Out of the Bag

This was a tough theme for me. I drew a complete blank! Some of my favorite movies or books are period pieces. Hello, Sense and Sensibility.  Although I now have a natural bustle, I wasn’t about to stuff myself into a corset.

So I decided to think about it in reverse. Instead of picking a character whose style I wanted to copy, I decided to look at what I already owned and see if I saw a theme jump out at me. And low and behold, Cat Woman purred right out of my closet.

Bonus: I shopped my closet for this entire outfit! 

Of course I don’t carry a whip…. Or do I? 😉  I don’t own a pair of leather pants. And even when I was at the peak of physical shape, I looked nothing like the comic book depiction of Cat Woman.  I’ll also never compare with the many actresses who have portrayed her on the screen, big or small,  over the years.

However, I imagine that to climb around like a feline would require stretch in EVERYTHING a Cat Woman would wear. So that’s me! Black leggings. Me again! Black boots or booties… Okay, am I really Cat Woman and don’t know it!  😉 I also love the idea of creating a longer, leaner silhouette wearing an all-black, body conscious ensemble.

A Cat In a Cardigan

If by Cat Woman, it meant that it should look like you’re carrying a sack full of active kittens in the back of your pants, then I would be your girl. But I’m a Cat Woman who likes her treats and is working through hormonal weight gain, so I added the long cardigan.  If I had a long, black cardigan I would have worn that. But I always love the combination of black and tan so tan cardigan it is!

Black and Tan Outfit | Full Figured Fashion | Fashion for women over 40 | Fashion for older women

Below the Belt or Belly

You may think that a low slung belt would not be flattering on a larger frame. In actuality, it can be flattering. Especially if you have a thickening waistline. I don’t know about you, but my small waist has been replaced and what remains in my abdominal region looks like a smashed donut. I’m not kidding! I took a photo recently of what I thought would be a slimming outfit and what I saw was enough to send me into a yearlong fast. Ugh! But then again – cookies!  I’m actually hoping that I have a hernia above my naval and not just a hard, crescent shaped fat pooch!

Back to that belt. I once heard a stylist give advice about the rise (waist height) of pants for women with large abdomens. She said to think about a beach ball. Would the ball look bigger if you covered the entire area or to cut it in half. In this case, instead of bringing the belt to my waist and having my stomach protrude out under it, I’m visually cutting it in half. And since I’m wearing the long sweater, I’m also visually decreasing the width of what’s inside.

Black and Tan Outfit | Fashion for over 50 women | Full figured fashion | Plus Sized fashion

Black and tan outfit | Fashion for curvy women | Fashion for older women

Kicking it in Comfort

You know I love me some comfortable style. It’s a recurring theme on this blog whether we’re talking underwear or jeans. I won’t ever may not  be climbing any buildings or doing any high kicks, but I’ll  sure feel like I could kick some butt in style and comfort.

If you had the chance to raid any fictional characters closet, whose would it be? Please don’t say Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote or Elaine Benis, their ships have sailed. Although, I would definitely be okay with black and white saddle shoes like Elaine wore in the Can’t Spare a Square episode of Seinfeld. And I’m not certain the Kardashians count; although they look fictional. 😉

How would you make your heroines style work for you? 

Be comfortable. Be cute. And just this once, be a little catty… I know I will. 😉




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  1. Meowww…my feline inspired friend! Love the look of this on you! I agree that the belt & long cardi really lengthen the lines. You are a smokin’ hot rendition of Cat Woman…way better than any movie version!

    • Paula

      This theme definitely challenged me. But our Daenel is a smart one and had me thinking outside my comfort zone.

    • Paula

      Meow right back. You’re so kind. Our sweet, resident smarty-pants, Daenel, really made me think outside my comfort zone.

  2. I think it’s fab that you chose Catwoman – the black outfit is gorgeous! And you look fabulous too – and the tan makes a nice statement. There are loads of TV characters I’d love to be inspired by but I’d probably go out all 1920s / 30s and say Phryne Fischer from Miss Fischer’s Murder Mysteries because I just LOVE her style so much!
    Suzy xx

    • Paula

      Thanks so much Suzy. I’d love to see how you’d interpret the 20’s/30’s vibe for today!

    • Paula

      Thanks Suzy! I would love to see how you interpreted styles from the 20’s or 30’s today.

  3. jodie filogomo

    You are always full of vim and vigor, and I love how you thought about this challenge, Paula!!
    The belt really is a great addition, and I know I always forget about the ones I have—lord knows I need lengthening….

    • Paula

      “Challenge” was the right word for me this month. You’re a cutie, patootie in you’re petite shell. And with your slim physique, you don’t need to worry about lengthening. 😉

  4. /

    You are hilarious! I have a “natural bustle” too…

    Anyway, digging the cat woman theme. Absolutely fabulous. I like the column of color and the belt placement tip. I always think I should add a belt but then I take it off because I worry that it enhances my midsection. I’m gonna follow your tip and see how it works for me.

    • Paula

      YOU always look great and I never see a midsection… I should have added the photo of my smashed donut tummy. 😉 I think that belt placement is definitely subject to what outfit we’re wearing. I can wear them higher in certain outfits.


  5. /

    Meoowwww….. You make one stylish Catwoman, Paula! =^..^= This is such a great look and one I would wear in a heartbeat. Loved the tip on belts, too.

  6. I love the look, the belt and sweater are perfect and you look great. Not sure who my inner fictional person would be.

  7. I hadn’t even thought of Cat Woman but it’s brilliant! Good point about looking like kittens fighting in the back of your pants – thank heavens for long cardigans – I feel the same way about my stomach area! Actually my middle is starting to look like I’m shoplifting sacks of flour. The shit’s gettin’ real as my 50th birthday is just months away and if I’m honest I treat myself way more often than I used to. So, yes, a long cardigan is helpful to hide my souffle’ top!
    You are such an entertaining writer!!!!

    • Paula

      Thanks Kellyann! I’m a retired nail tech, and I used to have a British client that had to be in her late 70’s or early 80’s. She had terrible arthritis and macular degeneration. She’d often say, “It’s hell to get old.” So even though we have our squishy bits, it could be worse. 😉 I hope you’re enjoying being part of this link up group. It’s nice to have you with us.


  8. You also do like to say, “grrrr, baby, very grrrr” like a tiger 😉

    • Paula

      Oh yeah, I hadn’t even thought about that! You’re so observant.

      Love ya girlie!

  9. Kim

    OH, my! I will have to sleep on this challenge. That’s it! Someone in their PJs! Wendy from Peter Pan!

    Love the Cat Woman inspired look!

    • Kim

      But in my head….Kerry Washington in Scandal. Only in my head.

    • Paula

      Oh yeah! I’ll take someone in my PJ’s too! They are seriously my love language!

      But we can dream we’re always as put together as Kerry Washington.

      Hugs Kim,

  10. OMG, Paula! I really need to visit your blog more often. You leave me in stitches every time. You look amazing, by the way. And I, too, have quite the large abdomen which I have become a master at disguising. But now I need to try this low slung belt trick. I have done the high waist belts and am kind of digging of it even though I thought I was too fat for such a trend. I never would have thought of the low slung belt…so off to my closet I go to see what I can dig up! I also think I need to do a Beverly Goldberg inspired outfit on my blog soon! Wouldn’t that be fun?


    • Paula

      Hilarious Shelbee! I thought about Beverly Goldberg too. But it hit too close to home. As a mom in the mid 80’s, my hair wasn’t as big as hers but I made my own sweatshirts with puffy paint and patterns cut out of other fabric prints and ironed onto the front. Color me embarrassed now!

      I still wear belts at waist level too. But I always forget that style doesn’t have to be limited by size. I just have to tweak it a bit.

      Thanks for stopping by again Shelbee.


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