Camo Joggers and Dreamy Slides

A Cozy Chic Weekend Look

Camo. Joggers. Comfortable. This Weekend Style outfit checks off all the marks in my style book. It’s especially important for me to be comfortable when I had been fighting off a sinus headache since the wee hours of the morning (hence the lack of makeup in these photos). Cozy clothes and a nap were the perfect medicine to get me back up and hopping around. We’ll I didn’t technically hop. 😉

Cozy Weekend Style | Plus Sized Camo Jogger | Casual Fashion Over 50

Comfortable Outfits are a must have for me. Much like my love of comfy underwear, which I talked about in The Underwear Chronicles – Part I and Part II, my love of a cozy chic ensemble (a style term coined by my sister for me) borders on an addiction.

My love of cozy chic even extends into my home decor. If it looks like you want to take a nap on it or in it, that’s  my house.

However, I might actually be addicted to – Camo. Joggers. Comfort. If you add my Dr. Pepper in there, I’m downright certifiable and in need of an intervention. But before I commit myself to a rubber room to detox, let me tell you about ALL the comfort going on in this one outfit.

Plus Sized Fashion | Fashion Over 50 | P


Plus Size Fashion | Over 50 Fashion

Joggers: Torrid, Z Supply, Splendid  | Cardigan: Bobeau | Tee: Similar | Shoes: FitFlops

The Joggers.

These cropped camo joggers are available at, a “full size” (my word, not theirs) clothing chain offering clothes in size 10 – 30.  However, they label the clothes in sizes from 00 – 6. Or up to a 3X.

Camo is a trend that’s still going strong and getting stronger for the fall. I’ve never stopped loving it and make a jogger out of it…. I’m all in.

The fabric of these joggers is all the cottony goodness I love and they don’t stretch out that much. I’m wearing a 2 in these because I wanted a looser fit, especially around my calves. I could have easily worn the size 1 because I have the waistband rolled over to bring the crotch up a bit. Find a similar straight size jogger here and linked under the photo.

The Tee

This Lane Bryant  Mercer Tee is SO soft. Have you tried their t-shirts? The fabrics are delicious! I also own this in the subtle stripe and they are both on clearance, so – WIN! I also encourage you to check out their Tee Shop – for lots of other options. I’m wearing the 14/16.

The Sweater

This BoBeau Cardigan from Nordstrom is another super soft staple to have in your “get cozy” collection. Whether for cozying up on the weekend, traveling or complimenting a jeans and t-shirt look – this is THE cardi to add to your wardrobe. Wearing an XL

Plus Size Fashion | Plus Size Joggers | Fashion Over 50 | Curvy and Casual Fashion

The Shoes

The topper is the shoes. Okay, I know that shoes aren’t a “topper”… but when your shoes are as comfortable as these – they ARE the TOPS!

I love the look of the current slide shoe trend. However, I have some pretty bad feet.

NO! They are not ugly, but you name a foot problem and unfortunately, I’ve developed at least a mild case of it. Well, except for bunions. So far, so good on that front. High arches, plantar fasciitis, and Morton’s Neuroma. And did you know there’s such a thing as Rigid Big Toe Syndrome? I didn’t either, but….. heavy sigh. The orthopedic podiatrist’s office even had an informative paperwork for it… who knew!  Any or all of these “conditions” make wearing trendy shoes difficult and painful unless I can add some sort of orthotic or insert if they don’t already have it on their own.

But THESE! All the heart eyes for the comfy podiatrist certified goodness! FitFlops don’t just make flip-flops anymore. And while some of the other non-flip flop offerings look a bit orthopedic, these slides are a great exception. I can wear these ALL DAY LONG without ANY pain. I can’t say that about too many of my shoes, including sneakers. So I can’t help shout it from the rooftop… or this blog.



Don’t let your age or your size stop you from wearing what you love. I’m not tiny and I’m not young but I love me some camo and comfort. By adding camo joggers to my wardrobe I’m not trying to look younger or get all Janet Jackson up in here – I guess Janet is getting older too,  so I keep everything else pretty basic and simple. Cozy chic with a bit of classic and a bit of trend if you will.

The Comfort Zone

Maybe, my extreme love of cozy fabrics, shoes, and camo isn’t really an addiction, but I’m pretty sure I’ll break out in a rash if you took them away from me. 😉

Do you crave comfort in clothes as much as I do? Will you embrace cozy chic? If so, share some of your favorite items and brands in the comments below.

The Cozy Junkie,


To get this look, start here….



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  1. /

    You look adorable! I love the pastel cardi with the camo. And comfort is ALWAYS a good thing!
    I feel your pain with the foot issues! I’ve had lots of problems with plantar fasciitis myself – not fun! I love a cute shoe, but it better be supportive and comfy, too!

    • Paula

      Yes indeed. I have had to forgo many a shoe because it isn’t supportive enough or it doesn’t work with my orthotic (if it’s a sneaker). It’s sad, but happy feet = happy me!

  2. /

    I love your blog, Paula! Stop by and visit Stylish Paradox!

    • Paula

      Hi Julie!
      I recently stopped by your blog and tried to comment, but something went wrong. Most likely on my end as I’ve been having some technical difficulties lately. Grr! You also have a lovely blog.

      Have a blessed day Lovely One.

  3. jodie filogomo

    I think this outfit works on so many levels Paula!!! The camo is something I’ve been a huge fan of lately (and who would think those words would ever come out of my mouth—ha ha!!!)
    And then the sneakers?? Fun and perfect!!

    • Paula

      Hey Jodie! Thanks for stopping in. I love camo in small doses and especially in out of the ordinary ways… like sweats or a skirt.

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