Comfort and Joy in an Outfit and for Real Life

Oh, oh, tidings of comfort and joy! That’s what I’m calling this look. You know, when your Cozies become “GOzies”  because you wear them out of the house and fancy it up with a cute…

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Overcome the Dark, Keep the Light On

Hello Friends!
I’ve started this post over and over again trying to put my jumbled thoughts together and sound eloquent but I’m failing at that. So while this might not be my most well thought out post (thank you menopause), I’m going to shoot straight with you and keep it simple. In order to overcome the dark, turn on the light. And then a couple of little girls will encourage us all that No Bad Things Can Be in the Light! So if you’re struggling to overcome darkness and fear at present, join Amelia and me for some encouragement.

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See the Beauty in Weeds

Welcome to my pity party. Well, it’s over now because a couple of little boys gave me some gifts that helped me see the beauty in weeds; literally and figuratively.

I thought it was definitely timely. As we’re facing uncertain and scary times we need to be about to see God makes beauty out of ashes.

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Easter is NOT Cancelled

Hello Friends! Have you picked out your Easter PJ’s yet? 😉 Maybe we won’t be in an Easter dress and things will look different this year, but Easter is definitely not canceled! And here’s why…

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A Cheap Meal and Valuable Advice for Your Family during this Challenging and Blessed Time

Give yourself more time to enjoy your family during this uncertain yet uniquely blessed time with an inexpensive yet hearty recipe. You can feed your family for less the $2 per meal with this Rustic Sausage Hash.

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