Overcome the Dark, Keep the Light On

how to overcome the dark and leave the light on.  ||  faith based post for when fear is great

It’s Really That Simple but Yet, So Hard

I’ve started this post over and over again trying to put my jumbled thoughts together and sound eloquent but I’m failing at that. So while this might not be my most well thought out post (thank you menopause). So, I’m going to shoot straight with you and keep it simple. In order to overcome the dark, turn on the light. And then a couple of little girls will remind us all that No Bad Things Can Be in the Light!

I’ve been thinking much this week about fear and more words like heaviness, bleak, dark, and anxiety as I’ve read them numerous times in social media posts. Although I’m concerned and aware of the seriousness of our current world health crisis, I am not fearful.

But honestly, I get downright depressed and mad about being inundated with negativity and darkness, so much so, I have to shut down social media or scroll passed the offending posts. (I gave up news watching long before COVID-19 was a thing.)

You CAN Overcome the Dark – Promise

However, I know there are many people who are fighting to stay out of a dark place. If you’re one of those who are struggling with fear and anxiety; if you’re one of the ones speaking “bleak” over the situation, I just want to take a minute to encourage you. And Girl, I’m gonna tell you straight – If you’re in a dark place, you didn’t walk in there with God. Because wherever God is, there’s light. 

No Bad Things Can Be in the Light and Fear Ain’t Good

Actually the scripture in second Timothy reminding us that God doesn’t give us fear has reverberated in my heart and mind many times this week. If you haven’t already heard, God told us 365 times throughout His word not to fear. One for every day of the year.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.  2 Timothy 1:2 (KJV)

God Didn’t Give Us Fear

Sure, that first part of that scripture is known to many of us. God hasn’t given us the spirit of fear. So if we’re feeling fearful we’ve let something in that’s not of God. I’m sure we didn’t do it on purpose but by filling our eyes and minds with all the negative news and social media posts we become consumed with things the stir up fear and feel heavy. Instead, accept the gifts that do come from God. 

What God Gives Is the Good Stuff

When we focus on the greater gifts God has given us, like power and love and what many biblical interpretations call self-control we leave no room for fear and anxiety. I realize it’s easier said than done when we’re inundated with negative words and what seems like bad news on top of bad news.

Out of the Mouths of Babes

But it really can be very simple and I’m probably over complicating it! Earlier this week I read a friend’s short Facebook post about her two little girls, ages five and six, and how one helped the other understand about being afraid of the dark. I think they’ve summed it up quite nicely.  

The bible says:

This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him, there is no darkness at all.”  1 John 1:5

You’re Not a Failure if You Sometimes Feel Fear

So there you have it, if we’re feeling dark and heavy, it’s not from God. Plain and simple. 

But, I don’t want you to feel condemned or like you’re a failure if you have moments of anxiety or fear. Because we’re human and we are susceptible to it, especially when we are experiencing a constant barrage of negativity. 

Fear In, Fear Out

Remember telling your kids, garbage in, garbage out? For instance, if we surround ourselves with foul-mouthed people all the time, it begins to sound normal and thus easier to let foul things come out of our own mouths. The same applies to fear, anxiety, and negative thoughts.

Overcome the dark ||  encouragement when you feel fearful

How to Stay In Light

It almost goes without saying that keeping the Word of God before you every single day and of course, my favorite, listening to uplifting worship music, is so important during hard times. Keep filling yourself with the things that fill you up! 

Oh, and do some fun things that give your life some levity. If you’re following me on Instagram you might have already seen what the Hubs and I are doing to bring joy to us and hopefully a good laugh to you. Car-date Karaoke is a blast and a MUST-SEE if I do say so myself. 😉

But, let’s also stay away from negative thinkers and depressing mainstream media updates. Unfollow or scroll past the influencers who continue to use the fear inciting words like bleak and heavy. Because remember the last good thing God gives us instead of fear?

You Have a Sound Mind – God Gave it to YOU 

YOU, my friend, have a fully sound mind when you leave fear out and you have the sense to turn on the LIGHT. When you let the Light in you’ll be able to see that the things you thought were bad or scary, aren’t at all what you thought they were or they aren’t there at all. 

As I said above, for me, I have to get off of social media sometimes. Even the most well-intentioned posts from a person who is struggling with fear can bring me down. 

So how do you keep the LIGHT on? Are you doing okay and keeping the fear at bay? You can do it, Love, I know you can! And I’m here to pray for you however you might need it, just let me know.


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how to overcome the dark and leave the light on. - Devotion on overcoming fear and anxiety

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  1. Donna Mallard

    Funny you should touch on this subject, Paula. Because yesterday, I truly felt in the dark. It was like a shroud had covered me and I was weighed down with many negative thoughts. I cried under the weight and prayed for it to lift. It didn’t help that it was gray, windy, and rainy. I’d love to say that the shroud lifted and my day suddenly was filled with joy. But the crying did stop, and I moved on through my day, trying to keep the feelings at bay. This morning, with the sun (SON)light shining in my windows, I felt blessed, grateful and best of all, more at peace. And I thanked God for that. Because He brought me that light. Do I still have some worries and fears? Yes, but I also have God in my heart and I know I can count on Him to lift me up and bring me to the light. And like you, staying away from the negative influences surrounding me will help me stay in the light God provides.

    Thank you for writing your blog, Paula! You are a light in my life!
    Blessings to you,

    • Paula

      Of course we all have our fears Donna, we just can’t linger there. You did the right thing by continuing to go to the Father. He will protect you and keep us under His wing while we cry it out. And just like the sun was shining in your window after a gray abs dreary day, the SUN always shines again!

      Blessings to you Sweet One for your heart and encouragement.


  2. Gina D from Texas

    Wonderful post! I especially liked “If you’re in a dark place, you didn’t walk in there with God. Because wherever God is, there’s light.” We somehow forget that God is light (well we forget partly because Satan wants us to forget and bombards us with negative things). But hey! WE can control what goes into our thoughts and whatever see and focus on. 😊 Thanks for the reminder! ❤️

  3. Thank you for reminding us of the Truth! I think we all need this reminder. While I feel in a pretty good place mentally right now, I do need the reminder of growing closer to God and deepen my faith which in turn will lead to better interactions with my family and more peace for all.

  4. Deborah from Sydney (Aust)

    Thanks Paula for your words of encouragement and being real about things. I have tried to keep away from most news and negative input except for the bare essentials of info. It is hard sometimes not to be influenced if we let it, it’s so subtle. Sometimes we can really be affected by others negativity. All your suggestions made great sense to me.

    Thanks, Deborah

    • Paula

      You’re welcome Deborah! And you’re so right, the negativity is so subtle and sneaky.


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