The Patience Muscle

If you ever want to measure how much patience you have, simply overnight with a couple of toddlers for a few days. Knowing how much patience you do or do NOT have ranks right up… View Post

diet addiction – it’s a THING!

I am addicted to DIETING!  This is not a Saturday Night Live sketch or a parody of an “Anything-anonymous” meeting. Diet addiction is real to me and much like others with addictions, I have set… View Post

Body Shaming, Just Say NO!

      Hi! I’m Paula, I’m a curvy woman. I’m currently over 200 pounds. I’m learning to be okay with that fact and I just posted my weight and a photo of myself in… View Post

Starting at WHY

Do you ever struggle with feeling like you’re not enough? Not good enough? Smart enough? Talented enough? Skinny, healthy, pretty, creative, favored, social?………and the list goes on and on! I’m gonna be honest, I do!… View Post