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Do you ever struggle with feeling like you’re not enough?

Not good enough? Smart enough? Talented enough? Skinny, healthy, pretty, creative, favored, social?………and the list goes on and on! I’m gonna be honest, I do!

This whole world of social media and blogging is more than a little new to me and as a home body, social but keep to myself newbie, it’s hard to put myself out there on “view”. It has had me asking myself,

“What is it that I have to offer you, my new friends, that thousands aren’t putting out there already?”

I am not particularly photogenic or overly stylish, I’m no photographer and I’m a “hobby” decorator at best. I’m not putting myself down but I’m putting myself UP – UP in front of you as a real person, with real “stuff” & real life challenges.

You will see my own “highlight reel”, as I like to call all these beautiful moments we scroll by in our feed, (and I love them). Make no mistake, I’ll be doing my best to take a better photo by standing at just a slight angle by not too much for fear of sticking my butt out. No really, not figuratively. I actually look thinner when I avoid THAT side angle that every “How to Look Thinner in Photos” article on Pinterest suggest. If I turn directly to my side, it’s an ego busting photo if there ever was one.

Not all my words will be deep thoughts and include inspirational quotes about rising above and soaring with eagles, though some might. But, you will get a healthy dose of wit both clever and childish. AND, I will show you my genuine reality too, like what’s lurking in my nightstand drawer. You’ll see my OCD craziness and learn that I just MIGHT have taped my underwear together with panty liners on occasion. This is me, hoping to inspire you; that while the edited, cleaned up versions of ourselves are awesome, we are not failures because our junk drawers runneth over and we’ve got a rubber band extending the waistband of our jeans!

 Follow me, join me and better yet, laugh at me, because while you’re laughing at MY antics, you just might feel better about your own real life too!!!

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  1. Anne

    Cyndi Spivey gave me your name for a plus size blogger. I love you! I love that you love Jesus, your family, are over 50 (I’m 62), I love your home, fashion and joy.

    • Paula

      Hi Anne!

      Well, I love you too! And I love me some Cyndi too. She’s so sweet and has a great style that stays classy and modest. I’m glad you’re here and that you took the time to comment. God knows what I need exactly at the right time. This can be a frustrating communication platform and we can get caught up in the numbers or subscribers or likes. But when I hear from women like you, it helps to remind me about the “WHO” I’m talking to and “WHY” I’m doing it. All of us would feel so much better about ourselves when we see more people who respresent what WE actually look like.


  2. Anne

    I’m glad I could encourage you! I read on your site that you’ve given up dieting. I am currently in weight watchers, but am past that honeymoon period and struggling. I definately need to lose more weight and as a Christian I’m wondering what the answer is. If you have any wisdom, I would appreciate it.

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