Are You Living in the Overflow?

Are you living in the overflow? I’m not talking about an overflow of toilet paper. It seems the media has incited enough panic over COVID-19, a respiratory virus, that people are stocking up on TP as if it were a dysentery epidemic!

But while everyone else is trying to get more hand sanitizer and butt-wipes, I’ve been inspired by a song. It has left me craving to overflow with the Spirit of God so that I’m full of peace, hope, and love and all the things that drive out negative thoughts, fear, anxiety, and doubt. If that sounds good to you too, keep reading.

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Embrace Your Femininity

Embracing your femininity has little to do with dressing girly and being poised and polished. It’s about tapping into who God created you to be.

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When You Feel Invisible

Your Invisibility Just Might be Your Superpower Friends, if being invisible, was indeed a superpower, I would be WonderWoman! I imagine I’m not alone. But I want you to know that when we feel invisible… View Post

13 Ways to Support Friends in Grief or Crisis

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Keeping God Close is Like Keeping the Christmas Tree Up Year-Round

There’s No Safe Distance from God I can hardly believe it’s the end of January already. Yikes! We put the Christmas tree away a few weeks ago, but I still miss it. This year when… View Post