Hello! If you’d like to contact me, you’re in luck, I’m all over the internet!

I do read all of my blog comments, and I reply to as many as I can. Your comments mean the world to me though and I love reading them.

I have a Facebook page and I use Instagram daily – My username is @dimplesonmywhat and I do my best to respond to comments there. 

You can follow me on Pinterest as well if you need just ONE more feed to follow that will PIN super cool, casual fashion and the next yummy, chocolate dessert that you may or may not ever make.

I have a Twitter account and my username is @dimplesonmywha  – I know right! – I couldn’t fit the last “T” in, but I think it gives me some street cred.  I’m doing my best to learn how Twitter works, so you’ll have grade me on a curve here.

It is best to contact me on social media, or for longer inquiries or a shipping address, my email is:

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