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I LOVE boots! It’s a joyous season! But for those of us with large calves it can be daunting. Finding wide calf boots that are wide enough can present some challenges.  I don’t have a magic solution but I do have some experience to pass on to you. I can tell you that with a bit of information and a bit more trial and error, you can find some good options and increase your odds of finding wide calf  boots that will fit.

How to increase your odds of finding wide calf boots that actually fit. / dimplesonmywhat.com

I have some pretty large lower gams.  It makes finding even large calf boots tricky. My weight, whether up or down, doesn’t affect this much. I come from some pretty sturdy stock! Well, at least one branch of my family tree is made up of football player sized people. You know the football coaching Harbaugh brothers? My grandmother was a Harbaugh. The other side of my family has NO butts or calves.  I didn’t take after them in that department. I like to tell my husband that it saves him in boot money. Ha Ha!

How to find the best wide calf boots

Boots (here) / leggings (here) wearing xl / tee (here) wearing l / cardigan  (here) wearing l / bag (here)

Increase your odds

My largest calf measures a whopping 18″ at its fullest. This can fluctuate a little depending on the time of day or fluid retention.  Sturdy!  Just like with eyes, feet or boobs one calf can be larger than the other.  Grab a tape measure and measure both calves. Hold the tape measure loosely so that you can slide it to that fullest spot.  Don’t go online boot shopping without this information! It just might keep the returns to a minimum. Maybe!

Once you know your calf circumference, start the hunt. Larger department stores or websites like Nordstrom or Zappos have a nice selection of wild calf choices. They will even have “wild calf” in the boot section of the sidebar menu.

The next important step is to read the detailed information on that particular boot. Most of these measurements are taken on a size 8 shoe and will change with the size of shoe. Some will tell you that the circumference increases a half inch per full size up. I don’t think this is true with every boot manufacturer so the next step in your decision making is to read the customer reviews. Reviewers will often give you their own calf circumference, which is helpful. If most reviewers are saying it’s not wide calf, it’s probably best to pass.

Note: When leaving your own online reviews, consider the information that could have been helpful to you and add it in your summary. No one sees our face so they don’t have to know that “glamourousgams” from Tulsa, who has a 54” hip measurement is you.

You may find some great Black Friday savings out there. Here are some nice wide calf boot selections to get you started. (you’ll find more at the bottom of this page)

Some nice wide calf boot options

  1. Torrid Genuine Suede OTK Boot (here)
  2. Naturalizer Harbor Wide Calf Boot (here) (here) (here)
  3. Born Helen Tall Wide Calf Boot (here)
  4. Naturalizer Tricia Wide Calf Boot (here)
  5. Torrid Faux Suede Knee High Boot (here)
  6. Rialto Wide Calf OTK Boot (here)
  7. Franco Sarto Christine Wide Calf Boot (here) (here)
  8. Torrid Blue Faux Suede Wedge Boot (here)
  9. Naturalizer Winnie Wide Calf Boot (here)

I have had great luck with the Naturalizer brand. I also have just ordered a few pairs to try from Torrid. At 40% off for black Friday, why wouldn’t I? 

 Happy Shopping,


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