DIMPLES DIARY – Week of 12-5-22

Happy Saturday! It’s only 15 more sleeps until Christmas – YIKES, I’m not exactly ready. Are you?

I did get the rest of my Christmas decor up and posted about it, so there’s that. And almost all the gifts are bought.

But this week, we are still on baby-watch, so I am sticking close to home. I am writing this on Friday afternoon, so I’m praying I can change the “are on baby watch” to “was on baby watch,” and I’m sure my daughter-in-law is too. She was due on Sunday, the 4th.

The expecting parents decided to go out to dinner last night, so I said why don’t the three big brothers sleep over with us, just in case. Here’s hoping they’ll have a baby brother by the morning. 😉


pajamas wearing 3x || slippers (select colors, including this one, 50% off through 12/11/22)

I’m in my final month as an ambassador for Vionic Shoes and I have two more shoes to style and take photos for. However, I’ve been dreadfully behind because I’ve been laid-up with my knee and now achilles issues. But this morning I forced myself to get busy and create something.

Anyway, I’m still working on a reel for social media, but the photos turned out pretty well considering I had to shoot these myself.

I struggle so much with this stuff because I really don’t like doing it. So, in the new year, I’m taking a step back from collaborations and creating content specifically for brands and will focus more on creating content just for you.


It’s no secret that soup season is my favorite season. Well, I think it’s always soup season, but The Mister is not the fan that I am. However, he LOVES this Creamy Italian Sausage Tortellini soup.

My recipe is slightly different because I add a tablespoon of Italian seasoning.

It’s not super brothy, which may be why he’s smitten, but it’s very delicious and hearty! He’ll take the leftovers to work and come home telling me, “Man, that stuff is so good, you can make that anytime.” High praise indeed.


On Wednesday evening, Mr. Dimples and I cuddled up in our respective “spots” in the living room (Do you guys have designated seats, too?) with a warm bowl of tortellini soup and near the glow of the twinkling Christmas tree lights and watched Max Lucado’s, The Christmas Candle on Prime Video. I won’t rewrite Amazon’s description, you can read that. But I will tell you that it’s a story about faith – preserving faith, renewing faith. The fact the it’s a period piece with British actors made it all that more appealing to me. 😉

It’s based on the book, The Christmas Candle, by Max Lucado and is also available on DVD.


No. 1 || No. 2 || No. 3 || No. 4 || No. 5a || No. 5b

I was recently influenced to buy a new vacuum by my blogging friend, Megan of Pretty in Pink Megan. Long ago, we did posts on each other about bridging the generation gap.

She said it’s so MUCH BETTER than the Dyson, which I have but am not in love with. The biggest selling point is that it has a beater brush that is self-cleaning, meaning hair is not supposed to wrap around it. After recently having to buy new brushes for my Roomba and cut long, tangled, matted hair off the Dyson and a rechargeable stick vacuum, this one is worth a try.

I also found this handheld steamer/iron at Costco. After I figured out I needed to give it some time to get the “lead out” on its first use, I really like it!

I splurged and spent 20 bucks on a hand-held milk frother. I don’t drink coffee, but I want it solely for rich, creamy hot chocolate. Do you have one? What do you use it for?

And what would a week be around here if I didn’t buy something cozy? I snagged these PJ pants (XXL for lots of room) during black Friday sales. They are crazy soft, and while I think they are probably too warm for me to sleep in, I’ve already worn them several days around the house.

I got these satin pj’s (in a 3X and pictured above) for that Vionic brand collab photo. They are inexpensive and pretty stinkin’ fancy but probably too hot to sleep in as well.


I ordered this beautiful cotton robe for the same photoshoot. It’s so pretty and comes in misses and plus size, which are hard to find; however, it doesn’t have pockets, and that’s a deal-breaker for me. If pockets aren’t a must-have for you, snag this one.


I quickly took this picture of our second oldest grandson and The Hubs at church on Sunday. Be still my heart!

But what struck me about this moment was the lead-in. The pastor’s wife had gotten up to lead us in prayer and said that she felt we needed to pray for a few things; the first was to be filled with more of the Spirit of God. She then held out her hands and said, “Sometimes I hold out my hands like this and say, God, I want all that you have for me.”

And then I looked down as my 9-year-old grandson did just that. I know, sob.

So here’s the inspiration, or maybe it’s more of a thought: We can and should example prayer and chasing after God for our children, but we can’t assume they understand it all. Let’s not discount gently instructing them to understand that they can talk with God just like anyone else. Then tell them how to do it.

You know, sometimes even we grownups need the reminder that what we need the most is more of God. And that’s the one ask He’s sure to deliver. 😉

Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 18:4

Have a blessed week!


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  1. Susann

    Thank you for sharing. We aren’t always aware how much little eyes watch and take in actions. Have a Merry Christmas.

    • Paula

      Truth. We have to be aware that they take in EVERYTHING!

      Have a great weekend.


  2. Jodi

    Hello Paula, I can`t wait to try the soup recipe! I love this format diary you are doing. Your Grandson is so precious. Have a great week!!

    • Paula

      Jodi, I had my girlfriend over for lunch last winter and served this soup… she now makes it almost every single week. 😂 If you love pastas you’re going to fall in LOVE with it!

  3. Regina P

    What a wonderful post!! Great picture of you in your satin Jammie’s by the fireplace,😍. But that pic of your husband and grandson, wow! What a great memory! I continually pray for our 4 grands that they all come to know the Lord. The 13 year old has made her salvation statement and was baptized a few years ago. But then Covid had come and we haven’t started any baptismal classes up again. Our other 3 have all made it known that they have accepted Jesus into their hearts!! So thankful for our small country church filled with family and friends. You can’t ask for a better support group!
    That soup recipe sounds divine, right up my alley! I’m a soup person, so I enjoy making a different type of soup each week once fall comes around. I bought some butternut squash from a favorite Amish farmstand, so Butternut Squash Soup is on my agenda for next week.
    Not sure if you’ve heard, but Sight and Sound has produced their first ever film. I Heard the Bells. It came into our local movie theater last week and seems to be a huge hit all over the country, so they’ve expanded it. It’s the story of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and his family. Excellent!! Hopefully it’s showing somewhere close to you, you’d love it! And stay after the credits, as they show all the places around Lancaster County they used for filming!
    Blessings for a great rest of the weekend!! Can’t wait to hear about a special baby arrival!!

    • Paula

      I hadn’t heard that about the film, Regina; but just screenshot your comment (this old brain won’t remember without that) I’ll look it up.

      I got some butternut squash to roast in cubes this week and i want to find some beets to roast up with it. It must the season for butternut squash. Anyway, let me know if you make the soup and how you like it.

      BTW… no baby yet.


  4. Sherry

    I always enjoy your posts, but this one is extra-special since you included the picture of your grandson.
    THANK YOU for being open about your faith…
    It’s SO encouraging!
    Love and blessings!

  5. Gina D from Texas

    Ok trying not to cry over your grandson! This is why Jesus lives children so much – they are innocent and moldable. It’s a beautiful picture you can cherish always. ❤️

    • Paula

      Yes… I will definitely will cherish it.

      Hugs to you Gina!

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