If you’re a curvy woman, plus-sized or mid-sized, you know it’s much easier for a cozy style to look frumpier on us than on a skinny girl. However, I think we can pull it off if we keep a few style tips in mind, and today, I’m sharing how to do a cozy chic style as a mature curvy woman.

Cozy chic style for the mature curvy girl starts with classic comfortable pieces. #plussize #plussizeover50 #plussizematurefashion #over50

pants XL || sweater XL || necklace || shoes; similar


My youngest sister, the fashionista, coined the Cozy Chic term for the style I like to wear. It’s my favorite style.

My description has lots to do with cozy, soft fabrics with lots of stretch. And there’s nothing rigid in the cuts. Of course, I’m describing PJs or sweats. But, of course, we would look like a sack of potatoes if we wore those all the time. 😉


While I still love an outfit with joggers, at my age and size, there’s something a little chicer about a straight-leg or wide-leg silhouette. And like my favorite YouTube Fashion Stylist Melissa Murrel says, the wider leg can help balance a fuller bottom half.

These french terry wide-leg pants from J.Jill are almost like wearing PJ pants, so they look nice and feel like a dream no matter what I’m doing.

I paired them with the coziest collared sweater, also a J.Jill find, to keep the look simple and added a pair of white sneakers and a long wool top coat (old, from Old Navy) because it’s been pretty chilly around here.

My sister calls this the 80’s Brat-pack long wool coat look. ;-D


Here's cozy chic done right for the mature woman. Come see how this translates on a mature plus size woman. Cozy Chic for the Mature Plus Sized Woman #plussize #plussizeover50 #plussizematurefashion #over50
photo sourceGrazia Hearts Giorgio

Let’s talk about fashion and aging for just a second.

First, we can wear whatever we want, no matter our age or size, BUT if a cozy chic style is what we’re going for, we should keep the silhouette, balance, and quality in mind when shopping for clothes.

Grazia Hearts Giorgio is one of the fashion bloggers I think does this exceptionally well. She’s not fluffy, but she perfectly does a cozy chic style in midlife.

Notice how she chooses at least one chic layering piece, like a long cardigan, wide-leg pants, blazer, or a trench coat, even if she’s wearing sweats.


Oh, and just in case you’re looking for more options, J.Jill is now size-inclusive and carries most all styles in size XS-4X, Petites, and Talls, up to a size 2X in the store.

This is NOT a sponsored post, but as a curvy woman who is an average size 18 (sometimes 18W), this is good news!

Old Navy is another size-inclusive retailer, and their model for having all sizes in the store and on the same racks with all other sizes takes the stigma out of shopping for larger sizes.

Here's cozy chic done right for the mature girl. Come see how this translates on a mature plus size woman. Cozy Chic for the Mature Plus Sized Woman #plussize #plussizeover50 #plussizematurefashion #over50

pants XL || sweater XL || sneakers; similar || plaid coat (old); similar plaid; neutral opiton || necklace


The sweater likely needs a small shoulder pad to help balance my hips and shoulders (again, that’s Melissa’s tip), but I don’t always like to wear a shoulder pad as it can make me hot. However, if I practice good posture, that helps a little.

When I add a long top layer, like the plaid coat (old, from Old Navy), it not only looks a little dressier, it creates a longer line that helps streamline the look.

I also think a shoe with a slightly thicker platform, without going overboard, would help create more visual weight at the feet to ground and balance the look further. A pair of white platform sneakers are on my spring shopping wish list.

Here's cozy chic done right for the mature girl. Come see how this translates on a mature plus size woman. Cozy Chic for the Mature Plus Sized Woman #plussize #plussizeover50 #plussizematurefashion #over50

pants XL || sweater XL || necklace || sneakers; similar || similar plaid coat; neutral option


I’ve worn this outfit to doctor’s appointments, running errands, the camera store, and hanging out at home. As you can see, it’s very versatile.

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  1. Jacquie

    Love this Cozy Chic. And yes I’m a fluffy girl and very Very VERY CURVY. I’m between a hour glass and Pear shape..I call it Power Glass figure.. Anyways, please post more outfit ideas such as this.. much appreciated and blessings for Sunny South Florida!

    • Paula

      “Power Glass” – I love it! 😁


  2. Regina P

    First of all, I ❤️❤️ your hair style and color! My hair color was similar to yours last year, but as the last of my alopecia bald spots are filling in, it is now a very dark gray with a lighter streak in the front. I’m still keeping my hair short until it’s totally filled in!
    Cozy chic is definitely my style these days! I really don’t even like wearing jeans anymore! Like you, we are involved in the grandchildren’s activities, so we see a lot of bleacher time!! I have a few pairs of the joggers from T by Talbots and they are oh so comfy. Plus pockets! Plain t shirts and zipper hoodies or duster cardigans seem to be what I wear on top mostly. Good to see that there are more plus sized options out there now!

    • Paula

      Thank you Regina. My hair is darker gray in the back too. Cozy chic is definitely great for grandkids activities. I’m have tons of jeans and should probably wear them more often, I don’t but anything that isn’t stretchy, but for some reason, I associate them with being uncomfortable. Weird!


  3. Oh, when it comes to J Jill, you are preaching to the choir, Paula! I love the “Cozy Chic” of their aesthetic! I have, on purpose, been staying out the store! But, those pants are something I just might have to look into! I have had a really tough time styling wide leg pants on my short zucchini shaped body (le sigh…I remember when I had a waistline and not an equator). Maybe, it’s more what I’d doing on top…I always, always wore shoulder pads back in the day. My daughter used to make fun of me for it. I had several sets with velcro so I could move them from top to top or dress to dress. Maybe, I need to add some now! Thanks for making me think!

    BTW…you always look just plain chic to me! If you’re into link parties, I’m throwing one tomorrow for 10 on the 10th!

    • Paula

      Hi Marsha, you should check out MM Styling on YouTube. She has great style tips for all shapes. My guess is that you’re a form of an apple shape and yes, shoulder pads or puff sleeves would help as well as creating fuller hip to to make your waist look smaller. 🤷🏼‍♀️

      I’d love to join the link up but I always forget about it. I’ll try to put a reminder in my phone. Thank you. 😘


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