DIMPLES DIARY Week of 1-30-23

Howdy Friend! I finally saw a surgeon about my knee this week and scheduled the surgery for the second week of February. And wouldn’t you know it, my knee has been fine ever since! What’s that about?

When my grandson heard that my knee was bad enough for surgery (apparently, 8-year-olds don’t pay attention), he said, “Well, we’ll start praying about that.” Now I wonder if that child’s faith is why my knee isn’t hurting. Hmmm?

I’ve vacillated back and forth about it but decided to go ahead with the surgery since I’ve been dealing with a complex meniscus tear for almost a year. If they get in there and find out God healed me, then it will be a very expensive but effective testimony. 😉

And today, we’re heading back to Winchester because my son will be officially “installed” as the pastor on Sunday.

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Other than that, it’s been a fairly uneventful week around here, or at least as far as eventful goes for our family. We had the three pastor’s kids on Wednesday while their parents went to their new town to take care of a few things for their new house purchase. 

Ben turns TEN!

It’s always exciting because you never know what kids will say. For time’s sake, I won’t recount the entire story, but I found out that the oldest of these boys, who turns ten today, has been dreaming of being able to wear deodorant since he was four or five years old. 

Apparently, while seeing his dad put it on and asking if he could have some, his dad told him no, but maybe when he was ten or twelve. “That’s my dream,” he said to me the other night. So I told his dad (because I thought it was a “dad thing” to get his son his first pit-stick), and he will get deodorant for his birthday. LOL!


Never missing from Dimple’s Diary is what I ate because, well, I always eat. This week we started with a healthy staple in our house, my Spinach, Artichoke Salmon recipe. I didn’t have capers in the house, and I missed the salty, briny flavor they infuse into this dish, so if you make it, don’t skip them.

A yummy taco rice bowl filled with all the taco fillings. SO GOOD and easy to meal prep.

We also had another rice bowl, and this time we added taco meat and all the usual taco players, along with roasted peppers and onions, to up the veggie portion. I forgot the sour cream, but it wasn’t missed since I always include a drizzle of ranch dressing on my tacos. Am  I the only one who does that? 

Another easy snack idea I want to share is a healthy plate of apple nachos. My Littles LOVE them, and so do I! We enjoyed them as a pre-piano lesson treat on Wednesday.

It’s as simple as thinly sliced apples drizzled with peanut butter and topped with mini chocolate chips and salted peanuts to make it a bit bougie, even on a paper plate. 😉

You can make them as decadent as you want by using honey, caramel, sprinkles, or even a little flaked French Sea Salt. That’s one of my favorite things to add. See, I told you – BOUGIE!


one || two || three || four || five

This was a week of beauty buys. A couple were repurchases as I was out of some tried and true items. I’ve been thinking about posting on my current skincare routine for mature, sensitive skin; what do you think? But until then, here’s the main tip for extra-sensitive skincare, KEEP IT SIMPLE! 

Shani Darden’s Retinol Reform – This is my third bottle of this multi-tasking serum. It’s pricey, but I’ve found it to be the only serum I need.

LaPosay Rosay Cleanser  – I repurchased this because it’s gentle but also effective for taking off makeup without a second wash.

ITCosmetics, No Tug Eyeshadow Sticks – is new to me. I bought the colors Bare & Brave and Passionate Pearl.

Violette-FR Bisou Balm – This new to me lip tint give an almost powdery natural matte tint that I LOVE! And European beauty formulas are cleaner than US products even if not labeled “clean.” I bought the color Bestie.


We’re still LOVING the uplifting series All Creatures Great and Small. It’s been a favorite. 

But our British murder mystery-loving hearts were crazy excited to find two unwatched seasons of a series called, Unforgotten starring Nikola Walker. We like almost anything she’s been in. And because this show is about solving mysteries of recently unearthed remains of victims of crimes that could have taken place decades ago, it’s a unique spin on crime drama. All seasons are currently streaming on PBS Masterpiece Mysteries, a must-have streaming channel in our house.


sweater XL || jeans 18 misses; plus size || booties || necklace

This oversized turtleneck sweater is surprisingly soft and generous for an Amazon fashion purchase. It also doesn’t look exactly like the one shown in the picture. I usually hate that, but in this case, it was even better.

Adding a pair of jeans and some booties is so simple to make an outfit that is comfy and looks pulled together. A stacked heel bootie would have been more dressy, but it’s been icy around here, so I chose a super comfortable lug heel boot for this week.


You may have read the same thing if you read the daily verse and devotion on the YouVersion bible app. But sometimes, certain things hit you just right; they meet you at the exact, right moment. 

It was the first line of this daily prayer:

“God, unclench my closed fists. Whatever it is holding me back – I release it to You. Please deliver me as I battle against my selfish desires and thoughts. Show me how to love You above all else. I want to live my best life for You today. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Since we’ve been talking a lot about not buying clothes, minimalism, and decluttering lately, many of you have reached out to me with your struggles. Like you, my issue has been less about buying and, for the first time in my life, more about not being able to let stuff go. So the visual created in “unclench my closed fists” was like BAM!

What could we be missing by holding on so tightly to things that have no impact on our souls, happiness, or God’s kingdom? 

And perhaps it’s not even physical things – Could we be holding onto a title, a past season of life, our “heyday”? Or is it simply (yet complicated) holding onto stuff for some security instead of knowing we’re secure in Christ?

Anyway, just some food for thought as we think more about letting go of our too-muchness, even if we never go full-out minimalism. 

Have an amazing week!


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  1. elle

    Very important stuff to think about – unclenching fists! Holding tightly, bracing instead of just being or even relaxing, ready to fight? or as you suggest, holding onto stuff, or maybe judgements that aren’t ours to hold…..lots of food for thought today, Thank you.

    • Paula

      You’re welcome Elle. And yes indeed, so much to think about. I was just talking to the hubs about a situation with someone and said, “Doesn’t she realize the blessing that could come into her life if she’d open her heart up in this situation.” It can be anything that we’re holding. God can’t fill full haves.

      You have a good, good day!


  2. Jan

    Yours is one of the few blogs I read every single time. I love everything you share: recipes, purchases, OOTD, and your struggles as well as your personal life. Sending prayers for your upcoming surgery and birthday wishes for your grandson. What a cutie!

    • Paula

      Thank you so much Jan! We think he’s pretty cute. 😉 I think he looks like an old fashioned all- American kid. He could easily be cast in a movie set in the 50’s. 😂


  3. Wow! Every time I walk into my closet, I think I really don’t like this room at all. Part of it is the tile I picked (makes it look like the back room of a clothing store) and part is there’s just so much. So, that clenched fist really speaks to me. I need to ponder that more.

    Your grandson is in for a treat!! I am chuckling thinking about the ten year old boys I taught and how I begged, exhorted, and finally demanded they wear deodorant!!!

    I have worn La Roche Posay sunscreen but never used the cleanser. I like to use oils to clean the makeup off my face and then a gentle cleanser for the second cleaning. Yep, I’m one of those. I love my nighttime beauty routine if only because it’s a time of solitude and peace.

    I hope your week is wonderfully fabulous, Paula!


  4. Nancy

    Good luck with your surgery. My guess is that you will be glad you had it done. I’ve had knee replacements on both knees (one month apart) and am glad I had them done so close together. (At the time, not so much.)Your physical therapy is the key to recovery. Make THAT knee work for you! I’ll be waiting to hear about your recovery.

    • Paula

      Thanks Nancy. At this point, the surgeon is just going to fix the tear and said I shouldn’t even need physical therapy.

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