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Valentine's Day Gift List for Her 2020  || Pajamas for her  ||  Self-care gifts

My Favorite PJ’s Make the First Reviews, Repeats, & Returns List of 2020

What do you think of when you think of the best gifts to give a woman for Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day? Flowers, perhaps? Jewelry? Candy? PJ’s? No, you didn’t read that wrong. If loving PJ’s is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. Giving or getting cozy pj’s is never wrong. They top my Cozy Valentines Day Gift List for Her and I’m about to tell you why they are the perfect gift for any woman in your life. 

Note for the Gentlemen

Ahem! Fellas, if your wife sent you this link, get your card out and get to clickin’!

Reviving a One Hit Wonder Series

If you’ve been around here for a while you might remember I started a series called Reviews, Repeats, and Returns that never turned into a series. “Hi, I’m Paula and I’m a professional ball-dropper“. Ugh! But since one of my blog goals for 2020 is to create more content I decided that it would be a great series to revive. We all love to find tried-and-true good stuff!

However, unlike other bloggers who put out “favorite lists” every week, I’ll be doing one RR&R post on the last Friday of every month. I could probably come up with a few things I’m loving (or leaving) every week, but since following through on a series hasn’t been my strong suit, let’s take the pressure off and see how once a month goes first, shall we. 😉

Paula + PJ’s = True Love Forever

There was no better “favorite item” or “repeat” purchase for me to include in the first favorite list of 2020 than PJ’s. I’m pretty sure pajamas are one of my love languages. Is that weird? It’s perfectly sane to me.

Cozy pj's top a cozy Valentine's Day Gift List for Her  ||  Gift List  ||  Pajamas for her  ||
Madewell PJ’s wearing XL || Cardigan wearing XL || FitFlop Slippers (old) similar || “6” Sign

I love to give them and receive them. But, as I’ve gotten older and night sweats and hot flashes can ruin any chance of a good night’s sleep,  I’ve grown very picky about how pajamas fit and feel. 

I’m gradually changing all my sleepwear over to lightweight knit material that can stretch with me. Nobody’s got time to be gettin’ squeezed by their pajamas in the middle of the night. Am I right?

The Gift May Look Like PJ’s but it’s Really a Box of Relaxation

We women work hard and we deserve a little relaxation at times. But since giving someone the getaway they deserve is often out of our budget, giving a gift that offers a little TLC  right at home can be as simple as gifting something cozy to wear, like PJ’s.  

So, I’ve created this Valentine’s Day Gift List for Her which includes a few other items that are tried and true “repeats” in my relaxation arsenal of coziness. (That’s a really important arsenal to build.) Soft fabrics, soothing aromas, ambient light, and little technology will help her (okay, we know it’s you) unwind a little and feel cute and cozy while she’s at it.

My Favorites Cozy Valentine’s Day Gift List for Her

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Soma PJ’s

Soma’s Cool Nights pajamas top my list of FAVORITE PJ’S EVER! Seriously, if you suffer from night sweats at all, these are game-changers! I find that the styles without collars to be slightly more cooling but they are all good and they have such pretty patterns each season. I wear an XL in most styles.

Soma Loungewear

Soma also now has what they call Sunday Pants. They are super lightweight jogger-style pants. ADORABLE.

Madewell PJ’s

I recently purchased a set of Madewell knit pajamas (pictured) and they do not disappoint. They are cute, comfortable, and they have pockets. Wearing an XL.

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

If you’ve ever tried anything from Barefoot Dreams, I don’t need to say anymore. If not, they are a little pricey but they are cozy overload.

Barefoot Dreams Throw

My sister gifted us a Barefoot Dreams throw for Christmas and it quickly became Mr. Dimples’ favorite. The nice thing about a throw is that it always fits! 

J. Crew Pajamas

I bought this pair of J. Crew knit pajamas before my breast implant removal surgery in 2018. I even wore them into and out of the surgery center. They fit really well and are a medium weight material. They aren’t hot, but they aren’t as cooling as the Soma Cool Nights. I wear an XXL. 

Organica Dream Lotion

Menopausal insomnia is no joke and anyone who has it knows that we will try almost ANYTHING to help. This Organical Dream Lotion contains lavender, cedarwood and bergamot oils which can aid in relaxation as well as almond oil for hydration. Honestly, I don’t know that it induces deep sleep but creating a dreamy atmosphere is important to the overall sleep experience. When my mother was last here she used it (every night) and immediately ordered one for herself. 

An Essential Oil Diffuser

A pretty little essential oil diffuser by the bed isn’t just for looks. Diffusing sleep and relaxation-inducing oils can create a spa-like ambiance right in our own bedroom. There are so many pretty diffusers that would make a great gift for anyone

Essential Oils

Add a couple of relaxing essential oils to complete the gift. Lavender and vetiver are said to be like “liquid Ambien”. Count me in, because the real Ambien didn’t work for me at all. Cedarwood is one I’ve found works well too. And, I have had relatively good luck (depending on the night) with this Good Sleep Blend

Note – For gifting purposes, I would steer clear of valerian as it can give some people, including me, headaches. 

Capri Blue Volcano Candles

First a disclaimer: Do NOT burn a candle by your bed or go to sleep with a candle burning. 

Now that we’ve covered that, candles always make great gifts but luxury candles in particular, because someone might not want to plunk down $40 on a candle for themselves. These Volcano candles are one of my favorites because they have a soft smell, not overpowering and they are available in a few different but equally high-end looking holders.

Kindle Paper-White E-Reader

This isn’t jammies but I always read my Kindle Paper-white in bed. Does that count? The nice thing about the paper-white Kindle is the absence of strong sleep-disturbing blue light. But also it takes away the ability to mindlessly scroll things like social media at bedtime. Getting lost in a good book is a great way to unwind and take your mind off of “your stuff”. 

A Pretty Kindle Cover

I just ordered a new and prettier cover for my Kindle, because, Happy Valentine’s Day to me!. It might sound crazy, but it’s the little things that create a relaxing and luxurious experience.

Give Them or Get Them

Do you give gifts for Valentine’s Day or send lists to your special someone like we do at Christmas? The Mister and I don’t usually exchange gifts at Christmas either. Aren’t we romantic? 

I hope you found something cozy and awesome on this Cozy Valentine’s Day Gift List whether you’re on the give or get end of it. 

What do YOU want for Valentine’s Day? Are you team flowers, candy, jewelry, or jammies? 

Happy Galentine’s Day  from Your Team Jammies Captain,

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  1. Jessica Mullins

    Barefoot dreams everything! Glad Mike Dimples is enjoying the throw. I can also attest to the gray stripes being a go-to for you 🙂

    • Paula

      Yes, we both love it. I just had to wash it because Eli sick coughed all over it. 😉


    • Paula

      I hear that! I saw recently saw a PJ style silk shirt to wear as clothes and really wanted it. But it was super pricey besides needing to be dry cleaned. I was out. But I’m on the lookout now.


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