Before and After Master Bath Remodel – My Cedar Palace

A Warm and Classic Master Bathroom with Snazzy Decals

This post has been a long time coming. We’ve only lived here for three years you know! 😉 And of course, the girl who named her blog dimples on my WHAT? would choose to reveal her remodeled master bathroom first. But, even though there are still tweaks I’d like to make to this room, I’ve partnered with Snazzy Decals to give our master bath remodel just the right finishing touch, allowing me to fall even more in love with this space and share it with you. Keep reading or scroll down to see the before and afters of my beautiful master bathroom.

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It’s not exactly fair to call this a before and after makeover because our remodel wasn’t simply cosmetic updating. We (and by we, I mean contractors) gutted the house to the studs, completely tweaked the layout, turned the old garage into bedrooms and added a three-car garage with attic space above it.

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before and after bathroom remodel  ||  cottage remodel
Carpet in a bathroom? Eeewww!

See more about the Cedar Palace Before

One of our UPS guys asked me, “Can you call this, a remodel? Because at one point I could see all the way through it.” But whether you’re remodeling/rebuilding like we did, or you are wanting to make some cosmetic updates, I hope you find something to inspire you here.

His Wishlist of Must-Haves

Years ago when we started making a wishlist for our next house, Mr. Dimples wanted three main things; a flat yard and driveway, something our previous home of 19 years lacked, a three-car garage and a large walk-in shower. *I’m not sure what he needs to do in there requiring so much room, but he’s got it now.

*Well, actually I do know what he does and I have an entire comedy routine about it which my mom thinks I can go around and tell at church women’s events. While it might be hilarious, I may no longer have a husband and I might not get into heaven. 😉

master bath remodel  ||  wood, white and gray master bath  ||  farmhouse bath remodel  ||  walk-in shower

The $500 Change-Order That Makes the Space But Almost Broke My Marriage

If you’ve ever built a house you know the word “change-order” means money! This little bit of vaulted, ceiling with shiplap was a last-minute decision that the builder needed me to make immediately. So on the spot, I said “okay”. The day we signed the change-order papers Mr. Dimples held it together until we got into the car and then boy did I hear it!

master bath remodel tips  ||  wood, white and gray master bath  ||  vaulted ceiling in bathroom

Now, he agrees that the bathroom wouldn’t be the same without it! When will he learn to trust my vision? 😉 He’ll say my vision usually costs a lot, but truthfully, I always keep costs in mind.

Budgeting Tip: When building or remodeling and the budget is getting tight, spend those precious dollars on things that can’t easily be changed later. For example, cheap light fixtures can easily be switched out, but knocking a wall down, adding bigger windows or vaulting a ceiling will cost much more once the project is finished.

Wood, Whites, and Gray

I’ve loved white cabinets for so long. We put them in our previous home from the beginning and I never grew tired of them so it was a no-brainer to choose white cabinets everywhere in my Cedar Palace.

I chose classic white subway tile and marble hexagon tiles for the shower with a medium gray grout. If I was doing it again, I would go with a darker gray or black grout.

The statement shower glass gives a shower pizzazz even though it doesn’t go all the way to the floor. I didn’t want it all the way to the floor for two reasons. One, I don’t want to have that much glass to clean and two, I don’t always want to see what Mr. Dimples is doing in there and vice versa. After 35 years of marriage, we need a little mystery, or maybe just privacy. 😉

wood, white and gray master bath  ||  before and after master b

The warm-toned luxury vinyl plank flooring from Shaw Flooring warms up all the black, white and gray.  I eventually want to find some wood framed mirrors for over the vanity.

before and after master bath  ||  remodeled master bathroom tour  ||  wood, white and gray master bath  ||  farmhouse bathroom remodel  ||  cottage bathroom

Using Every Space

Instead of closing in corners with drywall, we wanted to use every square inch for storage.  

Snazzy Decals to the Rescue

For the three years we’ve lived here, the small space where we “do our business” has looked like this:

remodeled master bath  || cottage bathroom remodel

Plain and BORING Before!

I wasn’t sure what to do behind the toilet. I thought about shiplap or faux brick, but to be honest, I wanted something I could do myself and not have to wait on my personal handyman, a.k.a. The Hubs, to bring my vision to life. 😉 And this isn’t permanent so if I get tired of it, it peels right off.

Snazzy Decals   ||  Cottage Bathroom Remodel  ||  Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel ||  Wood, White and Gray Masterbath
I have to take these photos through the shower glass so they aren’t the best quality

Enter Snazzy Decals! These temporary, removable, and waterproof vinyl wallpaper tiles are available in packs of individual 4”x4”, 4.25”, 6”x6”, 8”x8”, or custom size tiles and they are also available in wallpaper rolls. They will cover outdated tile, even on the floor or drywall like did here.

Master bath remodel  ||  wood, white, and gray master bath  ||  farmhouse bath remodel  ||  Snazzy Decal

After my initial measurement and set up, my 12” square peel and stick tiles were fairly easy to install. I did have to remove about nine tiles when I realized my measurements were off and they went right back on the wall with no problem.

And tada! Now every time I turn the corner to do my business I smile at my pretty little private place. The cost to do this 3’ x 8’ wall was less the $100 and took less than two hours even with my mistakes.

Snazzy Decal over drywall  ||  Wood, white and gray master bath remodel  || cottage masterbath

My friends over at Snazzy Decals are giving you 10% off your purchase at this link.  Or, use code MYCEDARPALACE10 at

What’s Your Favorite Thing About This Space

It’s hard for me to name my favorite aspect of my master bathroom. The ceiling. The shower glass. It’s all so good. The character of all the classic components work in perfect harmony and creates a place that makes getting ready feel like a treat.

What’s your favorite part?

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Snazzy Decals provided me the vinyl tiles for a discounted price in return for advertising. All opinions are my own.


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  1. Andrea Nine

    It’s GORGEOUS. We just did that decal pattern in black and white tile in our master and love it. Everything is so fresh and clean, just lovely!

  2. Malisa Thacker

    So beautiful!! Love it all, especially the tile behind your private place 😉

  3. Laurie Schmidt

    Love the tile on the wall in your “private area”! I stenciled a similar tile pattern on the top of our night stands. Love your bathroom!

    • Paula

      Thanks Laurie. I thought about stenciling too, but in the end, opted for the decals. Since their washable and I’ve already had to wipe down the walls from pee splatter from a few little grand-boys, the vinyl was a safer option. 😉


  4. Katie

    It’s beautiful!! I love the decals so much! Are they grey? They look blue to me but the link says grey? I’d love to use them!


    • Paula

      They are gray, but they do look more blue next to the warm gray wall color, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray.

      • Katie Ballor

        Okay great! You said you used 12″ stickers. Did they include the faux grout lines on them? Trying to order what you did, but I want to make sure the grout lines split each imagine and each sticker isn’t a complete design w/o grout lines (if that makes sense!) Thanks!

        • Paula

          Yes, the grout lines are included since I was playing them in drywall and not over pre-existing tiles. When you place your order, they will reach out to you to teens a photo of your space with measurements. In fact, I think I initiated by “contacting the seller” on the “listing” page of the tiles I wanted, and I told her what I was looking for. She, Pauline, then told me what I needed to do.

          Let me know if you have any issues but she was very good to work with.
          Good luck!

  5. Loryl

    OMG! It is so pretty but practical. LOVE everything about it. And you’re right, the ceiling would have cost ALOT more if you decided to do it after and it makes the room feel so spacious. Great vision. Beautiful room.

    • Paula

      Thank you Loryl. Yes, the option came about because I was trying to sort out the shower layout and how to make the space NOT feel closed in. And had added on an extra 6 feet to that end of the house to extend the master and laundry room a little so we were standing g there looking at the peak when our contractor said, “you know what would look cool?…” Then me, “How much?” 😂

  6. /

    Oh that looks devine! And luxurious!

  7. Jan

    Absolutely beautiful!

  8. /

    Great design and lots of space. You did a great job with the decor. Kudos!!

    • Paula

      Thanks Neti. There is lots of space but the reason the ceiling got vaulted in the first place is that before all the finishes went in, it seemed like it was going to be small and cramped. But, it ended up making the space seem luxurious and open so it was a happy accident.


  9. Diane Sundberg

    I love all of the bathroom! It’s fabulous!

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