If you’re looking for an easy summer entertaining idea to please kids and adults alike, this epic & easy Mexican snack board is it!

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I like to think I’m the hostess with the mostest, most of the time. But since we have a pool and a bunch of hungry grandsons running around, coming up with snacks that will satisfy everyone is often a challenge. And quite honestly, I get tired, both physically and mentally.

However, I’m happy to tell you that this super easy Mexican snack board (or charcuterie board) is the biggest hit with everyone… which means the preparer too! That’s because almost everything is premade and requires very little prep work, depending on whether you want to make your dipping sauces homemade.

I’m calling this a snack board, but because it also has taquitos, I think we can technically call this a meal too. 😉



This board was loosely inspired by the giant snack/charcuterie/meal boards created by The Reluctant Entertainer. It was after I started following her, I went on the hunt for a couple of extra large wooden trays for entertaining.

Sandy, The Reluctant Entertainer, has her own line of big boards: they are investment pieces.

For most snack boards, you’ll want a tray with sides on it; they keep the food from falling off. I’ll link a few below, but I’ve found most of mine in places like TJ Maxx and Home Goods.

You will also want to use a food-grade wax or oil to make the wood food safe, like cutting board oil or beeswax, or line the tray with something like parchment paper or fabric.

Since my tray was round, I added a lazy Susan (old from IKEA) underneath so that it would spin around.


I received the Rae Dunn salsa and guac bowls when I was a brand rep for FabFitFun, but any small bowls will do. It depends on your trays’ size and how many sauces you have. The ranch fit nicely in a hollowed-out bell pepper, adding more color too. Get creative.


  • Chips (my grandsons love the blue corn tortillas)
  • Taquitos or Mini Tacos (from the freezer section)
  • Your Favorite dipping sauces: Guac, salsa(s), ranch dip, queso…
  • Veggies (optional)


Creating this epic Mexican snack board is so simple that it hardly requires explanation. Make it your own!

I don’t really care for salsa (except for Trader Joe’s corn salsa), so I usually only add a small bowl – you’ll notice I added the salsa to the smaller guac bowl 😉 and saved the larger bowl for my homemade guacamole.

The ranch dressing is a non-negotiable for me, and if I’m putting together this snack board, I’ll swing by a local Mexican chain and grab a container of their delicious ranch dressing.


This Easy Mexican Snack Board is a great snack/meal idea for around the pool, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, the Super Bowl, or just about any time you want to wow a crowd the easiest way possible.

You can use this a starting point and make it as fancy as you want. But I find there’s a lot to be said for simplicity, especially when you want/need to throw something together quickly so you can join in on the fun too.

There's nothing better than making friends while snacking on chips and salsa. This epic mexican snack board will put snacks or a meal on the table quickly and make you a ton of friends!

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I threw a giant board together one evening when we had a couple of friends and one of our sons’ family drop by to hang at the pool. It was a HUGE HIT!

What would you add to yours that I haven’t?


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  1. Regina P

    Love that idea! I’m going to steal it for next week. I’m hosting my nephew and family for 5 days, Sunday – Thursday, so was looking for some ideas on snacks. Perfect! I’m loving that bright orange or is it red top – stunning!!
    Have a good safe trip and thanks for the inspiration!!

    • Paula

      Yes, this will be absolutely perfect for your family! 🙌

      It’s a red dress I bought it several years ago from River Island online.

      Have a great time with your fam. It’s raining here today so we’ll have to drive in the rain. But hoping it stops for great baseball games tonight. 😁


  2. Janice Kaufman

    I will be making this for my Bible study group next week🙏✝️Thanks for a great idea♥️ we all love Mexican food delish♥️

  3. Sandy Tek

    Love this idea! Maybe I’d try some mini chimis or empanadas and some queso. Yumm!

    • Paula

      Those would be great additions, Sandy. Honestly, this is just a starting point and you could make it as big and fancy as you want.


  4. Ann Blackdeer

    Love the addition of taquitos, I wouldn’t have thought of that. My 20-somethings will love that!

    • Paula

      I love them too. I love a taquito dipped in the guac… so good!


  5. I am probably the only person in the world who doesn’t like salsa of any kind! I also don’t like guacamole, but the husband doesn’t either so I know I’m not the only person in the whole world! But, all of my people like both so this would be a wonderful July 4th starter…my people are big eaters and wouldn’t consider this anything beyond an appetizer. I would probably end up eating way too many chips, and then my fingers wouldn’t bend the next day….hahaha!!!

    Thanks for the wonderful ideas! Have a fabulous rest of your week!

    (How is your mom doing…still praying)

  6. beth byrd

    What a great party idea!

    I’m not a big on condiments, unless it’s Mexican food. And in that case I can’t get enough. Love this board — I’d have to add pico de gallo, queso fresco dip (in addition to the salsa and guac) and black beans. I’d also include mini peppers and radishes for dipping.

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