How to Keep an Off the Shoulder Top Off Your Shoulders (comfortably)


simple sewing hack to keep off-shoulder tops off shoulders! (AND wear a regular bra too!)

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The off-shoulder trend is still going strong. But, don’t you hate it when your off-shoulder (OS) is more “sort of off and kind of on shoulder” than anything. Here’s a simple sewing hack to keep off should looks, OFF your shoulder!

The OS look is sticking around as a fashion trend. Mmm….purr! I like the look of an OS top because it shows just enough skin without revealing too much of anything I don’t want to be revealed. It keeps my cleavage in check and the wobbly arm bits I’d rather conceal undercover. The key to pulling this OS off (ha!), in my opinion, is to keep everything else at a decent length, whether it be skirt, pants, or shorts.


There are two BIG drawbacks to the OS trend. The first, is the constant fussing to keep those shoulders where they are supposed to be. I saw a video on Facebook that inspired this tutorial in which the girl fixes the problem with hair ties and safety pins. When you watch the video, this will make more sense – She essentially pins the hair tie to the OS top so that it goes under your arm. Genius and a quick fix!

But BOY, if you’re not a tiny person and that hair tie isn’t made of super stretchy angel silk, it makes for a very long, uncomfortable date night.

Couple that with a thigh shaper and ain’t nobody gonna get lucky at the end of date-night. Yep, firsthand experience talking!


how to wear a regular bra with an off shoulder top with strap showing


The second issue is the strapless bra!

Is there really anyone above a B-cup who likes to wear these? This date night outfit is getting worse by the minute.  I’ll tell you that the G-sisters don’t take too kindly to being corralled like that and with silicone stays rubbing all around the skin to boot…NO!  

UPDATE: Even after having my breast implants removed, I don’t like strapless bras. 

Sure you can wear a regular bra and just pull the straps off the shoulder with your top, but they will creep back in. There’s a simple fix for this too!  See that photo…. I didn’t follow my own advice, and for a photo even!

Although, if you’re looking for a strapless bra, this is the only one I’ve found that I can wear for more than an hour without wanting to slap somebody. 


and How to Wear a Regular Bra with it too!



Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a sewing master to do this. You should probably know how to use a needle and thread. And if you can use a sewing machine, you can do what I did and get all of those off-shoulder tops that you don’t wear because of the fuss out of your closet and set up an assembly line.

Here’s what you’ll needSewing Hack to keep off shoulder tops off your shoulders

Off Shoulder Top

Soft Elastic

Needle and Thread

Tape measure (optional)


To Do:

  1. Measure under your armpit. (Approx. 6”- 10” of elastic per side.)
  2. Cut elastic to that measurement. (2 per OS top.)
  3. AT the front and back arm seam sew the elastic as high up on the top as you can go.

Simple SEWING HACK to keep off shoulder tops, off your shoulder

NOTE: I stayed below the blouse’s elastic top seam because I was sewing on the machine and wanted to use the set-in sleeves seam to sew it to. (refer to video)

That’s it! Put your off-the-shoulder top on, so that the elastic goes under your armpit. Raise your hand, Raise your hand, if you’re SURE to wear these looks with ease now!


Believe me, if I can do this, so can you!  If you like this tip and video, please feel free to share!

Looking for more darling off-the-shoulder tops and dresses? Check these out! 

Blouse similar to the one I’m wearing in the video

Off the Shoulder Sweater  (Plus Size)

Eyelet Off-the Shoulder Blouse (Regular & Plus Size)

Black OTS Maxi Dress (Plus Size)

Black OTS Wrap Dress (Misses to size 18)




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  1. I may have to getchur help on this at some point! 😉 Great video. XOXO

    • Paula

      I’ll definitely help you, hun!

  2. /

    Great video, I will have to share it in my next link luv post.

    • Paula

      Thanks so much Neti! I tried the safety pin/hair elastic method and it was NOT comfortable in the least. You must have to have stick arms for that to work. Soft elastic is the key.

  3. I tried this but the top has two dimples where it pulls in and it looks odd. Have I sewn the elastic too tight? Or not high enough up? Any tips appreciated as I have a few tops I want to do this with!

    • Paula

      I’d try to place as high up on the top as you can go (a mistake I made on at least one of my first attempts). Also, make sure your elastic is long enough or with enough stretch that it isn’t “pulling” so hard. You’ve problem solved for yourself it seems. 😉 The only other things is that depending on the fabric, it might show anyway. However, it’s got to be better than the 2 safety pins and a hair tie solution (ouch!) Good luck. Let me know if that fixes it.

  4. Russel feusca

    I have off shoulder top with 3x sizes, i want to repair then into a blouse..or 3/4 polo shirts.. do you have any suggestions.. thanks

    • Paula

      Thanks for checking out the video. As I said in the post, I’m not a great seamstress so I’m not sure I can help. I assume you’re wanting to put shoulders BACK in an off shoulder blouse? Or are you wanted to make a polo shirt into an off shoulder?

      If it’s a case of adding some fabric to cover your shoulders or bra straps, I have seen ladies wear a t-shirt or tank top underneath and off the shoulder top. If you don’t want the bulk, companies like make a short tank or tee specifically to add modesty or arm coverage.

      I hope that helps.


  5. Jayce

    Is there a fix to turn a off the shoulder top to a tank top instead?

    • Paula

      Mmm 🤔 I hadn’t thought of that. I imagine it could be done if someone had enough seamstress skills Jayce. It would be beyond mine.
      However, I would think that once you remove the “sleeve” part of an off the shoulder top and rework the top “hem” if you will, you could make straps out of the portion you just cut off for a 70’s inspired tank.

      Good luck if you try it. Or at meats good luck on finding someone to alter it for you.


  6. Shireen

    Hi, I just discovered your website through this post as I was looking for a solution for my off-the-shoulder tops. THANK YOU. This actually works, and to your point on the bra, I can wear a “real” bra too! (The safety pin method is not sturdy enough to feel secure leaving the house.) Such an easy fix, I did it by hand on the couch to three tops while watching a movie. I appreciate your thorough instructions. 🙂

    • Paula

      That’s so wonder Shireen! Hope it was a great movie too. 😘 oh, and WELCOME to the blog.


  7. /

    Thank you for this great tip. I’ve already added the elastic to my tops. Oh what a bra beauty secret. You are my hero!

    • Paula

      Thanks! It IS a life (and sanity saver). 😁


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