Grand Opening Giveaway

$100 Amazon Gift Card Giveway! Grand Opening

It’s a BLOG Baby!

Dimples on My WHAT? is giving away a $100 Amazon gift card! It’s a party!!!!  All you have to do is subscribe to receive an email notification when there’s a new post up on the blog and follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more chances to win.

What’s all this about? Well, dimples on my WHAT? slipped into existence without much fanfare. It was pretty lame actually. I’m just going to call that a soft opening, much like a really cool restaurant might have. Totally planned it this way! Not really! I’m just winging it here.  I’ll use those first couple of posts for staff training purposes and to get our kinks worked out. Actually, there will still be plenty of kinks and I have no staff… I just can’t get good help around here! Ha Ha!


This is my grand opening! I hope you’ll have a look around and like what you find.

What can you expect to find here?

  • My life. My thoughts.
  • I’ll give you some style advice that you might not hear or see anywhere else and in a way you definitely won’t find elsewhere.
  • There will be plenty of body positivity talk and confidence builders. I will share with you my continuing journey to get past my dieting addiction and find love for my body as it changes with…( gulp) age.
  • I love to decorate and will share my passion for design. We have a project of a lifetime coming up and you won’t want to miss out on the trials and triumphs of that!
  • Tasty food is a must.
  • Encouragement for the soul will surely make its way onto these pages!
  • AND, at least a couple of stories (coming very soon) that might make whatever your drinking squirt out of your nose while you’re reading. Including, lots of talk about underwear, bras and potty problems. I’ll try to warn you beforehand, just in case you enjoy reading during morning coffee. 😉 give style advice like no other

    It’s going to be a riot I tell ya!

What you WON’T find here:

  • You won’t find sales pitches for anything. Not that I won’t lead you to some good products. It’s just that right now I don’t know how to make money doing that and even if I figure it out, I’m not a salesman. I can only tell you what I love and why I love it.
  • You won’t find me sharing daring photos of myself or others in an effort to gain body confidence. I don’t find that off putting or wrong, but it’s not my method or journey. I’ll give you plenty of my own weird ideology and methods for getting past body issues without having to show you my stretch marks.
  • There will be no bad language used or feminism spewed. Though I will talk about poop, pee and passing gas so, if that offends you, look away during those posts.


dimplesonmywhat giveaway 9-16-16 thru 9-22-16So there you have it! Just follow the directions in the form below.


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    Hi Paula
    This is wonderful therapy.

    • Paula

      That’s wonderful to hear Kimberly! We’re talking a lot more about self esteem and hopefully laughing a whole lot more around here too.

  2. Cindy Scurry

    Love your website! Just beautiful!

    • Paula

      Thanks Cindy! It does my heart good to know you like it!

  3. /

    Congrats on your “Grand Opening!” 🙂 I subscribed after seeing your Insta post!

    • Paula

      Yay Nicole! Thanks and good luck babe!

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