How to Wear Snake Print if You Have a Snake Phobia

Making a Stretch for Fashion and My Ageless Style Challenge

Have you wanted to try the snake print trend, but you’re genuinely phobic of snakes? Me too! Today I’m going to tell you How to Wear Snake Print if You Have a Snake Phobia. And I’m not talking about being a little freaked out or “I don’t like snakes either.” about the disgusting belly-crawlers. I’m talking a true sweat-fest, bad dreams, can’t sleep well for months following a siting and will only walk outside holding your neck (it’s a fear thang) kind of skeerd!

Okay, I know in my last Ageless Style post, I said I would never wear snake print because of my snake phobia. You know what they say about never saying “never”, right? Because Jennie of A Pocketful of Polka Dots gave us snake print as our theme for this month’s style challenge.

“Jennie, Jennie, who can I turn to?” But I get it, most people don’t get it. I seriously thought of bowing out of this month’s challenge but decided to see if I could find some way to incorporate this trend into my wardrobe even with a phobia.

How to wear snake print if you have a snake phobia. A long rust cardigan with denim and a snake print cross body is fall fashion for full figured women. #fallfashion2019 #plussizefashion #agelessstyle  #rustcardigan

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Deciding to Come to the Party

If you read last month’s post, you know I had purchased a snake print blouse but wasn’t able to keep it on for more than 10 minutes before the panic started rising up in me. I do think I might be able to incorporate a subtle snake print on a pleated skirt or monochromatic snake textured booties. Still, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time or money in my search because having something snake print obviously isn’t important to me.

Then, I remember that I had found a unique snake print belt I already owned (with the price tag still on it) when I was cleaning out my closet. I was all set to style that with a simple black dress, but then a few things occurred.

Blog and Style Goals

One, my goal is to show you more outfits I would actually wear in my daily life. Not that I won’t wear the belt, but as a part of my less is more fashion strategy, I want time to really think about how I will style it in a few different ways.

An affordable price point is always a bonus when you’re adding trendy pieces to your outfits.

Two, I happened to see the cutest and very affordable little snake print cross-body bag! I knew if I was going to try to get over this fashion phobia, this was the piece to try it with! An affordable price point is always a bonus when you’re adding trendy pieces to your outfits.

And three, I’m in love with this beautiful and inexpensive cardigan (I may have bought in the ivory color too, oops), and I knew the purse would be the perfect accessory with it.

5 Ways To Add Snake Print to Your Wardrobe if You Have a Snake Phobia

If you’re like me and feel more than freaked-out about trying the snake print trend, here are a few ways you might add a little bit to your wardrobe.

Keep it subtle. Sheer or overlay snake prints, as well as those with monochromatic coloring, will have a less dramatic effect and still allow you to rock the trend.

Try wearing only the texture of snake print, kind of like you would with crocodile-embossed “leather.”

Choose unrealistic snake prints, or at least not realistic to your area. 😉 I searched for snake textured booties (see the previous tip) and found some in shiny black. Those were an emphatic NO WAY for me since they looked identical to giant black snakes I would run upon in our yard when I was growing up. But they did come in white as well. 😉

Mind the shapes and lines. Avoid snake printed pieces that can cause you to see snake shapes, like long belts or cords. The strap of my cross-body bag is useful but still in question. Maybe I could find one of those cool guitar style straps that would look cool with it.

Wear something you can’t see. If you really want to wear the snake print trend but can’t find anything that doesn’t make you die a little inside, try sunglasses. They are in front of your eyes but you can’t see them. 😉

The Outfit

Long, rust cardigan, denim and snake print create a fall outfit for plus size women and straight sized women alike. #plussizefashion #fashionforwomenover50 #agelessstyle #rustcardigan #affordablefashion
Cardigan wearing XL || Blouse wearing XXL || Denim (Plus) (Misses) wearing 16W || Belt Similar || Booties || Bag (sold out) eBay; Similar

What’s not to love about this cardigan? Great color. Unique texture. And wow, what a fantastic price! Even if you don’t pair it with a cute bag, it’s right on trend this fall. I’m wearing an XL, but it does run big, and I probably could have sized down. (See my measurements here for a more accurate size reference.)

Pairing the cardigan with a neutral and classic tie-neck blouse dresses up the boyfriend jeans. I still like my skinny jeans, but I’ve been on the hunt for denim with straight or flared cropped bottoms, but haven’t yet found any that flatter me. So these Kut from the Kloth, Katherine boyfriend jeans (wearing a 16W) with a looser fit came in handy for this look.

I also chose to do a wide fold to the ankle instead of a small double roll to change things up a little.

A cozy rust cardigan and denim pair perfectly with a snake print cross-body bag. #plussizefashion  #plussizewomanover50 #over50andfluffyfashion #casualfashionforcurvywomen

Why This Outfit Works (for curves)

A long cardigan over almost anything creates a long, lean look. This one bridges the gap between chunky and thin, so it works with the looser top and bottoms. However, if your cardigan is any thicker than this one, I’d keep everything underneath close to the body.

The snake print cross-body bag has a small but structured shape that pairs perfectly with the softer silhouette of a curvy body. And the colors play well with the earthy fall tone of the cardigan.

What I’d Change

Oh boy, the skies the limit. I would and have definitely worn this with skinny jeans and a v-neck tee shirt. But it would look good with a graphic tee and joggers or leggings too; just remember to keep things less bulky underneath.

Where I’d Wear It

This outfit could be worn in a more casual church setting. I’d wear it to brunch, lunch, dinner – okay, I’d eat anything in this (but I’d definitely cover the pretty blouse with a napkin if I were eating spaghetti) 😉 . It’s really a great casual look for nearly any activity you want for an elevated everyday outfit that looks put together.

Rust cardigan and denim for a fantastic fall outfit. #fullfigurefashion  #fashionforwomenover50 #grayhairtransition

A trend is the least important element to add to your wardrobe!

Talking Trends

What if I Try, but Still Can’t Wear Snake Print?

If at first, you don’t succeed, this is not a case of try, try again. A trend is the least important element to add to your wardrobe! I promise!

Some people say snake-print is a classic. That may be true if you frequent the rodeo (Ever been in a Western boot shop or a rodeo?) or if it is a subtle snake-print on a classic pump. But the vivid and graphic snake-prints popular today, lean more toward trends.

You can still build a current wardrobe and not add one trendy item if you don’t want to. I think as long as you choose pieces that are flattering to your body shape, are classic, have proportions right for your size and height, and are colors that you look and feel good in, you will still look current.

There’s a bundle of other things we might be doing to “date” ourselves, and I have some crazy photo proof of these, but I’ll save those for another day. 😉

Will This Snake Print Bag Stay in my Closet?

Initially, I was pretty sure this would be a bag I’d keep in my wardrobe, but during this photo outing, I tossed it on the leaf-strewn grass to get some shots without it. When I saw it lying on the ground, especially the strap, that old familiar angst started to lite in me, and now I’m not so sure.

I suppose if I don’t lay it down in the grass, it might work. 😉 The strap is also removable, and it would make a unique alternative to a clutch. It’s just so darling I hate to give it up, so we’ll see.

If you had or have a snake phobia, knowing that snake print shoes are out of the question, how would you incorporate this snake print trend into your wardrobe?

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  1. Donna

    LOVE that cardigan! I have one long-ish one and I want to try it with jeans, but wasn’t sure about what top to pair with it all. I do like your white blouse, so maybe I’ll try a little recon in my closet and see if I have something soft and feminine like that. I’m on the hunt for “perfect” jeans as well! I have an almost non-existent waistline anymore, so when the jeans fit my waist, they’re way too big on my legs. Skinny, stretchy jeans have been the closest I’ve found to fitting, but sometimes you want a little “room” in them, you know?! I’ll check out Kut from the Kloth. Maybe there’s something there for me!

    As far as your snakeskin look- fantastic find with the little crossbody!! I prefer flowers to wild animals, so that’s where my wardrobe leans! But kudos to you for giving it a try!!


    • Paula

      I totally understand the disappearance of a waistline, Donna. There’s a little grieving process every time we go to get dressed. 😉 If you love flowers, you sound lick on the snake print maxi under the first tip and take a look at the floral ones this retailer has too. They are beautiful! I’m not sure how they fit but It could be worth a shot.

      Have a fantastic week!

  2. /

    This combo is darling and perfect for fall! It really is a neutral…but kind of a diffrent fealing neutral than leopard. I’m really loving playing around with it.

    • Paula

      It’s a good thing it doesn’t freak you out too. But I think if I wasn’t dealing with my phobia, I’d like it in the more subtle print and muted colors. I’m still thinking about your black blazer, I might have to pick it up.

      Have a great day.

  3. Oh, my! I never considered a phobia! I’m sure this outfit will look great if you had to sub out the handbag. I love the cardigan!

  4. jodie filogomo

    I love that you are so honest about it all Paula!! And this purse is perfect!! It’s easy to take off if you get squeamish, but you don’t really even see it much when it’s on your body that way.

    • Paula

      Thanks Jodie. The bag is just darling, like a lot of the other subtle pieces I linked. But, with so many other beautiful pieces out there, both trendy and classic, there’s no sense forcing a tee s if it’s not my thing. But if I could find the right skirt, I’d seriously consider it. 😁

  5. You really make me laugh!! I know you have the snake phobia yet the purse and the outfit are classic! Well done.

    • Paula

      Thanks Shugunna! It makes my heart glad to make people laugh. Mission accomplished. 🙌

  6. /

    I know it’s about the snake print but I love your cardigan!

    • Paula

      Honestly Nancy, it’s the real headliner.

  7. Dang girl…your snake phobia is kind of like my gargoyle phobia…although your phobia is more grounded in reality…lol! The cute little bag was the perfect way to incorporate the print my friend. And oh do I love the cardigan. I’ve been having a moment with rust lately and that is gorgeous! Kudos for overcoming the phobia, even if just for the photo shoot! xo

  8. /

    Aww, I am sorry I missed the fact you had a phobia about snakes. I am proud of you for still pushing through and coming up with a fab way to incorporate this trend and join us for this month’s theme. I really enjoyed reading all the different ideas you had and did laugh about the not buying belts or cords – makes total sense. I have to admit I think I am with you on the black snake boots – not sure if I could do that one, either. Your little crossbody bag is a great piece and looks perfect with your fall cardi and jeans. That cardigan is a gorgeous color!

  9. I don’t like snakes. I don’t have a phobia. I just hate them. Which is probably why my daughter sent me a picture of her with a big ol’ snake wrapped around her. *sigh*

    Your bag is so cute. I think it’s funny that we both went the bag route.

    I have soooo many tie neck tops that I need to start wearing.

  10. /

    Ha ha! I see you feel the same way about snakeskin as I do! It does take some de-programming doesn’t it? My cats look twice at my leopard skin shoes so I think it’s a pretty instinctual response. I like your fall-colored sweater. Looks perfect for this time of year. Have a great week Paula!

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