Nature Inspired Fashion in Leopard Print

& When Phobias Affect Your Fashion Choices

Paired with lace and leather, leopard print makes a beautiful fall statement outfit. When it comes to fashion inspired by nature, our choices are nearly limitless. But today for our Ageless Style Linkup, I’m feeling the call of the wild in a trendy leopard print midi skirt that can be dressed up or down and I’d say today’s look falls somewhere in between.

The real scoop in this post is phobias and fashion. I’m sharing how phobias have affected my fashion choices and why not all trends are for everyone. 

Leopard Print Skirt, lace blouse and faux leather moto jacket  ||  fall fashion  ||  Ageless Style  || Fashion for women over 50  ||  Full-Figured Fashion  ||  Plus Size Fashion

The Ageless Style Linkup

It’s the first Tuesday of the month and that can only mean one thing, Ageless Style abounds!

The Ageless Style Linkup is a group of 10 fashion bloggers over the age of 40. We take one fashion theme on the first Tuesday of each month and style it in our unique way, proving that style has no age limited and is as unique as the woman wearing it! 

This month my colorful friend Debbie from Fashion Fairy Dust chose our theme, Natural Beauty which she explained could be our interpretation of anything in nature.

The interesting thing about Debbie and me is that we often end up choosing a style or print very similar to each other for these fashion challenges. We don’t ever discuss our ideas ahead of time but we think we must be related somewhere down the line. I’ll be interested to see if this month proves to be the same. Go check her out and find out too. 

Getting Close to Nature in Animal Prints

I immediately thought of animal prints since they are trending BIG TIME this fall. Leopard prints are a wardrobe staple in my opinion and I almost consider them neutral. But, snake print is EVERYWHERE right now and this was going to be a great opportunity to add some to my wardrobe. 

This post contains affiliate links and I will make a commission should you purchase from one of them, but you won’t pay more for the product. Thank you for your support through those purchases and with your words of encouragement. You keep this blog going.

The Snake Print Trend is Totally Lost on Me

But there was one problem, I have an extreme snake phobia. We’re not talking, “yeah, snakes freak me out” or “I don’t like snakes either”  kind of fear. It’s more like if I see one I “see the light“, nearly pass out, start sweating, and can’t close my eyes for months after the “siting” without seeing it over and over. I’m still not walking in one area of my yard because I saw one TWO YEARS AGO!

This isn’t new. I grew up in Maryland and we lived in a pretty “snakey” area with very large black snakes and some copperheads. My mom still says, “If Paula saw a snake she didn’t have to say anything, she had her snake face on.” 

Reptile exhibits at the zoo are completely off-limits for me. And, I’m not really sure how I got through 10th-grade biology because my teacher, Mr. Updegrove had a pet boa constrictor named Louie, who lounged around on the science sink counter during most classes. Are you getting the picture now? I realize this is completely irrational but that’s the very nature of phobias

Still, keeping this in mind, I thought I’d like to be one the cool kids rocking this trend. I might be able to add a blouse or a skirt in a snake print as long as it wasn’t too realistic looking. But, I definitely would NOT wear snake print on my feet!!! Who wants to look down and see snakeskin at their feet? To each her own, but honestly, you girls be crazy

Snake Print Therapy Fail

At this point, I’m not really interested in getting over this phobia unless it’s simply miraculous. For years I’ve prayed about being healed of it, but really I just want to never see one in nature again. 

So in an attempt at my own idea of snake print immersion therapy, I bought an inexpensive snake print blouse and put it on. It didn’t help that it had long ties at the neckline but I didn’t make it 10 minutes before the heebeegeebees were all over me. 

I did buy a snake print top and skirt from Target and one from Loft that was light pink and gray and not very realistic looking. Had it not washed me out, I may have been okay wearing it.

Leopard Print Skirt, lace blouse and faux leather moto jacket  ||  fall fashion  ||  Ageless Style  || Fashion for women over 50  ||  Full-Figured Fashion  ||  Plus Size Fashion

I’m Probably Scared of Leopards too, But Not Leopard Print

So plan B, was a leopard print skirt. I’m certain that if I saw a leopard in nature I would totally freak out too. A leopard could rip me to shreds, but it’s obviously a print I love with no phobias attached to it. 

I’ve been wanting a silky leopard print skirt for months. If you’ve been waiting for the next post in my fall wardrobe planning series, this is a preview of one of the items that are on my Shopping List. And since I’m following my own plan and advice, I can think of at least four ways I could style this skirt for the coming months, so I see it getting quite a bit of wear time, making it a good return on investment. I only wish I had steamed it before I took these photos. Oops!

But today, I’ve styled it somewhere between dressy and casual with a beautiful lace blouse and booties. Adding to the fall vibe and texture I added a faux leather jacket, which is a steal of a deal at $25 if you have a Sams Club membership.  

Leopard Print Skirt, lace blouse and faux leather moto jacket  ||  fall fashion  ||  Ageless Style  || Fashion for women over 50  ||  Full-Figured Fashion  ||  Plus Size Fashion
Loft Skirt (sold out) similar; similar + || Blouse wearing L || Faux Leather Jacket ($25 w/ Sams Club Membership) similar wearing XL || Older Booties similar || Earrings || Older Clutch similar

Where I’d Wear

I’d wear this outfit to church and or out to dinner and a movie. 

What I’d Change

First, a shorter moto jacket would look better proportionally and I’m on the lookout for one. 

Like I mentioned above, this skirt will be very versatile. But, this outfit would become completely dressy if I removed the jacket and added a pump or a heeled sandal. 

Leopard Print Skirt, lace blouse and faux leather moto jacket  ||  fall fashion  ||  Ageless Style  || Fashion for women over 50  ||  Full-Figured Fashion  ||  Plus Size Fashion
Leopard Print Skirt, lace blouse and faux leather moto jacket  ||  fall fashion  ||  Ageless Style  || Fashion for women over 50  ||  Full-Figured Fashion  ||  Plus Size Fashion
Leopard Print Skirt, lace blouse and faux leather moto jacket || fall fashion || Ageless Style || Fashion for women over 50 || Full-Figured Fashion || Plus Size Fashion
Wearing a Knix Tank-Bra Underneath

Other Ways to Wear It

Look for this leopard skirt in the coming months with sneakers and t-shirts as well as with tall boots and sweaters. It’s just so versatile and I think I’m going to need more places to go so I can wear it!  😉

Now You Know

So, now you know I’m a giant scaredy-cat and it even affects my fashion choices. I always say I’m a country girl at heart but not because I’m a fan of all nature. Maybe I should live in the city and keep a garden on a terrace so there are fewer chances of seeing those slithering devils. But the thing is if this skirt and the setting of these photos prove anything, it’s that country and nature look pretty cute on me. 😉

Where Do You Stand on Fashion and Phobias?

Do you have any phobias that affect what you will or won’t wear? I’ll wear a spider graphic tee all day long, but the “Don’t tread on Me” emblem, FORGET IT!

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  1. Maureen Lopss

    I LOVE this outfit! I haven’t been following you for very long, but this is my favorite post thus far! I can’t wait to see more.

    • Paula

      Thanks Maureen. I’m glad to have you in the tribe!

  2. “Snake face”…I’m literally dying…lol! While we weren’t exactly the same this month we are pretty freakin’ close. So far everyone seems to have gone fall…which is a fabulous choice…however you and I went our own direction with our skirts and our inspiration. I interpreted the sky through my look and you embraced your inner animal…lol! We are so definitely soul sisters. xo

    • Paula

      And she still says “your snake face” now. She also tries to help me by giving me practical tips. When I was recently in TN, I was going to walk across the field from my parents house to my brothers. She must have sensed my trepidation or I might have already had a “pre-snake face” on, because the snakes are even bigger there, so she said, “Paula, I just look a few feet in front of me and take a couple steps and continue that the whole way across.” Actually, in my home page graphics, the photo of me kneeling in the tall grass laughing was taken out in front of my brothers house. After I came back in from that session, my brother told me he’s been watching us and wanted me to know, he had killed a copperhead only a few feet from there. Talk about snake face!!! 😳
      I’m headed to read your post now.

  3. Your post is hilarious! I don’t like snakes but love snakeskin print. The two things are totally separate for me. I love this outfit- the lace top is so pretty with the skirt.

  4. /

    A snake in the garden? Gosh it would make me gaggle. They are so dispicable! Luckely you are wearing a fantastic outfit!

    • Paula

      The one at this house (the first summer we lived here) was in my landscaping. Needless to say, I stopped watering or weeding on that side of the house, because not only I had seen it, but so had my husband and the builder… it lived over there. Hubs says it’s probably gone now, but I’m not taking any chances.

  5. Sherry

    I agree with you on snake print clothing & shoes!!!! Love your blog!

    • Paula

      Thank you Sherry! I really don’t get the obsession with it and some prints look downright crazy I feel like we’ll look back on some of these snake print boots in 10 years and feel a little like, What we’re we thinking, it’s like Crocodile Dundee turned clothing designer. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  6. Linda

    No to the snake print, especially on my shoes!!! Love the animal prints.

    • Paula

      Yes… a soul sister who GETS IT!

  7. jodie filogomo

    I have to admit that the material on a clothing item and the animal itself are two different things in my head. And that’s a good thing, because I love all the animal prints right now.
    BTW…when I click on blog under your link in the Ageless group (both from your site and mine) it doesn’t take me to the newest blog post. Is it me??

    • Paula

      Do you mean in your be list of all of us, or in the inLinkz link for that post?

  8. Paula I absolutely love everything about this outfit and your personality is so magnificent!!

  9. /

    Love this lewk and that skirt is a keeper. You will get plenty wears out of this outfit too. Enjoy October my Dear.

  10. Paula,

    I love the delicate lace top paired with your animal print midi skirt!
    They look so wonderful together.

    I hate snakes too and am always worried about meeting one when I am in my garden.

    Leopard print will outlast the snake print style because it’s such a great print that goes with many patterns!


    • Paula

      I agree Robin. Especially a subtle pattern leopard print because it’s essentially a neutral. And it’s been in vogue since forever, it might fade to the background for seasons but it’s always there. Over thirty years ago my husband came home with a leopard print dress for as a gift… that’s when I was small enough he could buy clothes for me. 😉

    • Paula

      You should, Mireille! I think it will be great with a black knit top and boots too.


  11. Such a fabulous skirt! It looks great with the lace top and moto jacket. I have a spider phobia but I’m not quite as bad as I used to be. I’ll never be totally ok with the big ones, but I can cope with the smallish ones that are everywhere in my garden at the moment.

    Emma xxx

    • Paula

      Thank you Emma. Today my niece put an article on my timeline about a snake massage (a massage by s she’s slithering all over you), that included photos, saying, Aunt Paula, this could be for you. I hated to hurt her feelings but it’s already been deleted. 😳

  12. Cynthia

    My husband doesn’t like animal prints at all so I don’t wear them plus most of them are in the warmer tones which is not my ideal color, but you look great in this outfit.

    • Paula

      Thanks Cynthia! We have to dress in what makes us comfortable, including patterns. One of the prints that makes me feel the happiest is polka dots. But I don’t think I have many of those. 🤔 Hmm, SHOPPING TRIP! 😘

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