How to Style Turquoise Sneakers 8 Ways

Do you want a pair of bright, fun sneakers for spring but aren’t sure how to where them? Today I’m sharing 8 ways for how to style turquoise sneakers. They are the CUTEST addition to my closet in a while.

Are you as ready for spring clothes as I am? If your weather is cooperating, I’m jealous.

Right now we’re still in sweatshirts and long sleeves. WHA! I know, I’ll be complaining about under-boob sweat soon enough, but SERIOUSLY, could we just get a little consistency!

Anyway… I’m sorry, let’s get back on track and talk about these fancy, bright sneakers from Vionic Shoes. If they don’t at least put SPRING in my step, figuratively, I don’t what will. But, let me tell you a quick story before I show you how to style turquoise sneakers in 8 different ways.

8 outfit ideas for how to wear turquoise sneakers. #vionicshoes #inmyvionics #vionicwileywasabi #howtowearturquoisesneakers #whattowearwithturquoiseshoes

NOTE: This post is not sponsered although I was provided the shoes for a paid social media campaign. All opinions are honest and my own.


I recently had the opportunity to work with Vionic Shoes on an Instagram post. If you’re not an influencer you may not know that oftentimes we don’t get to pick just anything we want from a brand. They send you what they are promoting.

In this case, they only told me which shoe I’d be promoting and I think there may have been a photo of the shoe in this color only. I did, however, get a first and second COLOR choice, but guys, this shoe wasn’t online yet so I was choosing blindly based on the color names alone.

White, Ice Blue, and Wasabi.

My first choice for sneakers is ALWAYS white! I like basics in my “tena-shoes“, remember?

I thought for sure that the sneaker we’re talking about today was the Ice Blue. So I picked the Wasabi as my second choice, thinking they would be greenish.

I was sent my second choice and when I saw the photo shipping notification I PANICKED! This was far out of my comfort zone and I couldn’t settle my mind on what to wear with “turquoise” shoes.

But I said all that to say this: Once I calmed down and started putting some mood boards together (see how to create your own here), I saw how much FUN and EXCITEMENT a bright shoe can add to an outfit. Then I went a bit crazy planning outfits around these beautiful Wiley Sneakers from Vionic Shoes.


I favor a chunkier shoe, like this minimal platform sneaker, which adds visual weight, but not too much, to an outfit as I think it provides a balancing foundation for a larger frame. Plus they are still so lightweight and with Vionic’s 3-Zone Comfort Technology they have plenty of support without adding my prescription orthotics.


Here are 8 outfit ideas for how to wear turquoise sneakers. #vionicshoes #inmyvionics #vionicwileywasabi #howtowearturquoisesneakers #whattowearwithturquoiseshoes

sneakers || white jeans 16w || black tee xl || rain jacket xl

My baby sister actually put me on the right track for styling “turquoise” sneakers by suggesting to pair them with white jeans and a black tee and that served as the jumping-off place for the rest of these looks.

I think you could definitely pair them with patterns but I’m loving the simplicity and sophistication of playing with color alone. Take a look and tell in the comments which is your favorite.


8 outfit ideas for women for how to wear turquoise sneakers. Turquoise, navy, and dusty pink. #vionicshoes #inmyvionics #vionicwileywasabi #howtowearturquoisesneakers #whattowearwithturquoiseshoes

sneakers || white jeans || black tee || rain jacket

Here are 8 outfit ideas for how to wear turquoise sneakers. #vionicshoes #inmyvionics #vionicwileywasabi #howtowearturquoisesneakers #whattowearwithturquoiseshoes

sneakers || black denim || mustard coat || black tee || gray bag

8 outfit ideas for women for how to wear turquoise sneakers. #vionicshoes #inmyvionics #vionicwileywasabi #howtowearturquoisesneakers #whattowearwithturquoiseshoes

sneakers || white denim || black tee || yellow rain jacket in plus size


8 outfit ideas for women for how to wear turquoise sneakers. #vionicshoes #inmyvionics #vionicwileywasabi #howtowearturquoisesneakers #whattowearwithturquoiseshoes

sneakers || white denim (wearing 16w) || striped top (wearing xl) || rust shacket (wearing xl)

8 outfit ideas for women for how to wear turquoise sneakers. #vionicshoes #inmyvionics #vionicwileywasabi #howtowearturquoisesneakers #whattowearwithturquoiseshoes

sneakers || black denim || striped top || rain jacket || crossbody bag


Let me just say that I LOVE these last two so much that I may be adding some navy pieces to my wardrobe SOON.

8 outfit ideas for women for how to wear turquoise sneakers. #vionicshoes #inmyvionics #vionicwileywasabi #howtowearturquoisesneakers #whattowearwithturquoiseshoes

sneakers || navy dress || white denim jacket (cutest ruffle collar) || silver earrings || rose aviators || backpack

8 outfit ideas for women for how to wear turquoise sneakers. Turquoise, navy, and dusty pink. #vionicshoes #inmyvionics #vionicwileywasabi #howtowearturquoisesneakers #whattowearwithturquoiseshoes

sneakers || joggers || white tank || sweatshirt || fanny bag || aviators


I may officially be on the bright shoe bandwagon and I’m thinking my neutral shoe closet is gonna get a splash of accent colors.

Is your shoe closet full of color, neutrals, or a good mix of both?


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  1. Tami Daniel Means

    This was a great post. I would never have thought of pairing the turquoise tennies w the colors you chose but it brings out the best of both!

    • Paula

      These were so fun to put together once I got going.


  2. Gina P

    Love all the styles!! Thanks for putting it all together!! 😍

  3. Donna M

    After your first post about sneakers (yup, that’s my name for them!), I jumped right on them to discover if they came in a wider width. Alas, no. Just medium. Now, with sneakers and laces, there’s a possibility my chubby feet could wear them, but I kinda hate to spend money on a possibility. I absolutely ADORE the color (although ‘wasabi’ is a misnomer if I ever heard of one) and I would very happily wear those sneakers. With white, navy, tan, jeans, tee dresses, and yes, even shorts when I get some color on my white legs! I agree that the platform style of that sneaker does help a chunkier frame look not so chunky, and I really would like to try those Vionics. Do you think a “fat foot” could fit into them?? I trust your judgement, Paula!

  4. kim

    Great ideas – love them all. Never would have thought of using mustard or bronze jackets, but they look great. The Vionics are pricey and I usually need a narrow width.

    • Paula

      Sometimes I can just think of unusual color or pattern combinations. I love navy polka-dots and green camo together. So fun and unexpected.

  5. Dawn

    I really liked the first look. The white pants and black top. It looks great on you.

  6. Considering I’m thinking of adding a pair of teal cowboy/combat boots, I think I could easily say I’d wear turquoise or wasabi sneakers (I seem to be a sneakers girl now rather than tennis shoes…all those years of fourth graders calling them sneakers). I love the outfits, especially the one with the tonal stripe. But, I can totally see them with the navy!!! I hope you’ll share that look when you get it!! Your pictures always make miss northern Indiana where there just seems to be so much more open space than down here around Indianapolis!

    • Paula

      Yes, we have lots of space here but I do love a lot of things on Indy! I will share that look soon. The dress doesn’t fit me quite like the model, nothing does 😉

      Happy Easter

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