Yes, Curvy Girls Can Wear White Skinny Jeans

You might think that plus size women and women with curves only option for dressing slim is neck to toe black. Do you shy away from a monochromatic white outfit that includes skinny jeans because you’re too bootylicious for it Baby? Is anybody ready for that jelly? But I say, check for yellow pit stains and bust out the white! Yes, curvy girls CAN wear white clothes including white skinny jeans!

An Ageless Style Whiteout

It’s already time for another month of ageless style with my girls from the Ageless Style Linkup. We are ten bloggers over the age of 40 taking one fashion theme and putting our own unique spin on it. We’re proving that style doesn’t have an age limit.

Each month we have a guest co-host and for the month of August, we are welcoming Dawn from Dawned on Me! Dawn is a former newscaster from right here in my neck of the woods and a kindred boy-mom. I think you’ll find her style a step or seven above mom-style and one you’ll be inspired by.

If you haven’t already guessed it, this month’s Ageless Style theme is a Summer Whiteout and was chosen by yours truly. I was so excited about this theme because I had hopes of finding a new white summer dress to talk about. Nothing says summer to me quite like a cute white dress but I’m down to one that fits but it’s sleeveless and I was looking for sleeves. I am striving to be more discriminate about what I purchase. And since I haven’t found a white dress that checks off the right boxes I decided to take this months post in a different direction than I had originally intended.

Fashion for fluffy women over 50. Curvy women can wear anything straight women can as long as they keep a few details in mind. So yeah, I'm wearing white skinny jeans!

Caution: Curvy Girl Rocking White Skinny Jeans

I actually LOVE wearing white. There’s something so fresh and clean about a white outfit unless you’re eating tacos or spaghetti when wearing it. 😉

However, there are many full-figured women who don’t think they can wear white, specifically white skinny jeans. You might just be one of them. But what I hope to show you with this outfit made up of pieces I shopped from my own closet, is that once again, if the pieces fit well you can wear almost anything and any color.

The Outfit

I chose to keep my whites simple. A white tee shirt with a little extra detailing and a straightforward pair of white skinny jeans.

Curvy Women CAN wear white skinny jeans|| Fashion for Women Over 50 || Fashion for Curvy Women || Ageless Style Linkup

The Top

If you’re choosing a white tee shirt consider one that has a flattering neckline and sleeve length and possibly some extra detail at the hem. This keeps it interesting. A white summer weight sweater or a feminine white blouse would also be fun as long as they fit well.

Curvy Girl in White Skinny Jeans || Fashion for Women Over 50 || Agless Style || Full Figured fashion

The Bottom

If your pants are white skinny jeans, look for some with a higher waistline – hello mom-jeans. I’m wearing Clarissa fit from NYDJ (discontinued). They have a high waist which I love for keeping the belly moguls from squishing out making me look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. You know, because I’m wearing all white? 😉

Length matters when it comes to your pants! Yeah, I’m kind of screaming that.

I could spot a gaggle of old women (or who appear to be older) a mile away by simply looking at the length of their pants and usually, they’re white. I’m serious! It’s one of the style elements that I think can date a woman the most. (I have an entire post coming about this and a few more fashion don’ts if you want to look on trend.) Somewhere in the photo library of my phone, I have a picture of three older women standing together in their white capris of varying lengths from the knee to just below their calves. That’s too short, too unflattering and too dated in opinion.

That being said, ankle length pants are very flattering on most women. When I first purchased these NYDJ white skinny jeans (discontinued) a few years ago, they were about a ½” shorter and hit me at a weird place on the leg. Yes, as little as a half inch can mess up the proportion of an outfit. I had the hems released and left the ends frayed. I did, however, have a seam sewed just above the raw edge to keep the fraying in check.

Cognac wedge sandals pair perfectly with a white outfit. This nail polish is OPI

Wedges: Steve Madden  ||  Nail polish: OPI, “I Eat Mainely Lobster”

Get Grounded

An all-white outfit could easily look blah if not for some details. I happen to LOVE the combination of white with brown. Specifically, cognac! I think adding a pop of color, and in this case, an earthy color grounds the entire look.

The shoes are the only new item in this all-white outfit. I had been looking for a pair of cognac wedges for a couple of years (I told you I was being picky) that were just chunky enough without being too hoochie. Sorry, I don’t know how else to describe what I mean. 😉 They also had to have a strap that was flattering to my muscular calves. When I saw these Steve Madden wedges in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, I knew I must try them. Winners!

I layered some tried and true necklaces to emulate the cute layered chokers I’ve been seeing lately and I think it worked.

Fashion for women over 50 || Fashion for curvy women || Plus Sized Fashion ||

Necklaces: Old (similar)
Sunnies: J. Crew Factory (similar)

Why It Works

Something else to keep in mind is that you can layer varying shades of white and beiges to have a more curated style. When I went out to shoot these photos I totally forgot that I wanted to wear a long, short sleeved stone colored duster I have. It would have added another layer of depth to the ensemble. Or consider a beige sweater and a cute pair of tan booties like these to take your all-white outfit into fall.

We curvy girls need to remember that whether it’s black or white or pink or any other color, a monochromatic look is flattering.  Curvy women can wear white skinny jeans if we remember our fit rules. As long as we keep with styles and cuts that flatter us and make us feel good, we’ll look good too.

Don’t forget to check out the Linkup Ladies below and pop over and say hello to Dawn as well.

Have a great week!


Curvy Girls CAN and DO wear white, INCLUDING white skinny jeans! || Fashion for women over 50 || Ageless Style

Shop this look

Meet Dawn

If you didn’t already think Dawn was cool for being a newscaster and local celebrity, you will when you see her gorgeous style and beautiful photos. And she’s married to a pilot. Hello, flying perks! Be sure to check her out.

Ageless Style || Fashion for women over 40 || Fashion for women over 50 || Dawn of Dawned on Me

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  1. /

    Hello from another Paula! You look great in all white. It’s a perfect summer look.

    • Paula

      Well, hey Paula. 👋 We’re a rare name and I like it!

  2. Gina D from Texas

    Love how this looks. I’ll wear white jeans but always afraid of all white. 😱

    I do wear some ankle jeans but my issue is fat ankles (I guess they’re called cankles?). So I tend to wear straight jeans that are a little longer – and yes I probably look frumpy. 😔 That’s notvto say I don’t ever wear ankle jeans… I’m just not sure which is worse wearing those with fat ankles or the straight leg jeans. Sigh…

    • Paula

      Hey Gina, thanks! Actually, longer pants are ALWAYS the best choice. I probably should have clarified that I think if you’re going to wear a shorter ( that aren’t shorts) the most universally flattering is ankle. Ankle length is also a good length to wear with booties. That way you don’t have to fuss with rolling them up.


  3. Kim

    Thanks for the style tips here. Now I have to go check my pants lengths. HELP!!!!!

    • Paula

      When in doubt: Long pants are always flattering too Kim. 😉

  4. Omg friend…you are so right about the gaggles of older ladies with “those” pants…lol! I know that we aren’t supposed to judge, and I suppose I’m not really judging, but I want to say, “Ladies, there is a better way…”
    You my friend, look ah-maze-ing! Love the skinny jeans and I love the little ruffle/peplum on the top. Tan/brown/cognac is one of my favorite pairings with white too.

    • Paula

      I prefer to think of it as OBSERVATION. 🤣 But seriously, why can’t I find that photo?!?!


  5. /

    Haha – gotta laugh about those capris! Girl, you are looking so cute and stylish in your summer whites! Yes, to cognac and white together! Great summer sandals and I love the layered necklaces. Loved your theme choice for this month, too. 🙂

  6. “Hey Paula” ~ bet you’ve never heard that one before : ) Thanks for choosing our fun “Whiteout” linkup theme. I really enjoyed pairing different white pieces as I selected my outfit for this link party!

    You are so fun and adorable. I can tell, we’d be besties if we lived in the same town. Your monochromatic ode to white is so flattering and your photos absolutely pop with that great background color.

    Cyber high fives,


  7. /

    Yaass. . .curvy girls wear white and you look Fantastic. I love a good pair of white jeans and you shopped your closet for a great pair. Enjoy the rest of your summer. . .

    • Paula

      Hi Neti! I just popped over to your blog. I didn’t realize yours from Jamaica 🇯🇲! I assume you still live there. I think that explains your love of super bright colors. 😉


  8. I so agree about the hem line making all the difference in the world when it comes to aging a woman — isn’t that weird? I mean, they’re pants. But, yep…

    Anyway, I love that you had your hem released and just left the fray. There’s something so fresh about released hem white pants. They just look Uber cool. Adore the layered necklaces.

  9. Well done Paula, you are rockin those skinny jean sister! How genius were you to think of having a little seam sewn to keep the fraying from going wild, I wish I had thought of that! Also loving the layered necklaces – terrific look! I’m laughing out loud over the checking for pit stains comment – so true girl, So. True.

    • Paula

      The dreaded pit stains! Seriously! I lose a shirt or two a year. ☺️

  10. /

    Hi Paula! The white jeans are perfect on you! It’s always such a challenge to find white denim with coverage.
    How can I add the link up to my blog? Help a sister out please?

    • Paula

      That’s a great question Andy. If you want to link one or more of your fashion posts just click on the inLinkz button at the bottom of any of our lists and follow the directions.

      To add the link to your post, I believe you are referring to mentioning the linkups you participate in? I don’t participate in many as, unfortunately I’m still inconsistent in posting and keeping up with linkups. However, some of my Ageless sisters are great at it. Scroll to the bottom of their posts and see how they do it.

      Daenel is a great example:

      To actually add the “ add you link” button, you must be a host or guest host. If you’d like to be a guest host, I will gladly tell the group. Just let me know.


  11. /

    Wow, you really look fantastic in all white! As a curvy girl myself I tend to shy away from white as black is more slimming, but you have definitely inspired me to try white again! Thank you lovely!

    Janet xx

    • Paula

      Thanks Janet! My hiney (and thighs and tummy and…☺️) are big whether I’m wearing black or white or red or green. I’m not fooling anybody so I’m gonna wear what I love. I really love a pair of white shorts but at the moment I can’t find any that meet my fit specs. So the question is, will I find the white dress with sleeves or the white shorts first? 😉

  12. Well I just have to say, great theme and you rocked it. You my friend were apparently on the front end of the released hem trend, which is one of my favorite. That was so incredibly smart to do that to your jeans. Okay, I just saw that same necklace on another blog and I can’t for the life of me remember where. (was it on here?) It was a comparison of how 2 different people wore it. I love it.

    • Paula

      Hey Lisa! Thank you. My friend Robin ( put a side-by-side of us each wearing this necklace that we were gifted by Chicos last year during The Fierce 50 campaign in different ways. She wore hers backwards! LOVED!!!

  13. You are so right about the length of your capris or pants making a difference in how you look. You look awesome! I love the addition of a brown neutral with white.

    • Paula

      Isn’t there something so fresh about it Joi? I’m loving my white denim with more and more fall pieces too.


  14. /

    White jeans can be worn by chubbys and if some additional care is taken, while choosing the fabric quality and what are you pairing with the white jeans, the overall fashion can become even more attractive.

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