Get Poised for Sunset (Laughs)

Get Poised for Sunsets

Gather ’round my Peeps, and hear a tale of a girl TOO old to pee her pants, and apparently old enough TO pee her pants! This is not the first time incontinence has struck ME, nor will it be my last, I fear. However, this time I was wearing this super cute kimono from Anthropologie and feeling all luscious and cute.  Seriously?!?! I’m just too cute to be a pants wetter!

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But when you’re chillin’ by the pool, to watch the sunset with your sweetie of 32 years, and somebody burps and it tickles your funny bone and you then laugh out loud, causing you to publicly pass gas OUT LOUD, setting off a chain reaction of pee squirts, attempted Kegels, and count them, 2 more toots, and more giggles (me, he wasn’t) … All that’s left to do, is skulk red faced back to your room, and add, “Flatulence Filled Sunsets”, to your list of “When to Wear Tinkle Protection”, right under – On Trampolines and Sister’s Weekends!

Incontinence with age is usually no laughing matter, and it (incontinence) certainly isn’t usually cause to proclaim it to the masses around social media. But hey, things change and I’m certainly not the only one stocking up on those Poise pads. There’s strength in numbers, though I don’t think banning together will strengthen any of our pelvic floor muscles. So, maybe we just ban together and be all women for women (read: Romy and Michelle) supportive of one another as we gather ‘round our friends and sisters to cover the wet mark on her pants as she heads back to her room for a fresh pair of pants and a new bladder protection plan.

Thankfully, all is well and my hubs has agreed to still be seen (and probably heard) in public with me. It’s said that some people can’t hold their liquor.  I don’t drink, but there’s something (or a couple of somethings) that I can’t hold either.

P.S. I almost had a repeat incident writing this!

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