The Best Faux Leather Motto Jacket

Welcome to dimples on my WHAT?.  I’m glad you’re here and I hope you take a minute to look around. You can also sign up to get notified when new posts are up, after you find out where I scored this amazing deal. No, this wasn’t just a ploy to get you here. Well, it kind of was (wink) but the deal is REAL!

Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Don’t you just LOVE a good money saving find? I know I do! I once scored a pair of high end, over $100 dress pants for $13.00, which I thought was a great deal. I wore them to work and was telling a “high end” manicure client about this fab find, to which she incredulously responded; “Can you wear them, if you didn’t pay enough for them?”  “Um….YES!” I said. “I actually feel prettier in them knowing that I got a bargain.” Insert eye roll here I REALLY love it when that frugal fashion find is on trend and in season making for some affordable fashion!

close up motto jacket

Enter this faux leather moto jacket that is so of the moment, although I was sweating something fierce getting this photo in August. I stumbled on this little beauty in a place that you can find some serious fashion deals, all while picking up your snow tires and vats of lard and peanut butter. Have you guessed where yet? Yes, a wholesale club like Sam’s.

I was running in to Sam’s Wholesale to check for what I can’t even remember now, because “she” stole all of my attention! “She” being that gorgeous faux leather moto jacket. And coming in just under $25 before tax!!! Who wouldn’t forget all else and run directly to the register before someone could grab it out of your hand. Well, I do exaggerate! No one else was even looking at them on a Monday morning.

Faux Leather Moto Jacket /

The photos don’t do it full justice. It’s soft, looks and feels real, which is a big deal when we’re talking faux anything, and doesn’t have any funky odor like some “pleather” items I’ve encountered in the past. It has  knit panels in the arms, making for a more comfortable fit. I’m wearing a large for a sleeker look so you could easily size down as I did. The G-sisters  measure about 44″ at their fullest part. I’m normally wear a size 16 on top.  Gasp! It comes in this beautiful caramel color as well as gray and black too. This caramel is my jam though! Well, caramel in general is preferred over jam…. but this is no recipe post.

The only unfortunate part of this whole thing is that Sam’s Wholesale doesn’t have this on their website just yet, so I couldn’t link it. However, if you’re a member I suggest that you get there and try it on while you’re stocking up on caramel corn and ballpoint pens, or whatever it is you go to a wholesale club for. But I’ve linked that exact same Sebby Collection jacket from Kohl’s. If you don’t happen to have a Sam’s membership, you could play your coupons and Kohl’s cash just right and score an equal or even better deal. I see a great bargain in your future too! And, now I might have to have this darker brown faux leather moto jacket  too! Come on Kohl’s coupons!!!

Sebby Collection from Kohl's
Sebby Collection Moto High Low Jacket / Kohls

The only question that remains is: How will you wear yours?

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14 thoughts on “The Best Faux Leather Motto Jacket

  1. Yay, your site is up! It looks amazing. And loving this post! It’s the best when you find something high end or something that looks high end for next to nothing! 🙂

    1. Thank you Bri! I’m probably gonna need your help at some point in the near future to help me get set up for some other stuff. And also, your photos are the bomb, so any tips or tricks I will take whole heartedly! xoxo

  2. Love it, Paula! I’m just so thrilled for you! And I didn’t know I wanted a Moto Jacket, didn’t even know the word “Moto”…but now I need one????

    1. Thank you so, very much Debi…. It’s the little details like this jacket that can pull and outfit together. Of course, when you’re sweating all the time it makes it a bit harder to pull it off. xoxo Thanks for looking around. Definitely come back.

  3. Love you new blog Paula! Next time I have a free minute I’m heading to Sam’s to see about this jacket~ I’ve actually been looking for caramel leather jacket since featuring @rayneparvis on my IG — so this is perfect! Yay!!!! So happy for your new venture– this will be amazing!

    1. Thanks ever so much for checking it out Kim! It pays to not be a brand snob. If it looks just as good, I’ll save my money to spend on the things that I can’t buy cheap…. Like knee boots!! xoxo

  4. Oh, you know that when I saw you had a blog post up I had to hurry up and get over here! Love the jacket and I love that it’s from Sam’s Club…some of my favorite stuff has come from the weirdest places, like say, Tractor Supply.
    You are a far better woman then me Paula, because I snatched up this delicious faux leather moto jacket at the Nordstrom Annual Sale and I’m dying to wear it and post it on the blog, but I just can’t bring myself to put it on even for some snaps to do a post…I’m afraid it will melt…lol!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Debbi! I buy stuff ANYWHERE too! My husband will testify and wishes I would stop. I’m with you on the melting… just got off the phone with my hormone doctor about these crazy hot flashes… What’s a girl to do though? It would definitely be frowned upon to walk about naked, but I may be coming to that!

  5. Love this and am so excited to see you doing this. Hope one my sites are up and running you all will stop by and check them out.

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