50, Fat & Free to Wear Shorts

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Summer and shorts just seem to go together.  And with the Fourth of July being today, talking about a this casual summer fashion staple seems like a great idea.

But you’re over 50 AND you’re, ahem… “fluffy” and you want to wear shorts? I’m sure some fashionistas would say, “NO WAY, cover those lumps and bumps!” However, I’m here to tell you that you CAN wear shorts. Follow just a couple of guidelines. Throw caution to the wind. And feel FREE to rock  what my mom calls “shorty pants” with style and confidence.

Over 50 Fashion, Shorts for the curvy, Pink Shorts

Newsflash:  I have cellulite, 4 back cheeks and spider veins on my legs and I still wear shorts. I was probably born with cellulite. In fact, I’m nearly positive of it. Although I’m sure it was much cuter on a toddler’s hinny. I’m not a stranger to the cottage cheese looking “dimples” on my rear view. But when I first noticed the texture change on the front of my thighs, I’m not gonna lie – I took to my bed in shame. No, not really. But it STUNG!

Having body confidence is a work in progress.

If cellulite, spider veins, age spots, scars or even varicose veins on those gams is keeping you from wearing shorts but you’d still like to, consider this: We each have our own genetics issues we deal with. Much like our freckles, brown spots and wrinkles on our faces, they are part of us. If it shocks someone else, they must have been living in a magical fairy-tale land with only perfectly drawn animated characters living there.

 I’m human. I have cellulite. That’s it.

There are many styles of longer skirts and pants that can keep what looks like a walking topographical map concealed in both style and cool comfort. But I’m in that “certain sweaty stage” of life and there are days that I think shorts are called for. Plus, they can be so fun and sporty.

No matter what your age or what your legs looks like, there is a short style and length that you can wear.

Plus size fashion / Over 50 fashion / plus sized shorts

Lane Bryant – Shorts (wearing 16) / J. Crew Factory – Shirt / Old Navy – Tank / Ecco – Sneakers

The Short List

Calling All Fat Women

I’ve directed this primarily to women who are not skinny and/or are over 50, however, it is my humble opinion that these fit tips apply to every woman. The young and fit can be much more flattered when they’re wearing styles appropriate to their own bodies too.

Follow these guidelines to help you find a short that will fit you well, flatter your body and keep you cool.

Plus sized short / fashion over 50 / plus sized fashion

Short Proportions

The key word you want to keep in mind for any clothes, but shorts in particular is:


Any time we’re wearing anything other than full length pants it HAS to hit at the right spot on our leg to keep the look as flattering as possible. How’s a girl to know what this length is for her? The easy way is what I call the “eyeball method”.

A Short Assessment

Stand in front of your mirror in just your undies. (If you need some good ones, check this out.) Take a look at those legs in total honesty. The length of any bottom garment should hit right where your leg gets to a thinner part, a slim zone. You will probably have a few of these locations on your legs.

When you try on shorts, stand back and see if they land within those slim zones.

Most of us girls have some sort of “swell” at our upper thigh. If you’re lucky like me, you have a super ample thigh in every direction. I want my shorts to hit where that curve is completely resolved. For me, that means about a 6”- 7” inseam. Absolutely NO shorter.  I will admit though, that after I saw these photos, these particular shorts could be about 2 inches longer and hit at a more slimming length…. but the color is enough for me to break my own rule a little.

A mid length short that has a bit of looseness is my most flattering because it doesn’t create a horizontal line across the widest part of my thigh. It’s also long enough to cover that part under my “hind cheeks” that I  call “my second butt”.

Note: It’s my opinion that no matter how young or fit, NO ONE looks good in shorts so short they could be considered underwear. You might as well wear your swimsuit bottoms. This goes for your little girls too. Be a model of modesty  and self-respect for them.

Fashion over 50 / Plus Sized Shorts

Shorts for a curvy woman / Lane Bryant Shorts

Over 50 Fashion / Plus Sized Fashion / dimplesonmywhat.com

50 Plus fashion / plus sized fashion / dimplesonmywhat.com

50 plus fashion / plus sized fashion / plus sized shorts

Two butts are better than one… RIGHT? 😉

Long Short Division

For a more mathematical method for determining the proper proportions for YOUR body (without having to do the math – you only take some measurements), this website does the work for you. Not only will the twin geniuses at  thefashioncode.com give you the best lengths for tops, pants, chokers, necklaces, shorts, skirts, capris and more calculated to your exact body; they will give you style tips for looking 10 lbs. thinner.

Bermuda shorts aren’t the best choice for on me. However, if I were to wear them, I would keep them just above my knee and in a style that isn’t too tapered. I’ve tried and they don’t work for me.

That brings me to my next fit tip.

Short and Shapely

Shorts that skim the body are the most flattering on everyone. Curvy girls CAN wear form fitting shorts though. A prime example of this can be found here on the blog trendycurvy.com. Kristine’s shapely legs have a lovely natural taper and her shorts follow that line.

My legs however, have many in’s and out’s in their curviness. If I try to wear a form fitting short, it just doesn’t work on me. So knowing your cut in shorts is just as important as knowing what length works best for you.

A fluid, flowy pair of shorts is another flattering choice for the curvy girl.

Fashion over 50 / Plus Sized Fashion

Romper: Torrid (similar) (similar) / Blazer: (similar) / Shoes: Vince Camuto / Clutch: (similar)

Short Foundation

SHOES – I love to wear a heel or espadrille with shorts. Keep it on the chunky side though. Pumps are too….. Yeah,  just NO!

Sandals and sneakers are also a good idea and give a laid back, summery vibe. Don’t wear anything too delicate looking if you’re on the curvy side. Remember, balance and proportion apply here too.

So there’s the long and short of it. Oh yes I did! 😉  If you don’t feel comfortable in shorts, don’t have to wear them.  However, if you’d like to try them, repeat after me:

“I’m not too fat. I’m not too old. I’m not too imperfect.”

So go “fourth” (get it?) and wear those shorts with freedom! (get it again?)

I just crack myself up!

Fat. Fifty. Free to wear short! / dimplesonmywhat.com

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Happy 4th,


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  1. /

    Love this post, Paula! Really great tips on how to choose the right length for shorts and I will definitely keep them in mind next time I am shopping for a pair. Also Love your look! Great colors and the gingham shirt works wonderfully as a completer piece. Such fun photos and perfect for the holiday. Happy 4th, Paula!

  2. If you get any more adorable you’ll explode from adorableness! I so agree, I do not need to see anyone’s butt cheeks…even if they are completely and utterly perfect. And quite honestly, I think that just about any outfit looks exponentially better with some sort of heel…says the girl that lives in Birks and sneakers…lol!

  3. /

    You’re right on point with those styling tips. One more that you might want to add is that like any other garment, a higher priced brand might provide the best and most flattering fit. Shorts are no place to try to “skimp” on quality. Your message for self-love and acceptance is fabulous as well. Thank you for the inspirations.


  4. I’ll try not to wear my cootchie cutters around you 😉 JK. Great post and that color shorts screams “Paula”!

  5. Dawn

    Oh my gosh, Paula! I. Just. Love. You! Amen, sista! You rock those shorty pants, girl! Score one for us fluffy girls over 50!

  6. Kim

    I absolutely agree about wearing shorts after 50. Of course, when I lived in Florida it was an essential! My favorite length hits just above my knees and covers the spider veins that mark where soccer balls nailed me. (I played in a coed league until a couple years ago when I moved to California!) My comfort is more important that others’ judgments.

  7. Robin

    Oh I love this post! I am 52, and fluffy myself. You look great in those pink shorts, and I don’t think they are too short at all.

  8. Sue

    Loving your blog. I just turned 50 in December and must admit had a bit of a crisis about it and the weight that came on the last couple of years. 🙁 I have struggled with how to dress for my older and somewhat larger body and appreciate your advice and great inspiring pictures! Thank you!!

  9. Amber G

    Came across this looking for the perfect shorts for my fat thighs… Blessed with the pear shape… Love your writing style and confidence!! 😉 now gotta find some cute flowy shorts!!! I’m 32 btw lol

    • Paula

      Hi Amber!
      So glad you stopped by. If you’re a size 14 or above, Lane Bryant has some really nice shorts this year in a flattering length. Not too long or too short. I bought them in a light olive and another in camo. If you’re below, Old Navy usually has some shorts that are a bit more generous in the thigh. I’m not sure why all shorts aren’t more “flared” at the hem. It’s one thing to have your thigh squished wide when they are encased in pants, but when it’s smooshing out of a short… it is NOT ideal! 😉

  10. Aileen T

    Hello Paula!
    I am in the exact same boat as Amber G, and am 34.
    I gotta say that your blog is an inspiration, and I would like to point out that we have the same shape of legs and thighs so I can actually learn a lot from how you wear clothes.
    Please keep them coming!

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