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Body Positive/ Plus sized clothes


Time for another month with the AGELESS STYLE LINKUP. This month each of my lovely co-hosts and I are styling a graphic tee. Keep scrolling to the end of this post for links that will take you to each of their posts and to find some more graphic tee inspiration.

Real Life Style

Life around here has been super busy in the most wonderful way this summer. So much so, I’m throwing this post together at the very last minute. Even the photos are wham, bam, thank you ma’am. 

In an effort to get these particular shots, I had my sister Jess run out in my backyard and snap a few pictures of this outfit that includes a cool graphic tee that’s an Amazon deal. It  also includes a pretty dual purpose kimono scarf. Yes, a kimono scarf. (All items linked two photos below – some are affililiate links)

I was going to change into a more slimming pair of jeans and take my hair down which I think is a more flattering look on me. But honestly, after my belt was off and pants were halfway down, I said to myself, “Wait! This is what you wore today, minus the kimono and cute sandals. (Because kimono’s, cute shoes and petting zoo’s don’t mix). This is your real life style and your real life size. It’s not slimming but it’s comfortable and you need to be genuine.” Yes, I’m even long winded when I talk to myself.

I think my sis did a fine job of taking the photos, but I don’t love them. Why? Because I want to look skinnier. I want to be more pulled together and less sweaty. I want to be able to have my photo taken while sitting on the ground without my boob grazing my waistband. I don’t want to look and feel fat!

Jeans (wearing 14W) – Lucky Brand / T-Shirt – Amazon / Belt – Gap / Kimono Scarf (similar print) – Rock Flower Paper / Sunglasses – / Sandals – (similar)

Why am I telling you this?

I’m not telling you this so that you’ll tell me I’m beautiful or even to elicit diet and lifestyle tips… because, PLEASE DON’T. I don’t mean to be negative. What I am letting you know, is that even the most positive person can have a bad day on their journey to be body positive.

I recently had a friend send me this exact text.

“Talk me off the fat ledge.”

In an instant, I knew exactly what she meant. How? Because I’ve been on that same ledge. Ready to fall off into the pit of comparison and self- loathing.  Some weeks I eat, breath and sleep on the edge.

I responded to my friend by preaching an excellent message full of cheer, encouragement and yes, TRUTH! Truth that she was more than her body. And the truth that she was beautiful inside and out.

I’m letting you know that I’ve been there too. And while it’s not easy, you can get out. There is no “magic” formula. Get it? 😉 But, I find taking just a few minutes each day (maybe even several times a day) to be grateful for all the good things in my life can take the focus off the emphasis I’m placing on my physical appearance.

See more about my body positive journey here, here and here.

Get Positive

So today I’m grateful for:

  • A new grandbaby who’s only 1 week old.
  • A visit from my sister who I only see a few times a year if I’m lucky.
  • Watching my other grandson’s splash around in the pool and have a little dance party in front of the TV after dinner.
  • And a hubs who washes and dries the dishes when he knows I’m tired.

Not ONE thing that I’m grateful for today has anything to do with my physical self.

Self Help

Try it yourself. You might be surprised how this simple little exercise in thankfulness can begin to shift your thinking about anything that’s bringing you down.


ageless style/ fashion over 50

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  1. jodie filogomo

    Paula…you talk like I talk!! (Mostly to myself, but the same). I just keep going on and on, and sometimes I have to take a breath!!
    Being real is so much easier anyways. I say this over and over to my mom (the 70+ model on my blog). She’s always trying to cover up the vein on her leg or this & that—and I tell her she’s beautiful as is!!
    Just like you!!
    Thanks for letting me play along….

  2. Paula I simply adore you! Always a babe in my eyes – although, we are all guilty of being unkind to ourselves occasionally, on the whole though, I think we rock my friend! xxx

    • Paula

      We do Bev! We do…. Rock ON!

  3. /

    It’s so easy to say negative things about ourselves. Such a good reminder to take a minute to remember the things that we are grateful for everyday. This is such a cute look! I love your graphic tee and pretty kimono!

    Doused in Pink

    • Paula

      This kimono is such an awesome fabric… I was in such a funk, I failed to gush about that.

  4. Ronnie

    Paula, first let me say how much I love the tee and the kimono scarf! Your sis did a great job with the pics – natural and beautiful.
    I love what you said here…how you said it. I struggled with some of these things myself this past week and talked about it a little on my blog, as well. But, you put it all in such lovely perspective. I’m so glad I made this my last stop for the evening!

  5. Ronnie

    Paula, first let me say how much I love the tee and the kimono scarf! Your sis did a great job with the pics – natural and beautiful.
    I love what you said here…how you said it. I struggled with some of these things myself this past week and talked about it a little on my blog, as well. But, you put it all in such lovely perspective. I’m so glad I made this my last stop for the evening!

    • Paula

      What a lovely thing to say Ronnie. I’m glad that you went to bed with a thankful heart. It’s a struggle that we all have from time to time, no matter our age, size, income or place in life.

  6. I heart you so much for sharing your thoughts on this post because yes yes yes! I feel that way. All. The. Time.

    Adore the tee and the kimono. I never would’ve thought to pair the two, but I dig it.

    • Paula

      Why do we beat ourselves up so Daenel. We wouldn’t treat a friend that way.

  7. You always speak the truth my friend, and I love that about you! Being happy with yourself is hard work and we are usually our own worst critics. I’m guilty of it every single day. BTW…I really like your hair pulled up! And the graphic on the tee is fabulous. 🙂

    • Paula

      This hair up style is very nearly a life saver this summer Debbie. I’m telling you, I get so hot sometimes I could slap someone…. they frown on that you know?!?!

  8. /

    You’re a star for sharing and I can totally relate to being on that fat ledge!! I’m sure I wouldn’t say the cruel things I say to myself to my friends – so why do i do it? Being grateful for all the wonderful things that life shares is a beautiful way to realign any negative thoughts!! Thank you for being so honest and btw you do look fab!!

    • Paula

      Oh you are so sweet Jo. Yeah, why are we so tough on ourselves? That’s another post altogether…. be your own friend. 😉

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