How to Grow Out Gray Hair without Going Insane

I’m 19 months bleach and dye-free, and though the journey has been long, I’m loving it. And, I’ve learned a thing or two about How to Grow Out Your Gray Hair without Going Insane. Whether you’re just starting to think about ditching the dye or bleach, you’re in-process, or your new year’s resolution is to grow out your gray but you’re dreading those awkward, ugly days, I got you Girl!

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Transition To Gray Hair

a one year update… If you follow my posts you’ve probably noticed I’m sporting quite a distinct “ombre’” hair color. But it’s been a while since I gave an official update on my transition to…

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Summer Accessories

Accessories can take an outfit from blah to tah-dah with only a few additions to a wardrobe. I’m definitely in the less-is-more camp when it comes to accessorizing, but make no mistake, it only takes a…

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Beauty Products I Buy on Repeat

Round Two: Reviews, Repeats & Returns and the holiday SEPHORA sale event Sephora is having a big ol’ sale, and that’s always a good opportunity to stock up on some of my favorite products. They…

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My Transition to Gray Hair

A 6-month Hair Color Progress Report Forgive me, Hair-Colorist. It’s been six months since my last hair color.  Well, it’s been a while since I talked about my transition to gray hair. When I last…

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