DIMPLES DIARY – The First Week of 2023

Happy New Year, my friend! We’ve only just begun, and it’s already flying by. Of course, that could be because it’s been a short week here in the Holloway House, as the Mister was off on Monday, and we ran around a little bit which meant nothing much got done.

Do you do that, too – judge a week by how much you get done?

I don’t know if that’s a good practice because we put so much pressure on ourselves to go, go, go. If dealing with adrenal fatigue has taught me anything, it’s okay and absolutely necessary to rest. Just like we need to honor our hunger, we also need to honor our bodies by recognizing when we need to stop and rest.

However, we have had a busy week, so I’m cutting myself some slack until next week. That’s when my new year will start in earnest. 😉

But here’s how we started out the year, including good food and a super fun activity you can do with your kids, grandkids, or friends.

Oh, and I need your help!

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Speaking of honoring hunger, did you buy the Losing weight God’s Way book, and are you embarking on the 21-day devotion? I’ve been slow to start it and, of course, have been overthinking the first two days of devotion and the goal-setting exercise.

Do I set a short-term goal, or is it the whole kit and kaboodle?

My long-term goal is a biggie, like 75 or 80 pounds big, and even though I would give myself 18 months or more to lose it, it seems too big to focus on, so I shut down and didn’t do the devotion for a couple of days.

Ugh! Welcome to my overthinker’s mind.

But I’m on day 5 of the devotion and would love to figure out a way to do this alongside you.

HELPHow do you think it best that we could do this study or exercise together? Zoom? Facebook Live? Or maybe I can do a weekly video and email it?

Help me with some suggestions in the comments, or even email me if you’re a Zoom expert!


Speaking about weight usually leads me to food, and while I’ll share my complete list of what I’m doing to prioritize my health this year in another post, one of those things is to cook cleaner, whole food at home. I already do this, for the most part, but I’ll do it even more.

We started the week with this simple and delicious roast chicken recipe. It turns out picture-perfect, moist, and with the most crispy delicious skin. It’s chicken perfection! Plus, I’ll have shredded chicken for other recipes, and I usually toss the carcass in a freezer bag until I have enough to make bone broth in my Instant Pot.

I cleaned out my pantry and found TONS of canned pumpkin, so I made this Microwave Pumpkin Custard. My custard cups are small so that this single serving will fit into two ramekins. With a little whipped cream on top, we had a decadent, clean dessert two nights in a row.

But before that, we had our six oldest grands overnight on New Year’s Eve. For dinner and as an activity, we let everyone make personal-sized homemade pizzas using homemade pizza dough I made that morning. We let them stretch the dough out and add toppings. It was a challenge for the youngest boys, but they all thought their pizzas were delicious!


If you’re a grandmother, you know that keeping a pascal of littles occupied is the challenge of any extended stay at grandma’s; hence, turning dinner into an inclusive activity too. 😉

Our oldest grandson brought the game, Do You Really Know Your Family?, and we all played that for a little while.

But then we did an art activity that we first tried on Thanksgiving with our youngest son’s family, and everyone loved it then, and this time was no different. Even the oldest, who is 12 and full of attitude, couldn’t stop talking about how much fun it was and asked to do it again when we got home from church on Sunday.

It’s a bit like a game of “Telephone” except with a drawing. Let’s call it Progressive Art, and it could be played with groups of adults and/or children.


  • Grab markers, colored pencils, and crayons and put them in the center of the table.
  • Each person at the table has a piece of paper to draw on (I just grabbed printer paper).
  • Set a timer for a minute and a half or two minutes. The first time we played with did 1.5 minutes but then bumped it up to two minutes, giving you a little longer to think before drawing. (We tried two and a half minutes, but it was too long).
  • Say “GO” as you start the timer, and everyone begins drawing. Once the timer dings, pass the drawing to the person beside you; no finishing. Then they continue on your drawing for the next two minutes, and so on until your drawing gets back to you. (The littlest kids, or sometimes even the bigs, will simply color in something.)
  • We then took turns going around the table, showing the pictures, telling what we started with, and everyone shared what they had added.

Your drawing may look nothing like you intended (which was super hard for our one OCD grandson to handle), but the rest thought it was loads of fun. And some even stayed at the table, coloring the pictures afterward.

TRY IT and tell me if your peeps had fun too.


cardigan wearing XL; similar plus size; similar || joggers misses and pluswearing XL || long sleeve tee wearing XXL || slippers size down || washable kitchen runner

I’ve gone out some this week and wore jeans but didn’t get photos to prove it. 😉 However, comfort is a joy for me and is what I love to wear at home. So I live in joggers or jammies most of the time. I wore this outfit on Thursday, and if I change from slippers to sneakers, I can still wear this out.


I just finished a YouVersion reading plan called, My Body Image by Pete Briscoe, and it has me thinking of my body more eternally and as a vessel that is mine to steward. Of course, I want to look good, but ultimately it’s a temple of God and one that should reflect the one who inhabits it. Yet, my care of it has been less-than, and it’s beginning to show and feel the effects. In this case, I have to renew my thinking about why making sacrifices and caring for my body better is essential.

Our bodies are incredible, and we need them to function well to help us do the things God has called us to do.

Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.”

Genesis 1;26

I hope you all have a fantastic week!



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  1. Alicyn

    Oh, I love that game! I think it would even be fun with girlfriends.
    As far as the devotion— I have purchased the book but have not earnestly started it. This week has been a little “wonky” still in our house and I wanted to be fresh and focused for it. Two words which did not describe this week!! I would love to somehow work throw this together but am not sure what the best avenue would be. I do know that I would love some form of accountability! Let me keep thinking.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Paula

      YES, it would be fun with girlfriends or small groups, or even as an ice breaker at a meeting. And yes to some sort of accountability. I’m think too.


  2. Debbie

    I would love small groups or a weekly video on Losing Weight God’s Way. I really appreciate you sharing your recipes and meals.

  3. Drema

    Love the outfit, my first choice is always to go for comfort. It’s a super win if just changing my shoes can put me out the door in a hurry. You look awesome, love the pink slippers! ☺️

  4. I’m not sure what happened. I was subscribed and receiving emails for new posts. I hadn’t received any and just thought you were taking a break (as many bloggers do). Then, Jodie mentioned you in her email, and I clicked, and BAM! There are all kinds of fabulous posts!

    I feel you on the weight loss. I had lost 40 pounds in 2012 and kept it off for about 8 years. Then, a few pounds came sneaking back. But, when you know what hit, I actually lost those pounds and a few more. But, when the world began to open back up, my anxiety went through the roof, and 30 of those sneaky little boogers came back! I am now seriously working to get them off. I probably need a knee replaced…the physician’s assistant basically told me I’d have less problems if I dropped some weight. Did I listen? Well, of course not. But, now, the knee screams at me all the time, and I’m beginning to listen to it!

    I would love to join you on Zoom just to talk, if nothing else! If you’re ever in need of a stop on your way to or from Tennessee, let me know…I’d love to meet up (I’m close to Indianapolis).


    • Paula

      Well, hey Marsha! I switched email providers so maybe that messed things up. I’m still trying to figure out my new provider so maybe subscribe again?

      Oh yes, if only it was as easy as “just lose some weight”. But you know what? Our health is important so that’s what I’m focusing on because the numbers of it all stress me out. I’ll never hit the number in the chart that says I’m at an optimal weight, but I can sure work to get my A1C or cholesterol down.

      I’m glad you’re back here. And yes, let’s maybe plan to meet up sometime. I’d love that!


  5. I really enjoyed reading your blog today and just wanted to share that your encouraging and teal and I hope you have a blessed day! Marie

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