DIMPLES DIARY – Week of 04-03-23

Happy Saturday, Friend! It’s shaping up to be a beautiful weekend, and we’re looking at great weather next week too! That means lots of yard work and spring cleanup around here. But even though it means more work, it’s amazing how good weather can lift our spirits and make for extra happy thoughts!


As I told you last week, we spent last weekend celebrating grandson number four, turning eight, with our son and his family in Winchester. It was cold and ridiculously windy, so we pretty much stayed in and watched Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile until we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a birthday dinner. I cuddled the baby while he napped – it was as you can imagine – PERFECT!

We stayed overnight and went to church on Sunday morning, and my daughter-in-law snapped this picture at the end of worship. I want to say the boys loved on me, but they can’t get enough of their baby brother. 😉 But seriously, these fellas are all precious (I know they love me), and I miss them living near with every fiber of my being.

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I don’t know what it is about coming home from visiting my son, but I came back under the weather again this week, feeling fine on Monday but waking up with a screaming sore throat that night. It was another week of Kleenex, naps, and movies.

I believe I have a sinus infection, and I’ve treated it with home remedies. This propolis nose throat spray and these cough drops got me through every time. These cough drops are marvelous for sore throats.


Don’t you love a sheet pan dinner? Me too! And these Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas were so easy and quite yummy. TIP: Slice the peppers and onions very thin so they cook simultaneously with the shrimp.

Thursday evening, I started feeling better and craving something sweet. We watch so much British TV that I needed a scone – even though I’ve only had a couple in my whole life. I had the ingredients for these simple Chocolate Chip Scones on hand, so I whipped them at 7:45 pm. No, it wasn’t a healthy choice, but it felt decadent and special, and they were SCRUMPTIOUS!


I didn’t wear a bra most of the week – now you know. It wasn’t a big deal because I didn’t go out most of the week until I had to run and pick up our tax papers, but the thought of putting on a bra was too much. This Lululemon sweatshirt dupe (Size XXL in Rose Red) from Amazon came in clutch – soft, cozy, and just big enough that I ran to the accountant’s office without anyone being the wiser that I was free-boobing it.

The rose red color was perfect match for my summer season color palette. Read about the color analysis here.


My other daughter-in-law’s sister contacted me a while ago to help her find a plus-size black and white outfit for her ministerial ordination in May. She found a dress before I found what was on my mind, but as I looked for shoes and accessories, I found this outfit and put this look together.

Shop this outfit

This black jumpsuit and a white blazer are simple enough and elegant enough to take someone from day to night. The polished style creates a look that says you’re stylish, confident, and authoritative, whether it’s styled with heels or a more sporty sneaker.

Even though she won’t be wearing it the night she is ordained, it would be perfect for any speaking engagement she has.


I haven’t forgotten about this being Holy Week. For me, this is the most thought-provoking spiritual week of the year. It’s sad, brutal, and joyful at once. How can it be?

Because we know the ending, we know that hell and death were defeated! We know that with Jesus’s death, the veil was torn, allowing us all access to God and his atonement for our sins.

And Jesus cried out again
with a loud voice and
yielded up his spirit.

And behold, the curtain
of the temple was torn in two,
from top to bottom.
And the earth shook, 
and the rocks were split.

Matthew 27: 50-51 ESV

Happy Easter – HE IS RISEN!

Here’s one of my favorite songs for your encouragement.


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  1. Regina P

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter! And praying you get back to feeling 100%. Especially with that glorious weather on your doorstep! The shrimp fajitas look delish! I keep your sausage tortellini soup recipe on repeat here. Everyone loves it! Question on the dupe sweatshirt. It looks short on the model. Is it? I’m long waisted, so I like something that hits mid hip. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! ✝️ ⛪️

    • Paula

      Thanks Regina. I’m shorter waisted and I’d say the XXL hits about an I ch be glow my hip bone… so it does run a little on the shorter side. However, if following any of Melissa Murrell’s styling ideas, a while tee showing underneath not only looks stylish but would cover any length concern.

      Happiest of Easter’s to you!


  2. Judy Hunter

    Happy Easter! He Arose!

    • Paula

      YES! 🙌 Praise Him! Praise Him!


  3. Charlene Burroughs

    Happy Easter!

    I printed out the scone recipe and will give it a try.

    The sweatshirt looks cute and may just find it’s way into my Amazon cart…LOL!

    Feel better soon……..

    • Paula

      I think the sweatshirt worth a try Charlene. It Durant feel polyester to me which is a giant plus!


  4. L A Sutch

    I have just started to follow you, which is quite a compliment since I don’t follow many people on websites. 😊 I am inspired by your candor, faith and love for your family.
    There is something so refreshing reading about someone who is honest with who they are, and where they are in life.
    I especially like that you embrace your body and flaws, which we all have 👍. It’s so refreshing not to see people who live the “perfect lives” in their” perfect bodies” 😆.
    Wishing you the very most heartfelt joy this holiday season. Happy Easter to you and your lovely family.

    • Paula

      Hey Lady, your words have blessed my socks off today. There are certainly days when I think, “why would anyone want to see what I wear?” But then it’s comments like yours which remind me, that more of the world looks like us than the popular perfectly polished and toned “insta beauties”. We are the majority and we need representation. I hope to do us proud. 😘

      Happy to have you here!


  5. Sherry

    HE is Risen!!!

    (Love your blog and how transparent you are about being a Christian!

    • Paula

      Hey Sherry!

      I don’t know how to be quiet about my faith. It’s my identity and I don’t want to separate that from what I do or what I talk about.

      I simply don’t know how people get by in life without it!


  6. Gayle M

    He is risen, indeed! Happy Easter, Paula. I was so excited to run across your blog that I immediately signed up for your newsletter–no disappointment! Being fluffy myself but over 70, you are an inspiration to me. Looking forward to each and every one of your newsletters. The outfit you pulled together is not only fashionable and flattering, it’s versatile as well–my kind of dressing. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  7. Happy Easter, Paula! I am always, always thinking of Mary during Holy Week and especially on Good Friday. Can you even imagine what she was feeling? I know she knew, to a degree, what was going to happen, but her mother’s heart must have been breaking.

    Hug and love on those grands all you can. Mine have grown up, and two of the three don’t really love the hugging that much anymore. My youngest still gives me all the hugs, but she’s not far behind the older two. Grandchildren are the absolute best, aren’t they?

    That scone recipe looks delicious, but I’m trying something new. I’m calling it the 10 day diet. I’m going to try to stick to my diet (not really specific, just watching portion control and what it is going in my mouth) for 10 days. Then, I’ll reward myself with something (NOT food). I’ll then go another ten days. I figure I can do anything for ten days, right? I think you always look so wonderful in your photos, though. I just look like a zucchini wearing clothes. Up until two years ago, I never had a stomach protrude like this (not counting the pregnancy years) so I’m a bit flummoxed by that. I’m sure it’s what the cool kids call insulin resistance. I’m watching the carbs and trying to get in as much protein as possible.

    Anyway, enough blathering on! Something about your blog posts always has me thinking I’m just talking to my neighbor across the fence!

    Have a fabulous week!


    • Paula

      “A zucchini wearing clothes” 😅 – Girl, you crack me up! We do all the hugging and cuddling we can. I know it ends, it did with my kids. Although, I will say, the son who just moved away was our hugger… he never fails to hug when he comes in and when he leaves. He’s such a blessing to us.

      Hugs to you too!

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