DIMPLES DIARY Week of 2-13-23


After almost a year of trying to deal with a knee injury which I have no idea how it occured, I had knee surgery on Tuesday. I’m sure you will all be happy when I eventually stop complaining about it. Honestly, I will too!

Besides fixing my meniscus, the surgeon said I had substantial arthritis in that knee. Perhaps that’s why, despite his assurance that I’d walk out being full weight bearing, I was bawling with pain and took nearly 30 minutes to get inside my house. At one point I was bent over from the waist, over the three garage steps, putting my full weight on my hands so I could drag my injured leg up without putting weight on it.

It was a sight to behold, I’m sure. But, I finally made it to the recliner and then reached out to my peeps to pray. Because, how was I going to get to the bathroom?!?!

I’m thankful to God for His healing power and grace and Mr. Dimples for running to CVS to get some crutches. I was back on my feet the next day.


On Thursday evening, my son and his wife brought dinner and a cute baby to cuddle. He’s a beautiful baby, and he’s starting to look at us and coo when he’s spoken too. But he’s one of those who doesn’t quite snuggle unless he’s fast asleep. He likes to stiffen up and arch backward, it’s his resting pose.

Does anyone else have a baby who likes to do that? 

My daughter-in-law took him to the chiropractor, who said his back was likely a little wonky from delivery. They think he’s been a bit less stiff since then and he fell asleep in my arms so there were plenty of kisses and cuddles to be had.

Oh how I’ll miss them when they move! It’s t-minus two weeks.


On Monday night, I made a yummy garlic butter sauce with sundried tomatoes and tossed it with Rana Lobster Ravioli that I pick up whenever I get to Costco. It’s as simple as a quarter cup of butter with minced garlic, some chopped sundried tomatoes (packed in oil), and a squirt of lemon juice. Drool! 

I also cut up some grapefruit the way The Mister’s grandmother used to and mix in a heaping tablespoon of sugar per four grapefruits to help cut the acidity. Having a bowl of fresh citrus prepped and ready to eat this time of year feels right.


Do you know what else feels right this time of year? A simmering pot of fresh potpourri to make the house smell so GOOD. And one of my favorite recipes includes the peel of grapefruit. See what I did there?  😉

Having the house smell fragrant is so good for our mental health especially when we’re cooped up in the house either because of weather or for health reasons.  



I watched Your Place or Mine on Netflix starring Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher. It was a sweet romantic comedy that ends happily; just the way I like it. The hubs always jokes that I like a story that wraps up neatly and is tied in a sweet little bow. This one fits the bill without being sappy-sweet.


sweater XL || blouse (old) similar || booties || jeans (old) similar; similar plus

I am a terrible “influencer” because when I wear the cutest outfits, I always fail to get a photo, as was the case on Sunday. I intended to put it on later in the week and snap a photo, but since I wasn’t able to shower until Friday and haven’t worn makeup all week, a collage will just have to do.

This outfit with trouser-style jeans and the puff-sleeve sweater made me feel put-together but not overdone. I received a few compliments, and one of them was from the Mister.



Anna || 2. 718 || 3. Walk of No Shame || 4. Soft Plum || 5. Rhubarb || 6. Bibeste || 7. Black Honey || 8. Coy

I edited my lip products this week and didn’t quite get to my goal of keeping only five lipsticks. Ultimately I probably only need three lipsticks plus a tinted lip balm and a couple of pencils. But this exercise made me realize two things: 

I buy entirely too many lipsticks! 

And I buy nearly the same shade of lipstick every single time! 🤭 

Would anyone be interested to know how I narrowed it down from 30+ lipsticks to these eight?


one || two || three || four

Okay, my spending freeze is over, and I didn’t do too badly. However, moving forward and feeling the desire to simplify my life, I’m definitely shopping a bit more intentionally. I took my own advice from, How to Have a Successful Spending Freeze, took note of some gaps in my closet, and, ordered a few pairs of platform sneakers to try on. 

Since I’ve also been having a painful issue with my heel/ankle, I ordered a pair of FitFlop slippers. They are ugly, but I thought I give them a try since they are supposed to be built on the same platform as the FitFlop LuLu sandal. I basically live in those ALL SUMMER LONG. 


In last week’s diary, I talked about a post from Allie B. Stuckey and how, if we aren’t careful, we can be led astray by even those labeled as Christian speakers when they become too entrenched in popular culture.

I didn’t ask her if I could use this but since she  posted it as a public comment, here’s what Gina D. had to say on the matter:

“It’s like that “Jesus Gets Us” movement. They want to normalize Jesus as a man who understands them in order for people to be okay with whatever life they choose. While Jesus was a man – He was also God. A God who loves us unconditionally, but will also judge our sin. Which is why He died on the cross so we could have forgiveness and eternal life instead of death like we deserve. It’s a very concerning movement. And a perfect example of “itching ears”. Our world needs God desperately!”

Beautifully articulated, Gina.

So many people, including Christians, are using grace as an excuse to sin instead of what God’s grace provides –  an escape from having to sin. 

I think what we have in our current culture is a crisis of truth—calling evil good and good evil for the sake of making everyone feel good about themselves. It’s confusing the definition of sin and trying to fit God into our idea of Christianity instead of being set apart, holy, and having our lives model God. 

Okay, I’ve rambled on long enough.

You have an amazing weekend and I’ll talk to you soon.


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  1. tami

    heal quickly from your knee surgery 🙂

    • Paula

      Thank you Tami. I’m doing well right now.


  2. I hope you soon ditch the crutches and are cuddling all of your grandsons! I am dreading replacing my knee, but I know it’s in the future. I really like this format, Paula! Your ravioli looks so yummy! I wish I liked grapefruit…it ranks up there with bananas!

    As for the sinning, I talk to God every night about what His plan is for us. I have been questioning so much lately. I’m writing a mini-retreat for my church and am so afraid I’ll say something wrong! Thanks for this!


    • Paula

      Hey Marsha, thank you! I’m really getting around well and have t needed the crutches since the am first night. The doctor says now that i got the meniscus fixed, even with the arthritis I should have a lot of years left on that knee. 😄

      I’ll be praying for you Marsha. Commit the work to the Lord, and He will bless it.


  3. kristin

    I don’t know how many lipsticks I have. If count sample ones I have and use 10 plus. I keep trying to find the perfect color and moisturizing in the same tube. Alas I have found one or the other so I am still looking. or actually 4 years back I found one made of coconut butter that was great color and moisturizing but it melted out of shape. Anyways that is one reason I have multiples. But to get to your question of how many do I think I should have??? Definitely 1 for winter color 1 for summer color, 1 for purse. So that gets me to 3 that I love. MMMMMM I will keep thinking on it.
    I like the pictures you took of wearing the color. I should do that too! I definitely have more then I need.
    Wishing you full knee recovery!

    • Paula

      I’m the same, Kristin, always searching for the perfect color which is what got me to a massive amount. Since having my colors analyzed, I know I’m looking for cool, muted tones. But I’d like to get to 3 basic ones – a Berry tone, a more plum tone, and then something with a little pink. Then I want a sheer everyday lip balm.

      Thanks so much. I’m getting around well.


  4. Regina P

    Hi Paula, I’m late to the party, as usual! Prayers to you for a speedy recovery from your knee surgery and that you get the relief you need! Funny about your lipstick purge, I was just looking at mine! I have a clear acrylic case that the tubes standup in. 10 of them and apparently I think I need it filled! Not counting my pencil style ones. I’m one of those that think I need to match my lips to my top! Well that needs to stop! I’m aiming for a total of around 10, to include the lip balms and gloss ones. Maybe I can whittle that down even more but for now, 10 is a good number to start with!
    There’s nothing like a little one to snuggle with! I had my 10 month old great niece all day Friday. Without a pack n play, I had to hold her for her nap times, which meant I had a few nap times! You that story!
    Prayers to you for a good week!

    • Paula

      Thanks Regina! I’m doing really well… I think. 😉

      Happy week!


  5. Maryanne


    I’m praying for quick healing!

    I guess I’m in the minority of women because I have never worn lipstick, so I don’t own any. I do like Blistex/Chapstick/Carmex, though, and I have those stashed all over the place!

    • Paula

      I got into wearing lipstick – sometimes, when we lived in Alabama for a short time. It seemed like all the ladies there wore the same shade of BRIGHT! I was sure they shipped it down by the ton. 😂 But, even though my lips have lost natural color as I’ve gotten older, I really prefer a more natural look too.

      Paula 💋

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