Does the FASTer Way to Fat Loss REALLY Work?

A 54-year old Fat Girl’s FASTer Way to Fat-loss Review

Going Back on My Word but Getting My Groove Back

Friends, I have a confession to make; I’m on a “diet”of sorts. Why is this a big deal? Because not long ago, I spoke out a little, shall I say, passionately against the diet industry and in particular about the program I have embarked upon. And I’ve proclaimed 892 times that I’ll never go on a diet again. No one is more surprised than I am about this turn of events.

So today I want to share an honest review of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss and tell you if my preconceived ideas were accurate. And I’ll let you know what changed my mind as well as share my results so far.

If you’re at all intrigued about the program or my breakdown that led me to throw caution to the wind and jump back on the “diet” wagon after all these years, keep reading.

An honest review of the faster way to fat loss  ||  invest in your health  ||  take steps to change your body composition

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What Changed My Mind about Dieting

I started dimples on my WHAT? in part because I was making peace with my ever-changing body and increasing weight. Because happiness isn’t about what size we wear and we can look great at any size!

But, I am at my all-time highest weight, over 230 pounds, and muscle tone was a thing of the past. My clothes fit but were getting uncomfortable. And honestly, for all the confidence I preach about, I felt terrible about myself.

Then I had a mini-breakdown. I was overwhelmed with my weight, “standing my so-called moral ground” about never going on a diet again, and major technical problems with my computer. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen the post where I even cried on the phone with the computer tech. Ugh! It was the perfect storm that created such great angst in me that I signed up for the latest and greatest and diet.

So on a whim, I signed up for NOOM.

Wait. What? You’re probably thinking, “Isn’t this a review of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss? Yes! But this is the truth so hear me out. Just two weeks before joining FWTFL I started NOOM.

What does NOOM Have to Do with this Review?

NOOM ended up being EVERYTHING I HATE about dieting! You are supposed to weigh yourself EVERYDAY. The scale is not my friend, and while it shouldn’t make or break my day – it does.

And then if that weren’t enough, the calorie restriction was EPIC. My calorie budget on NOOM was 1200 calories. That might work on The Biggest Loser, but it doesn’t work for me and it’s not sustainable.

I was so stressed and angry at myself. I canceled the program before the two-week trial was even finished. But in the end, it served as the antithesis of the Faster Way to Fat Loss, and it made the comparison easy.

An honest review of FASTer Way to Fat Loss || Invest in your health || My Results from FASTer Way to Fat Loss
If I could tape my bat-wings up, I wouldn’t have to do this! 😉

Why I Said Yes to the FASTer Way Instead of Others

During the second week of the NOOM trial, a Faster Way to Weight Loss coach, Lauren, reached out to me about trying their program. Oh, friends, after my first diatribe response to her email, I’m surprised Lauren kept talking to me.

But, you know what? The FASTer Way to Fat Loss really hones in on our mindsets about nutrition and fitness. I’m sure Lauren could hear the stress and confusion and probably a little anger surrounding my attitude toward “diets.

In fact, the FWTFL puts an emphasis on achieving optimal energy through the proper fueling of our body and pairing nutrition with exercise for optimal healing. Calorie deprivation can mess with our hormones BIG TIME! And I’m already a hormonal mess.

And it was Lauren’s knowledge about the program, gentle nudging, and acknowledgment of my “diet anxieties” that led me to sign-up. What did I have to lose, right?

What I Like About this Program

Okay, let me keep this to the point and list the things I dig about the program.

  • No calorie deprivation – I don’t even count calories
  • The focus on non-scale victories
  • I feel STRONGER already
  • No weighingever, if I don’t want to
  • Most days are loaded with CARBS! There are two low carb days, but knowing I can have carbs the rest of the week – I’m a happy girl 🙂
  • The emphasis on eating to individual nutrition goals instead of focusing on what not to eat
  • I can do all my workouts in the comfort of my home – even in front of the Christmas tree 😉 AND, they are 30 minutes or less, 5 days a week!
  • The exercises can be tailored to my physical limitations – remember, I tore my meniscus a while back
  • Having a coach or coaches to encourage me and offer encouragement on the daily
  • The focus on whole food nutrition – no shakes, pills, specialty products, or weird food
  • I love the FWTFL mantra – Progress Over Perfection!

Speaking of exercise, you can find my FAVORITE SPORTS BRAS in this post

Have I Been Able to Stick to it?

Yes, I have stuck to the program. And no, every day has not been perfect. In fact, most days, I don’t hit all my goals, and by goals, I mean, I struggle to eat enough. Yeah, you read that right!

I’m still struggling with a daily addiction to soda. But I’m working through it and set my own goals regarding limiting my intake, and I always include it when I track my nutrition.

I was even sick in the duration of this 6-week program and ate little to nothing except a few Goldfish crackers and ginger ale. And all the while I was being encouraged to rest and do what felt go for me to heal my body.

Change your mindset and invest in your health  || Fluffy 54-year old tries FASTer Way to Fat Loss, read about her results.

Is it a Diet or a Lifestyle?

Lots of programs claim to be a “lifestyle.” But can a person really give up carbs or pizza forever? Not this person! That’s not my lifestyle.

Sure, I’ve had to change a few things and am still striving to create better habits. But my old habits weren’t getting me anywhere but into bigger pants.

However, the beauty of The FASTer Way to Fat Loss or any program that will become a lifestyle is that life has to fit into it. And the FWTFL fits into life without taking over. Well, except for giving you the energy, strength, and confidence to rock your life.

And the RESULTS are In!

+ I’m not entirely through my first 6-weeks, but besides the days I spent sick in bed, I’ve only needed one nap. That’s big for me, a nap queen!

+ I feel stronger and can begin to see some muscle definition in my arms. Pretty soon, like yesterday, I need to buy a few more substantial weights.

When beginning FWTFL, we are told not to weigh ourselves after the first time. Because the scale is a liar and it doesn’t give us an accurate measure of all the success we’ve had. Energy, body composition changes, being about to bend over to tie your shoes, or play with your littles are all examples of victories that have nothing to do with the scale.

+ But it’s been ingrained in us to need to use that as a measure of success. I don’t know exactly what I weigh today, but I do know I’m under that 230 mark.

+ However, I’ve lost inches! YES indeed, already!!! About four inches total in my hips, waist, and bust, an inch and a half off my hips alone. It may not seem like much, but it’s a good start.

+ But the most significant change so far has been my mindset. I’m not angry or depressed but I feel empowered because I decided to INVEST in MYSELF.

A Word About the Scale

Scales don’t tell us the whole story and in essence, don’t mean anything. Take my sister and me as an example. She and I could both weight 150 pounds and we would look entirely different because our builds and height are so different from each other.

She’s tall and lanky and has bird legs and no butt. I, on the other hand, got a triple portion of booty-pop and the calves of a football player. I like to say that after I came out (the oldest) there was none left for anyone else – and they’d really like a little junk in their trunks. Sorry, Guys!

You can see my sister and me together in A Walk-a-Day Fitness Challenge.

It’s a Doable Program for You and Me

I hope you realize by now that I’m about as transparent as they come. The FASTer Way to Fat Loss has its challenges, but change doesn’t happen without challenge. There’s fasting involved, and while it’s not excruciating, I’m still getting used to it and trying to tighten up my fasting window.

I don’t always love tracking my food, but it has caused me to consider everything I put into my mouth and be more mindful of the value of quality nutrition I’m eating.

It’s also shown me how much I just grabbed handfuls of chocolate chips or other snacks without realizing it. And while I’m not skinny, nor do I ever see myself getting “skinny” again, I plan to keep going.

I’ll be checking in to let you know how it’s going with me. But if you’re feeling like I did or worse, I’d love for you to join me and let me know what you think.

FASTer Way to Fat Loss review - Does it work?  ||
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Want to Change Your Life?

If you’re on the fence about starting, let me say I think the daily workout videos and personal coaching alone are worth it. But, there’s also so much to be gained in knowing you’re finally taking charge of your health.

The cost is a bit salty, but consider it an investment in your future. Being smaller won’t make a sad person happy, but there’s a positivity that comes from making choices that are good for you.

The cost is $199 for the 6-week program. Before you immediately say, “I’m out”, hear me out. You’ve read this far so you’re obviously intrigued or want to find something to make a change in your life. Let me tell you what you get for your investment.

  • A customized nutrition program for your exact nutritional needs. Remember no deprivation!
  • A 6-week meal plan (You can either follow to the letter or only use it to give you ideas of what to eat.)
  • Workout videos throughout the entire program can be done at home or in the gym and in 30 minutes or less. There are also low impact variations of each exercise. It’s like having a personal trainer for 6 weeks.
  • Weekly coaching calls/videos to educate you on important aspects of nutrition, fitness, and mindset.
  • A personal FASTer Way to Fatloss Coach, yours will be Lauren, who will help you with anything you might be struggling with. And she’s a great encourager! If she can handle me, she can handle you. 😉
  • Accountability. You will be part of a small private Facebook group with people who are doing the exact same as you.

If You’d Like to Join

Lauren’s next session starts right after Thanksgiving, on December 2. At first, I thought, why would anyone want to start a program during the holidays? But then I realized, it’s the perfect time to start taking control of your health and nutrition and put a stop to holiday weight gain.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get to January first and not only not have gained weight, but have more muscle mass and a jump start on any resolutions you might have made?

And if not now or you want to ask for a session for Christmas, pin this post for later. Or mark your calendars because she has another session starting after Christmas. I’ll pop back on and remind you too. 😉

To join, click FASTer Way Button below

Try the FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program

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An honest review of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program by a 54 year old, fat girl.

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  1. Heide V

    How you end up feeling both about yourself and your new energy levels is worth it all, isn’t it?! SO happy for you, and that the joy is coming back into your life…. darned if I have yet found a way it does without involving some discipline 🤨😂 Cheering you on from Canada!

    • Paula

      Right?!?! Discipline is hard anyway you look at it.
      Hope you’re having a fantastic day! Hugs,

  2. Anne

    I tried it but went into full blow panic! Intermittent fasting was horrible, and so much change so fast. Just couldn’t keep up. I’m glad you like it, though.

    • Paula

      I know that panic feeling. I should have said that I first stayed out with panic too. I wake up HANGRY most days and would rather start eating earlier but then I would be finished eating before the dinner hour with The Hubs. I’ve powered through, but some days I don’t make it the 16 hours. Like anything it’s finding what works for YOU! Maybe fasting 16 hours isn’t but 12 is.
      On a side note: Studies have shown that a 12-14 hour fasting window for women is effective without messing with our stress hormones. Just an FYI… and it sounds more doable. So essentially cut off nighttime eating. 😉


    • Lauren

      Hi Anne! How long ago did you try the program? They have since revamped the 6 week program to onboard a lot slower so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Also, easing into intermittent fasting is a great idea. Let minnow if you have any questions I can answer for you 🙂

  3. Linda Harris

    Is there a refund policy if you find you don’t like this program? I have been thinking about it for some time now.

    • Paula

      I imagine there some sort of policy but I’m not sure. Let me check.

      I will say that there are options for everyone with the program and it’s adaptable to your tastes and physical limitations. And it’s also progressive, you don’t have to change everything right off the bat. It’s gluten and dairy free (but I haven’t been religious about it) and there’s nothing “yucky” in the food choices. Last night I made hamburger parties with gravy (made with corn starch) over brown rice with green beans. And I had potatoes with breakfast.

      But I said all that to say, I’ll get back with you in the refunds policy, but if you click that link it takes you to an information page. It might be in there. 😁

      Talk to you soon!


    I am all for healthy life style. I love reading your journey! Thanks for being open and honest where you are at.
    I follow the health plan of “Trim Healthy Mama”. I don’t know if you have heard of it. But it is based on food freedom. It is about how God created all food and eating it the way our bodies can process it. There is no counting calories! The main principal is based on how the body processes food. So their premise is to separate carbs from fats and always have protein with every meal and snack. The way I knew I could do this plan for life was their dessert section in the book! They have healthy desserts. This is the shortened description. I could go on about it, because I am passionate about it. I listen to their weekly podcasts, buy recipe books, look up recipes on pinterest, I am one of 75,000 people who follow them on FB, I do their workout videos……

    • Paula

      That’s AWESOME Kristin! The key is finding the thing that YOU can incorporate into and make a lifestyle and it sounds like you have found it. Another awesome cookbook fur clean eating is Instant Loss (she’s in Insta too). Brittany lost over 100 pounds by cooking real food primarily in her instant pot abs the recipes are family friendly.

  5. Carol Granger

    Paula, You’ve given me something to seriously think about over the holidays. I can honestly say that with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up there is no chance in h— that I can consider starting a weight loss program until after the first of the year. I also am at my highest weight ever and don’t have any pants/jeans that fit so I continue to wear my summer dresses over tights/jeggings/leggings which has worked thus far with our warm November weather. But I refuse to buy anything until I can fit in the new fall clothes I purchased prior to ballooning out! I’m so happy for you to have started your FASTer Way program and pray you continue to see results while not feeling deprived!

  6. Karlee

    Hey Paula, Thanks so much for your report on this program. I have read a lot about it and am interested. I am wondering if if is possible to participate if you are not on FB? I have taken myself off and don’t want to re-join.

    • Lauren

      Hi Karlee! A lot of it is run through Facebook- I do have some people that really don’t want to be on FB- I usually have them create a ‘dummy’ account so they can participate in the group and get the full training/accountability! And then delete it when the round is over 🙂 or we can talk about some other options if you’re interested

    • Stephanie

      Hey, Karlee! Yes! You can do FWTFL without being on Facebook! You’ll get daily emails with information and guidance and check-in emails from your coach!

  7. Gina D from Texas

    I’ve been considering FWTFL for a while but still on the fence about it. If it were just me and my husband I’d probably be more likely to try it. But my daughter, who is going through a divorce, and our grandchildren live with us – and probably will for a while. In your opinion how hard do you think it would be to stay with it while having to consider them in our meal planning? I also work outside the home so the intermittent fasting part seems like it might be more difficult than for those who work from home. 🤷‍♀️

    • Paula

      Gina, It’s essentially clean eating with healthy lots healthy carbs. It offers food freedom so it totally family friendly. In fact, both Lauren and Aubree (the will both teach & coach in the FB group) have young families and offer family friendly meal ideas. You can always ask them for specific ideas.

      Intermittent fasting is something to get used to no matter where we work. 😉 But one thing I didn’t mention is that although you get all the information on the front end, the six week program eases us in to every component of the plan.

      And just between you and I and anyone who reads this, 😉 I still plan for my soda every day but the two low carb days. Because I don’t see myself giving it up forever. I’m making it mine. 😁

      I said all of this to say, YOU CAN DO IT!

      Mwah 💋

      • Gina D from Texas

        Is there a way to contact Lauren directly with additional questions?

  8. Kathy

    Loved reading your views on this program. I didn’t think I could do it at my age 64, so tried it on my own for 4 weeks first. I did get a little light headed the first 2 weeks but after 4 weeks I lost more than I had been able to in the last 5 years. So I joined and have now lost over 15 lbs in 12 weeks. I cannot do the exercise yet, but hope to be able to after a surgery. One thing your post didn’t touch on , is the many health benefits of fasting. I can’t imagine not continuing with this as it is basically just skipping breakfast and eating more food than you can believe. Good luck keep going it gets better every week.

    • Paula

      That’s so great for you Kathy. I could have written a book about the measures I’ve taken to lose weight in the past as well as how I gained weight doing all. the. things. that kept me thin. But between breast implants and life disrupting my adrenals and hormones, on top or regular menopausal stuff, nothing worked.

      I may cover intermittent fasting in a subsequent results post but it’s not something I love about the program which was my main focus in this one and sharing what makes it work for me. I wake up hangry almost daily because I’ve always eaten a big breakfast early. But l, if I had an early eating window, my husband and I wouldn’t eat dinner together. So I’m taking one for the team. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ll come back.


  9. Laura

    I so relate to this. I am at my highest weight ever, I am tired and feel horrible about myself. I have Hashimotos and it has been a struggle since I was diagnosed a couple years ago. I used that for an excuse for a long time..but I know its me..I am making bad choices and I am being lazy.
    My husband and I are committing to get back to working out and eating healthier food.
    I think you need to do what makes you feel good about yourself. And also look ahead to being healthy for the future.

    • Paula

      It is really hard to make better choices when we feel drained from health issues, it’s just one more thing to deal with. I know as I have a different auto-immune disease, ulcerative colitis and before I had my breast implants removed I struggled with overall unwellness (which can mimic other auto-immune diseases). But even small changes, like an evening walk, can make us feel like we’re putting ourselves on “our list”. And then it can be like a snowball effect. 😉

      All the well wishes for a healthy new year!

  10. MaryAnn Whalen

    I am currently doing FWTFL and going into the 3rd week. While I have not found it difficult to use whole foods, eliminate dairy and gluten, I sometimes find I don’t eat enough in a given day. My biggest challenge is knowing that the scale (yes I weigh daily) has not moved in 2 weeks. However, I do see a reduction in belly fat (a big problem for me since I am T-II Diabetic), and my energy level and sleep patters are much better, but I feel I signed on for more and I’m a bit disappointed . Every aspect of medicine is related to body weight. Every remedy in medicine for body conditions is to ‘lose weight’ whether for diabetes, arthritis, spinal or knee issues, etc. etc. If you have a body composition analysis, the first thing done is getting weighed. My coach is a lovely lady (I know her personally) and she has lost @25 pounds, so I figured my intended 10 pound loss should not be a big problem. I was wrong.

    I plan to stick it out for the 6 weeks, but I am hard pressed to say FWTFL is better than any other plan out there with WW being the first tried and true plan for results.

    I would love your thoughts because your writing was very insightful. Thank you, MAW

    • Paula

      Good for you for going the distance MaryAnn. I haven’t I fell off during the holidays and could never get back in the groove. Unfortunately, I still see the process as diet mentality and feeling like a failure because I don’t see success is a big strong hold for me. While I loved the exercise portion of the program, $80-$100 a month is not maintainable long term in my budget.

      However, let me say this to you, if it isn’t a problem for you and you’re are in a groove of tracking, don’t stop. Continue to remember that you are making much better choices for your health especially with Type II Diabetes. I would strongly encourage you to stop weighing as the scale is liar. Think about it this way; if you never knew what you weighed and you saw your belly fat decreasing, your blood sugar levels were getting better, and you felt better, would you feel successful? I’d say yes. If the scale is the thing making you feel it’s not working, then eliminate it, at least for now. Give yourself the rest of the program without it and keep watching the non-scale victories.

      I need to write an update about my journey, but i don’t want to deter people if this is the program that clicks with them. I think it has its benefits and it can teach us how to better use food to fuel our bodies for all they need to do. And yes, i agree, good is medicine, for good or bad. . 😄 I hoped that helps you. Let me know how you do.


  11. Kim

    I loved ready your story. This program works! I’m 64, and started at 234 lbs on 1/11/21. Twelve weeks in I’ve lost 34 lbs and over 20 inches. I have done every diet in the book. The only other time I lost 35 pounds was on WW, but it took me over eight months to do it. I cannot say enough about FWTFL if you are looking for a nutritionally sound lifestyle with health coaches and personal trainers to guide you on a daily basis. It is worth every penny.

    • Paula

      That’s wonderful Kim – Way to go!


  12. Dorothy

    Hey FWFL Sister! I joined 6 months ago and it’s the best thing I have ever done in my life! I was in here looking for something else and say this. I just wanted to jump in her and support you. I’m not one to make these wonderful posts or beautiful pages but u can tell the truth about something I believe in . I’m an 61 years i old and have lost 31 lbs abs 24.5 inches in this short time. I am happy about that, but even more happier about no longer having inflammation not hurting! I feel good!!I I have the same links too but it’s not about the perks but about sharing how someone else can feeling good I’m your own skin. ! I wish I knew about this and it was around 40 years ago. Try it! You will never be the same! Blessings to you!

    • /

      That’s incredible! So happy for you! Let me know if you ever have questions!

  13. Ann Marie

    Hi… im
    Thinking of joining. Just wandering how things go when you stop the program? Or do you maintain on your own? Thanks…. I enjoyed your post!

    • Paula

      Hi Ann Marie!

      In full transparency, I did not stuck with the program long term and didn’t do well maintaining the habits I had when doing FWTFL. Perhaps if you did it longer than the 6 weeks and have better discipline than I do 😉 you’d do well. I also felt that the workouts were harder after the initial 6 weeks… a bigger jump than I expected.

      But, the personal coaching is great and if you like having your workouts in one place it’s like having a personal trainer in your living room.

      Best on your decision!

    • /

      Hi Ann Marie! I’m Paula’s FWTFL coach and would love to answer any questions you have. After the initial 6 weeks, you can choose to continue doing the components of the program alone, or you can join our VIP membership. The workouts are the same, with additional optional challenges. The app, workouts, meal guide, etc have all gotten a major upgrade since Paula participated! It’s very convenient, efficient and has completely healed my relationship with food and exercise. Feel free to email me- [email protected]

  14. /

    Can you be a member of this program if you are not on FB?

    • Paula

      Hi Karlee, perhaps Lauren will weigh on for sure, but yes, I believe you can be a member without Facebook since they have an app now. And Lauren is very good about emailing you.


    • /

      Yes you can still join without Facebook 👍🏼

    • Hi Karlee, wanted to follow up with you and see if you had any further questions for me! My next group starts 7/31 and this week is a free prep week. I’m happy to work with you outside of Facebook! Have a great day!

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