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Kimono-ver and See My Summer Uniform

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This month’s Ageless Style Link Up has us channeling our inner flower child and elevating our wardrobe with flower power. I can’t think of an easier and more spring/summer friendly style than a floral kimono. In fact, looking back at photos from last summer, I would have to say that a kimono over a t-shirt and jeans is my warm weather uniform.

Kimono / EASY summer style / Over 50 Fashion

I’ll be honest, most days I start out wearing some sort of athletic, stretchy pants whether I’m doing anything athletic or not.  Confession: I  usually end up just wearing it all day. I figure that I will either a.) Look the part or b.) Have the right attire on should I feel the urge to break into a killer workout. 😉

Since I’m eye-ball deep in moving boxes and drowning in remodel stress, I’m probably wearing some version of athleisure today too. And because I’ve been overwhelmed with the tasks involved in completing that project, cleaning out and packing 19 years of household accumulations; coupled with cruddy weather over the weekend – I’m pulling out some of shots from last summer. Proving that my wearing a kimono over pants is my tried and true comfort zone. 😉

Kimono Style

I had photos of many more variations of this same look, proving that throwing a kimono over any number of basics can be a uniform that’s anything but boring. It’s a simple style that looks fancy.

What could be easier than a favorite pair of jeans, a tank and a breezy kimono or topper? It’s feminine and flattering. And it covers any number of wobbly bits including bat wings, butts and gills (that’s what I call those back fat creases just under my bra band).

Kimono / Over 50 Fashion / Easy Summer Style

Kimono / Over 50 Fashion / Easy Summer Fashion

I’m eyeing up a couple of the kimonos linked below for my own kimono collection.

Tip: A tank or tee that skims but isn’t too loose keeps the look polished while still concealing some “trouble” spots. Plus, I don’t like ANYTHING to feel constricting – especially in the summer.

Summer Fashion / Kimono / Over 50 Fashion

Easy Summer Fashion / Kimono / Over 50 Fashion

It’s in the JEANS

I can’t speak highly enough of NYDJ – standing for Not Your Daughters Jeans. But don’t think they are for old ladies ladies! Even THE Ashley Graham wears them.  They have plenty of stretch and a high enough waist to eliminate muffin top. Both key elements of comfort to me.

I like the Clarissa ankle jeans and the Ami skinny jean (jeggings). Yes, I know they are a bit pricey but when you find your fit you’ll see why having a pair or two of great fitting jeans is better than having a multitude of denim that you’re constantly picking around.

Here’s to an easy breezy summer wearing kimono’s over everything from dresses, swimsuits, shorts, jeans…. I’m only hoping I can find my kimonos after the move. Maybe I should buy a cute one and have it delivered to the new address – just in case. 😉

Have you noticed that you have a go to uniform for summer?

Kimono Cuties


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    1. You are so adorable Paula, your pics make me laugh!!

      Your Fierce Sister

    2. /

      Hi Paula, I have heard great things about Nydj! I love the white look with this beautiful kimono! So pretty! One trend I do not have and I like the look very much. I’ll be by later to Linkup
      Have a great week

    3. /

      Both of these kimonos are Fabulous! Kimonos are the best for elevating basics. Love your cute photos, too!

    4. /

      Thanks for linking up to our Ageless Style Linkup party.

    5. /

      Love both kimonos on You and I have few I wear when the mood hits me. Enjoy!

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