The Kitchen Remodel in My Cedar Palace

Kitchen remodel ||  before and after kitchen remodel  ||  white kitchen

A Kitchen Remodel with Family in Mind

I’m finally getting around to sharing the photos from our kitchen remodel. It only took me three years. But I think you’ll be as amazed as we are with the results. You’ll find before-and-after photos of the kitchen in My Cedar Palace. And if I do say so myself, “WOW”!

We remodeled our Cedar Palace a few years ago, and it was one of the most significant projects we had ever taken on. That’s saying a lot because we’ve built four houses in our married life.

We hired a contractor for the remodel, so this wasn’t a DIY project. But it was a labor of love, love for our community, and the desire to find a more kid-friendly indoor and outdoor space for our family. 

It was an expensive and massive undertaking, but in the end, we created a home that has been great for our family. Keep scrolling to see the before, during, and after photos of the heart of our house, the kitchen. We think it’s a little better fit for our family now it sure smells a bit better than it did before. 😉

Read about the start of The Cedar Palace Remodel.

A Kitchen Remodel Starts with Space Planning

kitchen remodel

The original kitchen here was so small and closed in. It was almost a postage stamp of a square in a small house cut up into small rooms. The layout wasn’t conducive for entertaining or cooking for our large brood, which gets even larger when our family comes from out of town. 

floor plan for kitchen remodel

We had an architect draw up a new plan using the existing footprint (except for a 6’ bump-out on the master bath side of the house) for our new living space. Increasing the size and layout of the kitchen and living area was key to creating a kitchen that functions well even though it’s the walkway to all other areas of the house. 

Before & Afters & Details

I will include the photos from before the kitchen remodel above the photo of the remodeled space that’s close to the same vantage point if I have one.

before a beautiful kitchen remodel
before a massive kitchen remodel
before photos of a kitchen remodel
kitchen remodel in process  ||  remodeling process
white appliances in a farmhousse kitchen; white kitchen; remodeled kitchen; farmhouse kitchen; subway backsplash in kitchen; reclaimed wood range vent hood; hood vent painted dorian gray; reclaimed wood countertop; sherwin williams repose gray kitchen

Floors – Shaw Flooring LVP, Dandridge in the color Muslin

White Cabinets

I’ve seen lots of colored cabinets that I like, but I’m a white cabinet girl through and through. I had white cabinets in my previous house for 20 years and never got tired of them, so it was a no-brainer choice for me. 

Light and Bright Countertops

The countertops on the side cabinets are inexpensive quartz called London Sky. I chose to keep them low contrast with the cabinets and to keep the room lighter as it can be dark in there. 

Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors for Easy Cleaning

We had luxury vinyl plank flooring by Shaw Floors installed in all the common areas of the house. They make cleanup easy especially since we a pool and the Littles running through.

remodeled kitchen; farmhouse kitchen; subway backsplash in kitchen; reclaimed wood range vent hood; hood vent painted dorian gray; reclaimed wood countertop; sherwin williams repose gray kitchen
remodeled kitchen; farmhouse kitchen; subway backsplash in kitchen; reclaimed wood range vent hood; hood vent painted dorian gray; reclaimed wood countertop; sherwin williams repose gray kitchen

Reclaimed Wood Island Top

The 13’ reclaimed wood island top, made from 80-100-year-old barn floor joists, was crafted by a local wood-crafter. The original top was gorgeous. However, it was removed, stripped, and refinished because of a flaw in the topcoat. When it was returned it was the finish was shinier, it had less reclaimed detail like saw marks, and the shade of stain was off. It’s still pretty, but it’s not what I had in mind. 

There were mistakes made by them and by us in the acceptance of the refinished island top. We are currently in negotiations for a solution, one of which is a new reclaimed wood top. However, we will have to buy it at nearly full cost, and if that’s the case, I’ll be pricing out other countertop material as well. 

The island is the perfect size for the six IKEA Henriksdal counter-height stools. I like having the slipcovered seats because not only can they be washed, crucial for mac-n-cheese fingers and mouths (it’s happened), but I can change the color and style if I ever want. 

Range Vent Hood

The same local woodworker made our range vent hood cover and painted it Sherwin Williams, Dorian Gray, per my specifications. The detail of old nail heads and leaving the texture of reclaimed wood lends authenticity to this beautiful piece and keeps everything from looking brand spanking new. 

remodeled kitchen; farmhouse kitchen; subway backsplash in kitchen; reclaimed wood range vent hood; hood vent painted dorian gray; reclaimed wood countertop; sherwin williams repose gray kitchen

White Appliances

If you know me personally, you will quickly learn that I hate stainless steel appliances. And don’t even get me started on high-efficiency appliances. I know, everybody things stainless steel is so high-end, but with six Littles running around, won’t look high-end, it will look horrible, and this OCD girl can’t handle it. So when it came time to buy appliances for the kitchen remodel, once again, white was a no-brainer. 

However, I couldn’t find a white stove that didn’t look cheap, so I decided to go for a slide-in stainless oven with the controls on the front. I think it looks commercial with both the stainless steel finish. But I still cuss a little every time I’m trying to buff the smears off the stainless steel top.

DESIGN TIP: An oven with the controls on the front and without the tall back control panel looks more professional and designer even if you can’t afford (or don’t want) a cooktop and separate wall oven.

Open Shelves

I made the open shelves on the stove side to give me a bit more storage. They are simply two-by-eights cut to a length that I beat up using tools like nails, bolts, and hammers, and then I stained them. At some point, we may add cabinetry, or I may opt to paint the shelves if stained wood goes out of style. 

remodeled kitchen; farmhouse kitchen; subway backsplash in kitchen; reclaimed wood range vent hood; hood vent painted dorian gray; reclaimed wood countertop; sherwin williams repose gray kitchen

It’s Not Perfect, but It’s a Blessing to Us

The Cedar Palace is not a large house, but it’s our dream home. Mr. Dimples will often just look around and say, “This is my favorite house we’ve ever lived in.”  For many years we prayed for God to show us the perfect house for us. We are so thankful for God’s provision in our lives.

The only thing we kept that was original to the house was the fireplace in what’s now the dining area, although I think it’s much improved. That will be a post for another day. But we’ve tried to add character in small ways and as we could afford to because if you don’t know, “character” costs money. 😉 

In case you missed it, see the finished master bath here.

farmhouse kitchen remodel  || farmhouse sink

However, even though it’s not a perfect house, we are aware of how very blessed we are to get to live here. Our hearts are never as full as when that island is packed with Littles, or a couple of boys are bellied up to the farmhouse sink playing in the water. 

I’m Still Working on the (Fun) Details in My Remodeled Kitchen

There are still details I’m working on for this kitchen. Like, a bigger runner rug. I’m looking at a runner from Ruggable because I can wash it in the washing machine. (Another high-efficiency appliance I could rage about.) 

Help me Name the Laundry Room

And I’m trying to flush out some other touches like whether or not to add a detail above the microwave or what phrase I’d like to add to the glass on the reclaimed wood door to the laundry room. 

Sure, ordinary people would go with “Laundry,” and a slightly more fun person would choose “Launderette” since it’s a relatively small room. I have a thing for the number six (I wonder why?), so I thought of a simple “No. 6”. But right now, I’m leaning toward, “Servants Quarters” or “Downstairs Staff.” 

Can you think of an interesting word, title, or phrase to add to the laundry room door? Bonus points if it’s funny!

Things I Love for a Kitchen


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    Love love love it

  2. /

    This is INCREDIBLE!!!! It feels cozy, welcoming, and clean. I can just see all the grands sitting on those stools. I love the idea of slipcovers. Can’t wait to check out the rest

  3. Donna M

    Wow! Your kitchen is gorgeous! I could cook in it soooo comfortably! Oh, who am I kidding- I could even LIVE in it!! I love white, like you do. Not a stainless steel fan at all! As far as your Laundry Room- love the “Servants Quarters” idea!!

  4. Diane Sundberg

    Your kitchen looks cozy. It’s so nice!

    • Paula

      Thanks Diane. We’re hosting some of the littles tonight for “breakfast dinner”. The counter will be full.


  5. Paula,
    I just love your new kitchen!
    Wonderful and so inviting!


    • Paula

      Thanks Robin. It was definitely a labor of love. As you know, a remodel can be hard, but it was worth it.


  6. Gina P

    Absolutely stunning! Everything I’d ever want in a kitchen! And a wholeheartedly “yes” to the white appliances. We have a black refrigerator and I HATE it. A strong word, but sorry, that’s my feeling! Our old one died in the middle of the summer, so we ended up buying one that was instantly available that would fit in the space we had. I love, love the interior of it, but the outside, ugh! With our 4 littles, the black looks terrible ALL the time! Every single fingerprint shows and there are plenty at the end of the day! I love all the thought and character you put into your space. Good job!! 👍🏻

  7. What a sweet kitchen!! I love every bit of it (especially the white cabinets and appliances- hallelujah!). It would be fun to just write “staff” on the laundry room door. Or “suds room”.

    • Paula

      Ooo yeah, those are both fabulous ideas!

  8. Irene

    Love the remodel. You did a fantastic job. How about Duds & Suds Saloon.

  9. Jane aka Poogie.....

    WOW!! Just stunning! I could definitely do some major bad asss cooking in that gorgeous kitchen!! and there’s always “Laundromat”. And I like “Suds & Duds” as well. Have a blessed day!

    • Paula

      We could do “laundromat” with the sub-text “only US coins accepted”. 😉

      Thanks for the love!

  10. /

    Love this design Paula. I also have a thing for white cabinets. Enjoy. . . .

    • Paula

      Thanks Neti. We love it here.


  11. Kimbee

    Laundry room = “Loads” of Fun 😊

  12. Rita Wright

    Your kitchen is beautiful . Is the kitchen floor vinyl from Shaw too? I’ve had my eye on this for my sunroom .

    • Paula

      Yes it is Rita. We had it installed in all the main areas of the house and we LOVE IT! We opted for carpet in the bird rooms.

      Hope you find some to love,

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