An All-White Fall Outfit

How to Transition Your Summer Whites Into Fall

Would you dare wear white after Labor Day? If so, would you wear an all-white fall outfit? I definitely would. Today I’m going to show you how with a few cool weather add-ons you can wear your whites white, I mean, right into fall. 

Here in northern Indiana, we’re still holding onto summer with two sweaty fists. We may even be able to swim in the humidity. But, we’ve experienced a few whispered kisses of crisper air to whet our appetites for fall and all the goodness it offers. Some of you are drooling for pumpkin spice everything. But please don’t gasp (too loudly), I’m not a fan. Sure, I’ll take some pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie. Oh, and my daughter-in-law makes the best pumpkin cream cheese muffins. Gulp! But I take all my beverages, straight.

What I do look forward to are open windows and crisp fall air. Trees, fluorescent with leaves of reds, golds, and rust. Cozy cardigans and campfires. Speaking of cardigans, this one was the catalyst for creating this autumn worthy all-white look.

Fall Fashion || All White Fall Outfit || Full Figured Fashion || Over 50 Fashion


White Into Fall

 I’ve been planning this outfit since the postman dropped this beautiful Barefoot Dreams cardigan at my door. Lasts months Ageless Style Summer Whiteout challenge also had me brimming with ideas for white outfits whether for summer fall and maybe even winter. 

I think by now most people skip the old style rule that dictates no white bottoms or shoes until after Labor Day. Don’t you? I mean, the Austin Powers/Pee Wee Herman bright white bootie trend now has fashionistas busting them out all year long. But would you dare to don an all-white outfit?

Here’s how I made it work. Tone, texture, weight, and texture again. It’s that simple.


Layer in tones of white. The lyrics “A lighter shade of pale.” comes to mind. 😉

The cardigan is an oatmeal color. My older Loft tank is a buttery cream color, and my jeans are white. Like decorating your home in all white, if every white is the same bright white tone, the look will be austere and cold. It’s not wrong to wear matching whites. It’s a style all it’s own. However, I’m of the opinion that different layering shades of white is a softer, more pleasing palette and lends itself to cooler temps.

Fit note: When buying white jeans, look for fabrics with fewer stretch fibers in them. I still like a lot of stretch but that is strong enough to smooth the wobbly bits.

I am wearing these jeans in a size 16 and they are plenty large enough. However, after this photo shoot, I could detect too many lumps and bumps showing through on the front of the thighs. (I don’t want to know what the back looked like.) 😉 So I returned them. 

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Textures and Weight

Layer the weight of the fabrics. In the spring and summer, we lighten our clothes by wearing lighter, airier fabrics. They not only feel lighter they look it. I could wear my silky tank and jeans by themselves in warmer seasons. By adding the chunkier and heavier knit of the sweater I’m bulking up the look if you will.

Texture Again

Fall accessories add yet another layer of texture. Use leather, suede, felt, and wool-like fabrics to create richness in your all-white look. 

Fall Fashion || All White Fall Outfit || White after Labor Day || Full Figured Fashion || Plus Size Fashion || Fashion for Women Over 50

Sunglasses: J Crew Factory
Cardigan: Barefoot Dreamswearing XL
Denim: NYDJ Alina Ankle – wearing size 16
Booties: Eileen Fisher
Clutch:  Sole Society
Necklace: Etsy 
Belt: Old (Similar)

One word: BOOTIES. I can think of a lot of summery outfits that could be made fall-friendly just by adding booties. I did that with a cute summer dress here. Whether it’s a dress, jeans and a tank, or shorts, booties say “fall” to me. I can hear the leaves crunching under them now. If those booties are a beautiful neutral tone, like tan, taupe or even olive they can ground the all-white fall outfit.

Warm it Up With Accessories

Accessorize for autumn. I pretty much wear these same earrings all the time! To say I love them is an understatement.

When I was styling this look I realized I might need to get a new necklace or two. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but I love things that are simple, and I always like leather and suede pieces. Wouldn’t this look cool if the leather necklace was about as dark as the booties?

Fall Fashion || White After Labor Day || All White Fall Fashion

The hat is a fun addition to a fall outfit (similar hat, same brand). It can pull double duty to conceal a bad hair day. Or, it could cover your gray roots should you be growing out your natural color like I am. 😉 It’s getting to a hard stage, my friends. I hope I can stay strong.

So will you be clinging to the whites in your wardrobe a little (or a lot) longer? Could you think of a way to wear white all winter long? Maybe that’s my next challenge.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I’m still sweating it out ’til fall,


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  1. /

    Yes to this all white look, you wear it so very well my dear. I do wear white all year long and summer is usually in my city way after Christmas.

  2. I love this look. I don’t have white jeans because I can’t find a pair that doesn’t show all my lumps and bumps. I even kept a pr of capri’s that were plenty big because I thought after wearing them they would stretch even more but they still show too much.

    • Paula

      I know what you mean Victoria. This pair was like an x-ray machine showing cellulite that not even visible on the surface of my skin. 😉 I think one of the keys to finding a pair of white pants that don’t do that is to find some that have a higher cotton content than spandex or poly. The NYDJ Clarissa Ankle Jeans are my old favorite white jeans because of that. Unfortunately, they discontinued them.


  3. jodie filogomo

    I think this is a fabulous outfit…white is truly my go to especially for jeans any time of year. And as much as I don’t usually go monochromatic, after your prompt last month, I’ve been experimenting more and more with it!!

    • Paula

      Lucky for you Jodie, you don’t necessarily need monochromatic for the slimming benefits. Even so, I think there’s something very chic about a monochromatic look in any color.


  4. Jan Fusco

    I love it. Are your sizes “misses” or “womens”?

    • Paula

      Hi Jan!

      I wear both misses and women’s sizes depending on the cut and style. In these pieces, I’m wearing all misses. The cardigan in XL but this same style comes in plus as well. The pants I’m either wearing a 16 or 18. I find them in the NYDJ bottoms I can often size down depending on which style I choose. One of my favorite styles from them in the white is the Clarissa ankle jeans. However, I believe that has been discontinued.

      Hope that helps.

  5. Pam

    Great post! I now have some new idea for my white jeans once we get to October. I love the accessories too… I think I am going to have to venture out and buy a belt… they seem to be back in full force and none of my belts I wore 10 years ago will work today!😀

    • Paula

      I hear you Pam. I see other people sporting some cute belts. Then I head into my belt stash and realize I need to start searching out some cute ones. This one is really old but luckily it still fit. 😉

  6. Kristine

    Love this outfit! I have thighs to contain too☺️. For me JAG jeans in white are my favorite, they are a heavier weight denim much thicker than the NYDJ with only a little stretch. I have the ankle skinnny, straight and flare. The flares are my favorite, they look great with boots in the winter. I bought my JAG jeans at VonMaur and on Amazon.

  7. /

    I can’t tell you how much I adore this outfit! I will be replicating it ASAP!

  8. /

    Loved that jeans, it seems a good fit.
    There’s a web store with a lot of good ideas as well that a friend of mine started. They have plenty of phone cases and tote bags with creative artworks. The name is ArtishUp and one of their collections I think you may like is the Polka dot, you can find it here

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