Cardigan Crazy & Thoughts on Wearing Distressed Denim After 40

Ageless Style Linkup October Edition

The Ageless Style ladies are going bonkers for fall cardigans at this month’s Ageless Style Linkup party. It might still be too hot for bonfires and hot cider, but call us crazy because we busted out our cameras and cozy cardigans to snap some photos to inspire you for cozy times ahead of us.

I’m also spewing my opinions, shocking I know, about wearing distressed denim after the age of 40.

The Ladies of Ageless Style are a group of 10 bloggers over 40. On the first Tuesday of each month, we take one fashion theme and interpret it in our own unique way. We are proving that style has no age limit.

This month we welcome Andrea of Living on Cloud Nine as our co-host. She’s a fellow Hoosier and boy mom (I might be partial, but we’re a special breed). She’s loving God, her family and living her best life over 40.

Where did August go? It happened in a hot minute. BLINK, and it’s gone! We had a glorious Labor Day weekend around here. The Cedar Palace was brimming with the Littles and my sister and her family enjoying the pool and playing together. Although we are hoping that God smiles at us a bit longer because we have a certain 8-year-old hoping for a birthday pool party later this month, it was a perfect “farewell to summer” weekend.

Fall Cardigan || Full figured Fashion || Plus Sized Fashion || Fashion for women over 40

The Cardigan

It was so good in fact; I’m quite ready for one of my favorite seasons. “Fall, you’re my boo.” Honestly, I can’t stand it when someone uses boo as an endearment. What in the world does it even mean? But I digress.

Fall is my fave for a couple of reasons. Booties. Apple cider. Open Windows. And, cardigans.

This month I’m featuring this gorgeous Caslon cardigan from Nordstrom. It was love at first try on and it’s under $60. The texture is almost a waffle knit. It’s made with sweater yarn yet still light enough to wear now and in the spring too.

The full arms give this “sweater”  a kimono vibe. Because if this, I also ordered one for my mom, who struggles with lymphedema in her arm following her mastectomy. Because it’s light enough and wide enough she won’t be constricted or hot.

Fall Fashion || Caslon Cardigan || Fashion For Women Over 40 || Full Figured Fashion

Distressed Denim after 40 || Full Figured Fashion || Plus Sized Fashion || Fashion for women over 40

Distressed Denim After 40

“Keep it Classy San Diego.”

I paired the cardigan with a simple tank for the photo shoot day because it was over 70°. I chose to wear it with a pair of distressed jeans. Let’s talk for a minute about wearing distressed denim when you’re over 40 years old.

I’m on the fence about the age appropriateness of distressed denim. Don’t go nuts yet. Hear me out. I wonder if it makes us look like we’re trying too hard to look young by jumping on a trend that is mainly worn by young people?

You must admit that a simple, clean pair of jeans with little to no whiskering or distressing and no standout pocket stitching look the most “classy.”

However, I always say, wear what makes you feel good and I think that goes for trends as well. The amount of wear and tear on this pair of Old Navy jeans is the limit of what I feel comfortable wearing. If I were making all the style rules, I would say, keep it classy and don’t go crazy with distressing.

Fashion over 40 || Fashion for plus sized women || Full figured fashion || Fall fashion || White Cardigan for Fall

Fall Fashion || Fashion for women over 40 || Full figure fashionConfidence Trumps Style Rules

I want you to walk away from these posts feeling inspired, encouraged and having more confidence in your body and style. All style rules can be, if not broken, personalized to what works for you.

I love hoop earrings. I once read one of those “don’t after 40” lists that said hoop earrings were a big NO after 40. But I think they flatter me, and I feel great in them thus I wear them almost exclusively. So, if distressed or even destroyed denim is your confidence booster, strut your stuff!

I already know you’re pro-cardigan, but where do you stand on distressed denim after 40? Yes, no, or like me, somewhere in between?

Let me know in the comments,


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    • Paula

      You have a birthday coming up. What size? What color?

  1. Andrea Nine
    / word: Bonneyville!!! Do you know I live 15 minutes from there and have taken photos there before too. I did not realize how close in Indiana we may be!!! WOW!! That cardigan is so feminine and soft looking. You look sensational!! So happy to join you all today!

    • Paula

      Andrea, SHUT UP! This is CRAZY. I’m only 5 minutes from Bonneyville on CR 8. Okay, we MUST get together and soon. I see photo sessions over pumpkin muffins in our future. 😉 I’ll be emailing you.


  2. /

    I really like the cut and weight of your cardigan, it was so nice that you got one for your mom with her restrictions <3! On ripped jeans, I think it's personal style preferences over age. I adore them with restrained distressing. I have a 19 y.o. daughter who loves them shredded and a 22 y.o. daughter who can't stand them…

  3. You look darling and I am so loving your blonde locks! Great cardi and I am totally team distressed jeans…and I’m soon to be 51. I do agree that the distressing should be tasteful. I see the girls with the larger holes and frankly love some of them, but I just wouldn’t be comfortable with that much. Happy Tuesday Paula!!!

  4. Wow Paula, I am loving this cardigan! The fringe detail is so special and I love it with the distressed denim! I’m adding this to my wish list!

  5. jodie filogomo

    It’s the best way to bring in the fall—-sweaters and booties just like last fall in the Ageless style group!!
    I’m on the fence about distressing too, but the last thing I like is being told what i can and can’t wear. So I wear it just for that fact….(call me a nice rebel)

  6. Becky

    I love this cardigan. I wear cardigans bc I love to layer and if I get too warm you can a,ways take it off. I’m only 5-4 so I can’t wear the real long styles bc it looks like I’m wearing a blanket. I have a jean jacket that is “lightly” distressed (no holes) that I love. I don’t think I can do holes in my jeans but I have friends who wear them and look great. Also, I love hoop earrings and I am in the over fifty group. 🙂

  7. /

    I’m Pro-everything as long as you feel great wearing it. You look Fantastic in this outfit and dem jeans fit like a glove. Enjoy the rest of sunny weather.

  8. /

    Hey Paula, ooooh, loving the monochromatic top and cardigan, so feminine and soft. Pairing it with distressed jeans in genius. You GO girl!

    Xo, Jonet

  9. Gina D from Texas

    I personally don’t care for the distressed denim look – on me. But I see many women over 40 rocking it! So I agree with you – if you feel good and confident in it – go for it! 😊

    Love the cardigan! I ordered several cardigans from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but they all went back because the sleeves were waaayyyy too long! (Insert disappointed face). And of course the ones I wanted didn’t cone in petite – boo! But I think I’ll take a look at this one.

  10. Lol…I’m the rebel in the pack, I know that’s shocking. Pretty much every pair of jeans that I own are distressed. I own maybe three pairs that are dress down day at work appropriate. I feel less like myself without a few holes in my denim! You’re right, we are twinning again…distressed denim and waffle knit. There’s something about waffle knit that I absolutely love. You look fab my friend!

  11. Laura

    I agree with you on the distressing. I think it can make one look like they are trying too hard to be young and hip. I am also not a fan of skinny jeans, I think most people wear them too tight, and it makes them looked like a stuffed sausage. Plus skinnies give a triangle shape.
    I love that Cardigan, and I am very excited to see your blog, as I am not a small woman, size 12/14, and I love fashion, worked in it and studied it.
    Its nice to see fashion inspiration on someone that is not a size 6.

  12. I looooove distressed denim. I call them “loved in jeans” and I wear them — totally ripped and torn and shredded. I think it’s an age and comfort thing. My kids don’t wear them because they think they’re weird — who raised those those kids? Anyway, I like the neutral colors of your outfit. So perfect for the end of summer…

    • Paula

      I love that you call them “Loved in jeans” Daenel. If the fabric is soft like they’ve been washed a bazillion times, I could see that.


  13. I personally don’t care for the distressed Jean look on older women. I feel it makes them look like they’re trying too hard to keep the young and hip look. Classy is never aging. I have two personal “rules” for myself: if my daughter in laws would wear it, it’s probably too “trendy” for me (I’m sure the last thing they want is their MIL dressing like them) and if my mom would wear it, it’s probably too aging for me. But hey, each to their own, right?

  14. /

    No hoop earrings after 40….WTH…whoever came up with that was dumb. haha Your cardigan is beautiful! I totally will wear jeans with a little distressing but keep it fairly minimal.

    Shelly | The Queen in Between

    • Paula

      I KNOW! I can’t imagine not wearing them, Shelly. I just lost one from one of my favorite pairs. I took them out for a haircut and put them in a pocket of my bag that contained my keys… I might as well have thrown it on the ground myself. WHAT WAS I THINKING!

    • Paula

      I know! I’ll break that rule every single day!

      From one style rebel to another… hugs! 😉

  15. Deborah

    Just found your blog and love it! I have to say tho…Don’t worry girls. I am 67 and wear distressed jeans almost everyday and most of my friends and I wear hoop earrings. Such Rebels!!! As long as it looks appropriate…age shouldn’t be a problem. You just keep goin’ girls!!

    • Paula

      Yes indeed Deborah, wear what makes you happy and fits your style vibe!


  16. You look great in your cardigan and distressed jeans. That cardigan is awesome. I also fall somewhere in between on the distressed jeans front. I have seen midlife ladies wearing them that look great I tend to not wear them myself though.

    • Paula

      I have seen those cool midlifers in distressed denim and think they look great and I’ve seen others that it just doesn’t work. I think that it has to fit your overall style vibe.

      Distressing gets a little much for me when it’s all over or has the fraying fringes dangling off.

  17. Gayle

    They’ll have to pry my hoop earrings out of my cold, dead ears, lol. Seriously, though. Hoop earrings are the only ones I wear, and I also think my mom, who is 76, looks great in her hoop earrings : )

    • Paula

      I love them too Gayle. I wear them 95% of the time I wear earrings.

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