Get Better Eyebrows with The Brow Trio

Friends, I’ve found a great product to help us mature women get better brows. If you struggle with makeup as I do, you want easy and I’m going to show you how easy it is to create better-looking eyebrows with The Brow Trio.

If you’re new around here you must also know that I’m an advocate for the anti-anti-aging movement. We are privileged to grow older and I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with doing so gracefully and showing a little patina.

Tired of not being able to see to put your makeup on? Well, I've got a great new brow makeup that will help those of us who are stuggling get perfectly polished brows every time!

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However, we do want to look our best and a little spit and polish never hurt anybody.

Don’t worry, there’s no real spit required for today’s eyebrow makeover but let’s talk about the importance of a polished brow real quick and then we’ll hop into the makeover.

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I didn’t learn to put on makeup as a teenager and didn’t wear much in my early twenties either. So I’ve been learning as I go. And now as my face is beginning to present new challenges in the cosmetics department, my eyesight is also making the task of applying makeup a little more difficult.

So I thought it would be fun, and funny, to create a series called Makeup for (Mature) Dummies so I could share a few tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way as well as some products that make it easier for us mature girls.


Tired of not being able to see to put your makeup on? Well, I've got a great new brow makeup that will help those of us who are stuggling get perfectly polished brows every time!

#makeuptipsforwomenover50 #makeuptips #grayhairinspiration #longgrayhair #sparsebrowtips #thebrowtrio #thebrowtrioreviews

Brows frame your face. Period.

Do nothing to your brows and our face begins to lose some of its definition. But go too dark and you’re rocking that Groucho Marx look. We want to be in that Goldilocks zone of JUST RIGHT.


I’ve used brow pencils for years. But as my eyesight is getting a bit worse, I’ll fill in my brows with a pencil in the morning, and then I’ll look at them in the car mirror later and realize I’ve got a line drawn somewhere it’s not supposed to be.

I could just stop looking, but now I don’t have to. 😉

What is The Brow Trio?

Tired of not being able to see to put your makeup on? Well, I've got a great new brow makeup that will help those of us who are stuggling get perfectly polished brows every time!

#makeuptipsforwomenover50 #makeuptips #grayhairinspiration #longgrayhair #sparsebrowtips #thebrowtrio #thebrowtrioreviews

The Brow Trio is a brow wax and brow template kit. It comes with brow templates in every shape and size you can imagine.

WHY IS If you can see well enough to get the template placed over your brow, you’re golden!

Once the brow wax is set, it does not smudge or run. And it comes off when you wash your face.

You may have to experiment with color, but there are lots to try. I’m using the taupe, which works for me but still might be a bit lighter than I want.

If you’re worried about looking too harsh, err on the side of too light vs. too dark.

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It’s SO SIMPLE TO DO but I’ve created a short video that shows it to you in action.


Give it a try and let me know what you think!

If you're looking for a brow product you can apply quickly and easily and WITHOUT reading glasses, THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU. #makeuptipsformatureskin #makeupover50 #silverhair #grayhair #matureskin #makeupformatureskin

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  1. Oh, brows…mine aren’t even second cousins three times removed! Thanks to hypothyroidism, I starting losing mine several years ago. And, now, what I do have are in weird places! My hairstylist said she could dye them…I told her to take a close look! She just laughed and said maybe that wasn’t an option for me! Right now, I’m really struggling finding the right shade. You’d think finding a good grey would be sorta easy…not so. I use Laura Mercier which still seems pretty dark on me. I’ll have to give this a look and a try!

    • Paula

      What color are your natural brow hairs? I’d venture to say their dark if your hair was dark to start with. If that’s the case, stay in that color family.

      I like the taupe one from NYX

      ITCosmetics has a pretty nice universal taupe brow pencil and powder. I’ve used both and like them.
      (Affiliate links)

      I also have another product that I’ll share soon, but I think it’s definitely helping with brow growth.

      Good luck!

      • Yup…I’ve already used the IT one. I did have light brown hair. And, I know lots of women like that dark look with their grey, but I just feel a bit extra. I’ll look at the Nyx one because it’s not gonna break the bank!


        • Paula

          The NYX one is nice because it’s so thin. It’s probably similar to the Anastasia.

  2. Gina D from Texas

    Loved it! Will definitely have to try it. Like the eyebrows you and I are makeup sisters (not twins). 🤣 I also grew up in a home where my mother, grandmother, and aunts did not wear makeup. So while I “tried” it in my teen years I didn’t really feel comfortable so just never wore it. And I don’t even wear it today and I’m about to turn 60. 😳 I’m sure I look horrible but every time I put make up on it just feels so heavy and I feel like I look so fake. I know that’s not the case but that’s how I feel. It’s just not for me so I just choose not to wear it. I wear moisturizer and that’s it. But I do try to fill in my eyebrows and with having to wear glasses now that’s not so easy. You made this looks so simple I will definitely have to try it.

    • Paula

      I hope you love it Gina. And, I bet you look great. If you don’t feel the need to wear foundation, you probably have lively skin!

      I forgot to mention that I would start out with the smaller template and move up from there. Especially if you have thin brows to start with. 😄 Have a great day.

  3. Gina P

    Wow, that’s looks like an amazing product! Thank you, loved the video tutorial! Currently I have black eyebrows, interspersed with hair hairs! My once brown hair has turned Snow White thanks to alopecia. My new hair growing in on the back of my head is black. Oh and my skin tone is warm! So let’s just say I’m a hot mess when it comes to picking colors that compliment my hair and skin tone!

    • Paula

      I think taupe are a great place to start. Some brands the taupe can be too warm, but most are a good neutral.

  4. Donna M

    Love your little tutorial! I wish I had eye brows to use the product, but alas (lol!) I no longer have any brows at all!! I started losing them about 5 years ago, just kept getting thinner and now they’re gone! I did try a template from Amazon, but none of the shaper were small enough- I did look like Groucho Marx!! I haven’t given up, so I’ll take a look at The Brow Trio! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it- sure does look easy!

    • Paula

      Ugh, that’s frustrating Donna. I think the small template in The Brow Trio would be a good size. And if you stick with the taupe, they won’t be too dark.

      I’ve also been using a product that I think is making a difference in my eyebrow growth. I’m going to try and go back and find a picture of my naked brows before I started using it and compare but you might want to check it out. (affiliate link)

      I hope it all works for you!


      • Donna M

        Oh thank you so much, Paula! I’ve seen Rapid Lash, but didn’t know anyone personally who used it, and I try not to spend money on products that might not work. I’m going to definitely consider it and if I start using it, I’ll let you know! I like the looks of The Brow Kit too- thank you for your suggestion of the smaller template and the color. I think that just might work for me too!

        Hugs back to you!

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