Summer Dreams in a Catherine’s Maxi Dress

Dressing for Your Dream Summer

It’s almost summer and I’m inviting you to join me and Catherine’s in welcoming long, lazy, sunny days in style.  So come along and get ready for beach days, sun hats, sipping cool beverages and getting lost in a good book. Or maybe you’d rather roam around in the park or sprawl out on a blanket under the stars while taking in the tunes at a summer concert. No matter what your summer dreams are made of, a colorful Horizon Paisley maxi dress will take you there.

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Catherine’s Plus Size sponsors this post. Catherines carries Style that Loves You! More gorgeous, curvalicious fashion can be found online and in their stores. My selected pieces were provided to me by Catherines, but all style and sizing tips are based on my personal style and opinions.

It’s been unseasonably cold in Indiana this spring. We’re also wondering if the rain will ever stop and the pool will finally heat up. Although I’m not sure if the weather will cooperate, the pool might get warmer once we flip the new solar blanket over so that the little bubbles are facing the water. Oops! I’m not mentioning names, but a certain husband pool-boy, might have done a great job trimming it to size and putting the new reel together, but he put it on upside down. Any-who…

A local mechanic shop’s sign says, “Get your AC ready. Summer’s coming… we promise.” While I know that sign isn’t gospel, I’m going to stand in faith with them and plan for heat

Summer Dreams are made of lazy days and maxi dresses! || #maxidresses #plussizefashion #summerfashion
maxi dress (wearing size 1X, but it’s big) || butterfly necklace || bracelet || hat (similar)

Beat the Heat in a Maxi Dress

For me, dressing for the heat means breezy, flowing fabrics and easy styling. And what’s easier than a maxi dress? The fabric on this is lightweight and cool.

Maxi Dress by Catherines Plus Size ||   #stylethatlovesyou  || sponsered post by Catherines Plus Size  ||  Summer Fashion

Accessorize for a Distinctive Look

The clearwater slide bracelet looks great with the maxi or with tons of other summery fashions.

Or, keep it simple and let this bright, patterned maxi dress do all the talking.

This dress makes a statement on its own and I’m honestly not a big fan of the cute butterfly pendant necklace with the dress. But, it is ADORABLE (almost a Summer must-have) with a white eyelet blouse and light boyfriend jeans. Just sayin’, you might see it very soon in an upcoming look. 😉

Maxi dress for the beach  ||  Plus size fashion  ||  Summer Fashion for curvy women ||  Catherines Plus Size Maxi Dress

Style Tip

Stay carefree and comfortable by keeping those thighs from screaming from a bad case of chafing. Wear long-line undershorts like these Simply Cooling Smoother Shorts under your dresses. (They had me at cooling.) You curvy girls will thank me.

Where To Wear

This Catherine’s Horizon Paisley maxi dress could be worn anywhere summer takes you. Well, maybe not to the amusement park, but definitely to the beach as a swimsuit cover. And because this material dries fast it can be worn out to dinner or lunch with a friend afterward.

Wear a Maxi Dress for Summer Entertaining  ||  Summer Fashion for Plus Size Women  ||  Catherines Plus Size Maxi Dress (sponsored post)

Or how about entertaining at home? You’ll look like a movie star serving beverages to your guests. Okay, a movie star might hire servers but you’re one of those approachable stars anyway. 😉

#StyleThatLovesYou with Catherines Plus Size  ||   Plus Size Summer Fashion  ||  #sponseredpost

I’d also wear it around the house after I take my swimsuit off. With six little grandsons needing PBJ’s and popsicles – pronto, I’m usually in a hurry and a maxi dress is a quick outfit… underclothes optional and you’re still decent. 😉

What I’d Change

I’ve tied the dress up for additional styling and also because it’s just a touch long. But, the knot detail would also look great with a cute pair of wedge espadrilles for a dressier outfit. Add a simple clutch and you’ve got date night covered.

#StyleThatLovesYou  || Summer Dreams with Catherines Plus Size  ||  Plus Size Summer Fashion

We get 18 delicious summers with our children. This is one of your 18. If that’s not perspective, I don’t know what is.”

Summer Lovin’

Summer’s not even officially here yet and I want to slow down time. I recently read a quote aimed at parents with young children but it got me thinking. It said, “We get 18 delicious summers with our children. This is one of your 18. If that’s not perspective, I don’t know what is.” (Jessica Scott)

I don’t know about you but the older I get, the faster time goes. Eighteen years is a blink of an eye, but even 50 years seems short now. Just think about it, the time we have left will go by just as quickly. So, get out there and have the summer of our dreams!

I’m dreaming of lazy days, comfy clothes, and someone to come wash my windows for me. 😉 How does your dream summer look?

Whatever you do, I hope you’re cute, comfortable and confident!


Summer style with Catherines Plus Size || Full figure fashion || Plus Size Summer Fashion || Style That Loves You || (sponsored post)

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  1. Lori

    I found your blog about a month ago, and love both your humor and your style. You are just adorable. Beautiful dress, beautiful girl. (I’m 66 so I can call you a girl, right?)

  2. /

    Love, love this dress on you and the colors are right up my alley. Enjoy the Littles. . . .

  3. jodie filogomo

    This dress is just perfect for summer Paula (at least when you get it…ha ha). The best thing about maxis is you’re covered but still cool!! And you don’t have a ton of decisions when getting dressed!!
    I just love this color on you!

    • Paula

      Thanks Jodie! The color is what had me. 💝

  4. Karen Miller

    Love this dress! I am looking for something like this for a cruise we are taking at Christmas time…this would be perfect! Being an Indiana girl myself, I am wishing for the rain to stop also! My dad needs to get his farming done! Anyway, you look adorable in the dress!😊

    • Paula

      Thanks Karen! This would be perfect t for a cruise, what a great idea. This one is available in limited sizes but Catherine’s has several that are similar. There’s a black and white one that would be stunning!

      Where in Indiana do you live? We’re in Middlebury in North Central IN.

      • Karen Miller

        Hey! We had spoken once before thru Facebook…i’m sure you speak with a lot of people so it’s ok if you don’t remember, I live in Fishers! I have been to Middlebury numerous times, we love to eat at the Essenhaus!!

        • Paula

          Oh yes!!! Now I remember. You are right it gets confusing for me. As you comment more, I’ll get to know you. 😘

  5. Gina D from Texas

    So question. In this post you talk about the Simply Cooler Smoother Shorts. Do you like them more, less or the same as the Yummie Cooling FX® Mid Waist Thigh Shapers? Just curious. I just ordered the Yummie so haven’t tried them but was wondering how they compare. 😊 Love this dress by the way!

    • Paula

      Gina, I honestly haven’t tried these from Catherine’s yet. Since this post was sponsored by then, I had to tag their products. However, they get rate very good in review and would be worth trying for comparison. I wore the Yummies the other day (all day) and even though they are cooling, anything close to my body makes me hot, but it wasn’t the “I might slap somebody” kind of hot. 😉 Hope that helps. I will try these from Catherine’s and let you know.


  6. Stacey Foor

    So much fun to follow you! Love your down to earth charm.
    Stacey- in wet , cold Ohio waiting for sunshine and our pool to warm up!!😊

  7. Robin OSBORNE

    What a pretty dress! So nice to see a maxi dress with sleeves. I love your style and your humor.

  8. Cristen

    Paula!! I love this look so much. The sleeve length and neckline are so flattering!! Beautiful!!

    • Paula

      I agree! They need to make more dresses and blouses with sleeves!

  9. /

    I don’t even own a maxi dress, can you believe that! But seeing you in this lovely happy dress makes me wonder why not! I might have to shop later on……Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!

  10. Poogie

    Hey Poog! Cute dress and pretty color on you. Enjoy your day, Poog!!!!

  11. You do look like a SUPERSTAR!! Beautiful dress and color on you.. Summer is coming to Indiana, lol, I hope😶

    • Paula

      Well, did you wear a maxi that weekend?

  12. Ooh, I saw this dress on you on Instagram and just loved it!

    We FINALLY got some sunshine this afternoon after the DAYS of rain stopped…and tonight was lovely, cool, dry, with a little breeze. I got to sit out on the patio for the first time all year!


    • Paula

      I’m totally jealous Bettye! I’m ready for summer!

    • Paula

      Well Bettye, summer has finally found us and is putting on a pretty hot show. Hope you’re finally able to enjoy summer weather too.

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