The Best Shoe and Boot Organization for a Small Closet

Is your love of shoes bigger than your closet space? Mine definitely is!

This is why I’ve come up with the BEST shoe and boot organization for a small closet. They say where there’s a will there’s a way but try as I might, I couldn’t will my closet to be any bigger.

The other saying is, that necessity is the mother of invention and this girl got inventive so she could keep more of the shoes she loved.

We’re talking all things shoe organization, bootie organization, and a solution for how to store and organize your tall boots too!

You may still want to do a little purging and let go of shoes you can’t wear for more than an hour without your feet screaming. It’s really one of the best things I’ve done for my feet. 😉


I LOVE SHOES! Boots, too. Let’s not forget sandals. Oh, and booties! And, of course, you know sneakers are high on my love list.

Shoes can make your outfit and they don’t make you look fat (except for maybe booties or boots). But I really don’t function well with a ton of stuff around me.

Now hear me, stuff only becomes clutter when it becomes too much stuff.

And to me, too much is defined by things that don’t fit within the space we already have. This is a discipline I myself am still working on but I will say, that if we allow our space to be our boundary, it’s easier to stay accountable and keep our spaces less cluttered.

That being said, a little organization can make a world of difference and allow us to have a few more shoes to choose from. 😉


I am blessed with a lovely, moderately sized walk-in closet. But, I have to share this modest space with my husband and I have no wish to turn another room in my home into a closet because that real estate is precious to me for hosting grandkids and out-of-town guests. So I’ve created a system that allows me to maximize my shoe and boot organization in the space I have.

I do, however, think that even if you have a smaller area than I do, you could store out-of-season shoes in another storage space like an attic, basement, or another closet if necessary.

You might also be interested to see how I created an organization system that helps make purging your closet SO EASY!


Over the years I’ve curated some of my favorite tools for this closet hack.

There will be some upfront costs if you don’t already have some of these things at home. But it’s money you’re going to spend only once and it will give you flexible storage solutions for years to come.

Also, you can use one or all of these tips based on your needs and your space.

I’ve created a video to quickly show you exactly how the shoe organization hacks work but first: Here are some supplies you may need to create an easy, seasonal shoe and boot storage solution in your closet.

SUPPLIES (you can gather these over time)

Skirt Hanger

Double Decker Shoe Organizers

Plastic Shoe Boxes (by the case)

Larger (Men’s) Shoe Boxes (these may work better for booties)

Boot storage boxes 

My Favorite Pretty Box Label

Stackable Shelving (I had these in my previous closet to extend my shoe storage space)

*Hanging Jewelry Storage in Background (I know you’re gonna ask)


In the video, I forgot to say that because I rarely wear them and don’t need access very often, I store dress shoes like pumps in shoe boxes at the top of my closet.

Okay now, are you ready to corral all those shoes in your closet?

Check out this video and let me know what you think.



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  1. Ramona Puckett

    What great ideas! Thank you so much! In my closet there’s a raised section I guess for shoes so I’m at a loss for how to store my shoes. So, you can guess how my booties, summer sandals and athletic shoes look like in the closet. Like the hot mess it is! Lol! Anyway, I love your blog and learn so much from you! Many blessings!

    • Paula

      I’m not sure they make closets big enough for shoes AND clothes Ramona. 😉 I even told they guy who designed our closet system how many pairs I had at the time and there still isn’t enough space for all of them.


    • Paula

      You’re lucky Mireille. Hopefully, you can incorporate one or more of these hacks to help keep your shoes in order.


  2. Heather Nelson

    Hi Paula,
    I really enjoy your blog! Thanks for posting and blessing us all in one. 🙂 This is perfect timing. I just had my son remove our shoes from our tiny coat closet in the entry way just last week so we can figure out a better way to store them. This post is perfect timing as they are sitting in piles waiting.
    Question- would the double decker organizers work for larger size shoes? My shoes measure longer than the measurements shown in the specs (I wear size 10-11) and my husband/sons have even larger feet! Thanks for any thoughts you have on this.

    • Paula

      Thanks so much, Heather! I think I linked some men’s shoe boxes. And as far as the double decker organizer slots, I’ll include a link below to some adjustable ones that will raise for your shoe height (better for mens thicker shoes). I wear a size 9 – 10 shoe and my hubs wears a 10-11. While his may hang of the back more, it doesn’t effect storage.

      Paula (affiliate link)

  3. Robin Osborne

    I have a RIDICULOUS amount of shoes because my theory is …my short,chubby body may not be the shape I would like, but I DO have cute little feet! I am definitely going to search for the double decker shoe thingies, work on labeling some shoe boxes for summer/winter shoes, try to purge unwearables 🙁 , and work on stifling the urge to buy more.

    • Paula

      The struggle is real, because like you, the urge is strong to have a shoe for every occasion plus some. 😄

      Happy organizing!

  4. Debbie

    I, too, love all kinds if footwear and I attribute it to my passion for fashion, especially being a curvy woman all my life. Often it has been easier to buy shoes to update an outfit, rather than find an outfit in my size.

    I do have a question about using the skirt hangers for boots. Do the clips leave imprints in the leather? Right now I have my boots stuffed upright with a half of a pool noodle on the floor of my closet.

    • Paula

      Hi Debbie,

      I have never notice much of an imprint, if any, in the leather due to the hanger clips. The clip part is only touching the inside of the boot as you’re only clipping the inner part of your boots together, not all four “layers”. If you have extra soft leather you may be able to take a think piece of cardboard (like the kind that comes in a tights or pantyhose package) and fold a piece over the top of your boots.

      Hope that helps.

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