DIMPES DIARY – Week Ending 3-31-23

Hey friends, it’s been another “oh my goodness, where has the time gone” kind of week. It wasn’t a bad week, it just flew by.

This weekend, we’re traveling again (our new normal) to see our son’s family and celebrate grandson number four turning eight. He’s one of the sensitive and loving boys with a definite zest for life. According to him, he’s great at everything he does.

Did I ever have that sort of confidence? If I did, when did I lose it?

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It’s been a week of appointments, including my yearly mammogram that was six months overdue and a recheck at the pelvic health specialist. I have not touched on this here, but the old vagina isn’t what she used to be, especially now that I’m done with hormone replacement.

So I’ve been using DHEA vaginal suppositories for several months as an alternative to estrogen and will now see a doctor specializing in pelvic floor physical therapy. Who knew there was such a specialty? But thank goodness there is.

We have a friend who says that your story is never just for you, so if you’d be interested in hearing more about my experience, let me know.


I’ve been craving these yummy pork carnitas, so I made a batch yesterday. In my opinion, they don’t smell great when they’re cooking, but let me tell you, the flavor never disappoints!


Dress-Old || Booties || Jacket XL || Target Belt (unavailable)

Sunday, I wore a favorite Old Navy dress from last year. They don’t have anything similar yet, but it was so popular that I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought back something similar this year. Keep an eye open.


I love wearing dresses and bought this pretty dress (in a 16W) for Easter Sunday. It’s so lightweight, covers the arms, and has pockets!

Pockets are becoming a non-negotiable for me in most dresses. I also recently bought this dress, and while it was gorgeous, it was very expensive, and after thinking about it, I returned it. Why pay that much for a (non-occasion) dress if it doesn’t have everything I love?


Pink & Navy Old Navy Pants (XXL) || Tailored Trousers (18W)

CONFESSION – I’ve been feeling pretty terrible about myself lately. I’m at an all-time high weight (I don’t weigh, but I feel it in my clothes), and my legs look like a bowl of cottage cheese and Jello. So, I can’t fathom the thought of shorts for summer.

Of course, dresses are one alternative to shorts, but I absolutely love lightweight, non-linen wide-leg pants for summer. Old Navy has some of the best pull-on pants. I fit in both the XL and the XXL, but I love the drape of the XXL as they skim over my thighs so nicely; I’ll have to have the waist taken in.

For a more tailored option, these from Madewell are lovely; the fabric has a nice weight while still being light. I wear an 18W in these.


I’ve been thinking lately about our (my) propensity to focus on our troubles to the point we continue to stress about them ad nauseum. I know that I’m supposed to cast it all on God, but I reel it right back in, and the stress escalates to a chronic level.

But I’ve been thinking about it this week, and I have this one thought: Instead of picking up the crisis repeatedly, what if I devoted myself to filling up with more of God?

We’re made for worship, worshipping God, not our troubles. Elevating our troubles to the forefront of our lives sounds a lot like worship to me. Let’s challenge ourselves to give God the forefront of our minds this week.

Are you with me?

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Have the best week!


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  1. Brenda

    I’m sure all of us have vaginal issues as we age because my sister and I both do. I’m so thankful we can discuss it openly. We all want to be our best at any stage in our lives and I am interested in what the doctor told you. I’m using estrogen cream at this time, but didn’t know there were different options. Please share your story.

    • Paula

      I’ll definitely start a more in-depth discussion about the issue Brenda. We just take for granted these things will keep working and it’s disappointing when it doesn’t.

      Hugs to you!

  2. Carol Glazer

    I love your Easter dress! We just had a blizzard here in Minnesota, so I’m going to check out those pink pants instead of an Easter dress. So cute! I really admire your style. I love how you are so active and strive for health and wisdom. I smile when your articles arrive. I struggle with fear, anxiety, and illness. The other morning I was offering God my prayers and a worry came bursting through, “Why do we have to get old and sore and soooo tired?”. (I try not to whine in my prayers, but I couldn’t stop that thought). God gave me an answer by letting me know it’s because now is a time in my life where I need to rely more on His strength, and less on my own. Have a blessed and Happy Easter.
    PS: Your grandson is adorable!

    • Paula

      Carol, you are right (or rather God is 😉) we have to rely on Him and our struggle is the constant reminder.

      In our weakness HE IS STONG!

      Have an amazing week!

  3. Kimberly

    I’d really like to hear more. I had no idea there were pelvic floor specialists. I’ve followed a few women that say they can heal this type of thing, but its hard to imagine when they are so young, and super fit. Makes me feel even worse about myself. Your definitely not alone in stressing about everything (extremely guilty) while knowing God heals all. Thank you for being so open and honest!!

    • Paula

      I’ll definitely share more in the coming weeks as I know more. The first step was a NP who deals with pelvic health in general. She prescribe the DHEA (as an alternative to estrogen since my moms cancer is hormone fed and I didn’t want to take the risk) to help increase natural moisture. At my recheck this week she has now referred me to pelvic floor specialist for physical therapy on the “old thang”. 😆

      We’ll chat soon.

  4. Kathy

    I say, you look fabulous in the dress! I stress out too. Ugh.

  5. Rebecca

    Yes, please share about your DHEA therapy, the pelvic floor specialist, etc.

  6. Jess, from Elegantly Styled and Dressed does Pelvic Floor Therapy! Never heard of it before she mentioned it!
    I love the pull on pants, great alternative to shorts for summer!

    • Paula

      It’s all new to me. I had hoped the DHEA would be enough but the pain is too great even after adding moisture back. I’m also hoping to be able to get the knowledge and continue therapy at home. I have to drive 40 minutes for each appointment. 😫

      Have a happy week!

  7. There is no such thing as TMI…well, OK, there is…but, not for this! But, I’m curious…will this help with that old “Uh, oh, I need to cross my legs because I feel a sneeze coming on” situation? I do wonder, is there anything magical coming up? Like will we, at some point, just wake up looking like (insert name of young polished beauty) without any help? The only thing I’ve discovered is the hair on my legs doesn’t grow any more, but I still shave every day because OCD.

    I am with you on the weight thing. I am so angry at myself because two years ago…I was 40 pounds less! And, I just can’t figure it out anymore. So, cottage cheese and jello thighs here, too.

    I do give it over to God every night, but every morning, I seem to grab it right back. I keep hoping He’ll knock some sense into me and say, “No, Marsha, I’ve got it, and I’ve got you.” He probably does, but I don’t listen for Him. I need to focus more on that.

    Thanks for a wonderful post, Paula! Have a blessed Holy Week.


    • Paula

      Yes Marsha, pelvic floor therapy can help with bladder incontinence, bowel incontinence, and painful intercourse. Mine is the later and I would imagine each issue has a different course of physical therapy to strengthen muscles.

      And yes, the struggle is real, but I’m gonna wear my loose pants this summer and not worry about it. 😄


  8. Yolanda Gonzales

    Thank you Paula for sharing your thoughts and real life experiences and your faith. I enjoy reading your articles.I have put on weight since the pandemic and am struggling to get it off, so I need to learn how to just embrace it and work with what God gave me. And at 55years of age I don’t need to be thinking that I should be looking like J Lo or any other unrealistic person. My focus should be on God, taking care of myself and grow in my faith and continue to love and cherish my imperfect family. The pelvic floor exercises work, so keep it up.
    Happy Easter!🐇🐣

    • Paula

      Thank you for your words of encouragement, Yolanda. No, we don’t have to look like J Lo but, if do think we should consider our body God’s temple and treat it better by feeding it well and strengthening it. That’s my goal this year, to make small steps so I can represent Him well!


  9. Denise B

    Hello, I just came across your blog by searching for another fashion blog and read a few posts. Have you heard of the podcast, You are not broken by Dr KJ Casperson. She’s a female urologist that talks about menopause among other women’s
    and men’s health topics. She talks about hormones and includes scientific studies.

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