How To Wear Layers for Fall

Without Looking Like The Michelin Man

Wearing layers in the fall is vital when the temperature fluctuates between “almost warm” to “it’s frickin’ freezing Mr. Biglesworth.”  Skinny chicks can pull off all the puffy coats, sweaters and vests. But even if it’s not slimming, we curvy girls can still layer up without looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy.

How to wear layers without looking like a puffball || Full figured fashion || plus size fashion || Almost plus size || Fall getaway fashion

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Getaways in the Wind and Rain 

Mr. Dimples and I took off last weekend for a quick overnight getaway. You know, sometimes life gets stressful, and you feel like you want to run away. We didn’t want to spend a ton of money since he’d recently lost his job and sleeping in the same room for one night is about our limit. But that’s a snorry, err… a story for another day. 😉  We decided to stick close to home and head up into Michigan to see if the fall colors were popping yet.  

This was the only weekend for the next several with nothing on the calendar. But as luck would have it, the weather wasn’t our friend. This is precisely our luck. We’ve been to Florida in a tropical storm, Cancun in the rainy season and have driven across Ohio during a blizzard (like they’re closing the interstate bad) in MARCH! But we keep making plans and trying again.

The rain wasn’t the worst of our problems. Strong winds made our plans to make directional decisions as we went, challenging. We would get to an intersection and ask “which way” and away we would go, getting lost together. One path was blocked by a tree brought down by the wind.

The wind also caused power surges and outages in the area we stayed for the night. But the gusts also created frigid wind chills in already chilly temperatures near Lake Michigan. Dressing in layers was key to keeping warm.

Fall Fashion || Dress in layers || Full figure fashion || Fashion for Curvy Women || Fashion for women over 50


It’s All About the Basics

A thin flannel shirt or brushed cotton button-up shirt is a fall packing staple. You could wear it as a base layer as I did here. Add a tank or cami underneath if the weather is freezing. I didn’t wear a tank this time but wish I had. You could also wear the button up flannels over a knit turtleneck dress to add a thin layer of warmth and extra interest.

Fashion for curvy women || Full figure fashion || fashion for women over 50

Layer Lean

Keeping each of the pieces lean doesn’t mean they have to be thin. They just need to have a slimmer profile. Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan is a great example. The material is soft and silky and is substantial without being bulky.

How to wear layers if you're a curvy woman || Ful figure fashion || Fashion for women over 50

Utilize A Utility Jacket

A utility jacket is a serious fashion workhorse. I have too many, especially green ones and I might be embarrassed if I counted them. But, they each have merits that keep them in my closet.

While I have more tailored utility jackets that can be dressed up a bit, this Free People jacket is plenty roomy for layering. The fabric is denser then others I have and adds to the warm factor.

The only thing that could be better is if you could find a utility jacket with very thinn quilting inside. Hmmm… I’ll be keeping my eyes open for that and in a different color. 😉

Fall Layers || Full Figure Fashion || Curvy Fashion || Fashion for women over 50

The Mad Hatter

I bought the hat I’m wearing in a quaint boutique in the lake town where we stayed for the night. But, during fall and winter, I think I should keep one tucked away in the car. You never know when you might need one. A pair of inexpensive knit gloves would also be a good idea. Can you tell how cold I was?

I ended up changing my booties out for my black sneakers and a thicker sock for a more casual look. It didn’t end up being warmer as my sneakers were mesh.

Your Best Layering Pieces

It’s easy for a tiny person to say they don’t mind looking a bit bulkier when they don’t even expand to your normal size when they pile on the layers. However, it’s a challenge to keep the “bulk” under control for the fluffy among us, but it’s not impossible.

How about you? Do you have any go-to layering pieces that are warm but keep your look lean? Do tell.

Fall fashion for women over 50 || Full figure fashion || Curvy Fashion || Almost plus sized fashion

Currently Searching For:

I’m also intrigued by the “Teddy Bear” coat this year. I’ve tried a couple on but “holy puffball”! Has anyone found a thin, fuzzy coat that you would recommend? I keep looking.

Stay cute, confident and warm!


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  1. Great post. I struggle with layers because I’m always hot and I hate feeling bogged down…lol.

    • Paula

      That’s EXACTLY why I like to keep the layer thin and loose. It’s the bulk that bogs me down the most. The nice thing about layering is being able to peel them off if needed.

      Big (Bear) Hugs,

  2. /

    Great post! I like how you layered your utility jacket and that is my topper of choice for cooler weather. Thankfully we do not have winters here, so I don’t have to add too much to my fluffy.

    • Paula

      I don’t actually mind the change too much Neti. But when the temps vacillate so much in one day it makes getting dressed hard.


  3. What if Mike becomes the next “It-Guy” with his hat fashions after this? 😉

    • Paula

      Oh, it just might happen. 😉

  4. jodie filogomo

    That’s so smart about keeping a hat in the car. I have a scarf in each one, but I probably need both.
    Layering is the only way I survive the colder weather….and it makes outfits interesting!!
    How fun you got to get away!
    We went up to Grand Rapids (and Big Rapids) a couple of years ago to do this same thing!

    • Paula

      It’s a live and learn situation Jodie. Even though the rust hat was a great addition to this look, I had a plethora of beanies sitting in my closet at home. 😉


  5. /

    I’m a keen hiker so have lots of lean layers – base layers and fleeces. Trouble is, they’re not too stylish if I’m out in London so I go for thin layers of a ribbed sweater, maybe a v neck as well, and coat. I keep gloves in the car all the time in case I have to scrape frost off.

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