No-Go-To Wardrobe Item Gets a Green Light with Creative Styling

One Cool Tunic,  Styled Three Ways

Hello! May flowers should be blooming in most places by now. They are even starting to bloom here in the Midwest. Every year, after what seems like an endless winter, I’m always surprised that spring REALLY has come.  Equally as surprising is that I’m not only breaking out of a “basics” style rut  (okay, sweatpants) and wearing something kind of funky and cool, but I’m actually taking one cool tunic and styling it three ways! I mean, WHAT is happening to me? Could going gray, getting fat and turning another year older this month be making me cooler?

Well, probably not. But when I made a purchase and return flub, I had to get creative or send yet another garment to the gallows; hanging in the back of my closet where all things go to die a wrinkled and dusty death until they are shoved in a plastic bag and put in the trunk of my car….. to go to consignment. 😉

A No-Go-To Style Challenge

And just like that (snap), it’s time for another month of style for women over 40 with our Ageless Style Linkup. This month Jodie of JodiesTouch of Style chose the theme and we’re styling a piece of clothing that may have been picked around, avoided or just lost in the back of our closets. We’re calling it the no-go-to style challenge.

We all have those go-to wardrobe pieces that we’ve worn over and over again and have even replaced them on a regular basis. But do you have a no-go-to item that you can’t bring yourself to get rid of? I know I do. I actually have more than one and I was about to style one of them in particular when a “thing” happened that I imagine has happened to almost everyone at some point.

Create 3 Outfits from 1 Universal Standard Tunic || Plus Size Fashion || Fashion for Women Over 50

New Plus-Size Retailer Alert

I had ordered this unique top from a new-to-me online plus-size retailer, Universal Standard. (Wearing the S – 14/16) It had been sitting in the bottom of my closet while I “thought about it” for a bit. By the time I decided that it might be too cool for me and initiated the return process I discovered that I had missed the return window. UGH! So, since nothing says “no-go-to” like “I was going to return you”, THIS became the piece I would style for this month’s Ageless Style challenge.

Once I started coming up with outfit ideas for the Adda Tunic, I opened a creative floodgate. Today I’m styling it three different ways to show you how it could be dressed up, dressed way down, and how I could style it somewhere in between. The versatility is quite amazing. I even sneak my beloved sweatpants in here. I’m brimming with some other ideas but these made a great start. Take a look.

Shirt Becomes Dress

Universal Standard Adda Tunic || Plus Size Fashion || Fashion for Women Over 50 ||

Fashion for women over 50 || Plus Size Fashion || dimplesonmywhat.comA  simple pull-on knit pencil skirt (pictured is a “vintage” LulaRoe skirt), belt and heels make this outfit appropriate for a fancy work look, church, or possibly even a wedding (depending on whether you’re a wear white to a wedding rule breaker or not). It’s actually closer to cream and if you went brighter with the skirt I think you could pull it off. 

Shop This Look


Fancy Becomes Fun (and comfy) 

1 Tunic, 3 Outfits || Fashion for Women Over 50 || Plus Size Fashion for Women over 50

Fashion Over 50 || Plus Sized Fashion || Universal Standard Adda Tunic Styled 3 Ways ||

You know if there’s a way to wear sweats with ANYTHING, I will find it! I actually came up with this casual outfit by (happy) accident. I had my camo Torrid joggers on when I was putting the tunic on and thought it looked kind of cool and funky.  Plus, you never know when you’ll need to do a high kick, jumping jacks, or the splits. (As if I could actually do a split.) 😉

I added the slip-on sneakers for this photos but it looks REALLY awesome with the lace-up heels pictured in the next photo. 

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Tunic Meets in the Middle


Universal Standard Tunic Styled 3 Ways || Plus Sized Fashion - Plus Sized Women Over 50 ||


Fashion Over 50 || Universal Standard Plus Size Clothing ||

This middle ground is my comfort zone. Basic jeans. Or a pair of flat waisted pull-on jeans like the NYDJ Millie Ankle Jeans I’m wearing with these. They only have back pockets so nothing else (but my wobbly bits) protrudes through the “tails” of the tunic. 

I also can’t say enough about this knit moto jacket from Anthropologie. (Wearing XL) From the minute I put it on it was a definite Go-To! Lots of reviews said it was too short, but it is perfect for a girl with a big protruding bum. It’s short enough not to sit on top of dimpled darlings and get “pushed up” by it. 

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Lessons Learned

Fashion for Women Over 50 || Plus Sized Fashion || Universal Standard Adda Tunic Style 3 Ways ||

You know what? I learned a couple of things in this styling process:

Number one is, of course, a reminder to make sure I check return policies and possibly a reminder system for return by dates. Or, just don’t order as much. 😉

Secondly, I can be cool enough to pull off a unique clothing item if I put my individual style spin on it. Even if that means adding a little classic simplicity to the funkiness.

 Lastly, I am more creative than I give myself credit for. That means there are likely plenty more no-go-to pieces in my closet that I can get busy styling. But first, I’m going to go enjoy the flowers before they give way to summer’s heat.

I hope I have inspired you to pull that no-go-to item out of your closet and get creative. Or maybe to not beat yourself up the next time you make a return faux pas like I did. You just might find that your no-go-to piece zoomed right passed GO and looked hot while doing it.

Be cute. Be comfortable. Be confident.




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Meet Maria from Passionfruit, Paws, and Peonies! Thanks so much for joining us and styling your own No-Go-To item. The lace dress is gorgeous! 


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  1. /

    You did a great job being creative with this unique piece! I love all 3 looks.

  2. You were totally creative and did a great job. Who knows, maybe it’ll end up being a favorite now that you’ve found 3 ways to wear it. (love your Barrington tote too😉) XO

  3. /

    Your creative juices are flowing and you look Fantastic in all 3 looks. But my faves are the tunic/skirt and tunic/jeans . .these looks are Super Fantastic. Enjoy May. .

  4. Wow Paula, you did an amazing job with a very unique piece! I have never seen a tunic like this before – it is funky and you brought it! This challenge really was a challenge but in the end it was such a good learning experience! I hope you wear your tunic more – it looks like it would be fabulous for a fancy night out with black leggings and heels and of course a statement necklace – hot, hot, hot!!!

  5. Wow Paula! You totally rocked this piece! Every single look was dead on! It was God-ordained that you missed that return by date because you needed to own this piece! 🙂

  6. Such interesting and clever ways to style this tunic. You look fab wearing all the looks.

  7. I want those camo sweats. Not in my size though. Whomp whomp!

  8. /

    This tunic really is a cool piece! I can see how it would take some thought to style, though. I enjoyed seeing the variety of options you shared. You look beautiful and ever so stylish in each ensemble!

  9. Great job on styling your tunic. I will have to check out Universal Standard.

  10. Fabulous tunic and I enjoyed seeing three completely different looks. I especially loved it paired with the dark-wash denim. Bravo! Xo Jonet

  11. /

    Great styling. Especially with the Camo joggers!

  12. Hey Paula! Love, love, love Universal Standard! What an amazing job you did with styling!
    i’m tagging you in a blog post. hope you will join!

    • Paula

      Thanks Julie! I’ll pop over and join in.


  13. /

    GIRL! I can see you’re kicking butt here on your blog!!!! You need to teach me a few things??? Great work, I’m so impressed by you! LOVE you more than ever! XO

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