A Summer Maxi Dress Party for this Month’s Ageless Style Linkup

Summer to the Maxi

Maxi dresses have a particular something that says “easy summer living“. And that’s just what we’re talking about for this month’s Ageless Style Linkup. It’s a summer maxi dress party and my beautiful and stylish co-hosts, and I are so excited to have Catherine from catherinegraceo.com as our guest host! Catherine is a Lyme disease survivor and an encourager of all women but especially those of us who have crossed over that proverbial “hill” into midlife. I can’t wait for you to meet her if you haven’t already.  So, let’s get this par-tay started!!!!

Maxi-mum Benefits

I love a maxi dress. I think they can make summer style look effortless and you look like you don’t have a care in the world. But maxi dresses can have a few drawbacks. If there’s no kick vent or slit, they can be hot on a muggy summer day. Maybe it’s just me, but if air can’t blow up my skirt, specific areas get to feeling a little too swampy for my comfort, if you know what I mean. 😉

 And depending on length, a long dress can be too long for everyday wear. I mean, I’m no slob (mostly) but I’m not June Cleaver, so I don’t want to wear heels every day. It’s just too uncomfortable and too fancy for my everyday style. But with a few styling tweaks, I’ve managed to make the Soma Sanctuary sleeveless knit maxi dress comfortable enough to wear nearly anywhere.

Maxi Dress Problems Solved | Over 50 Woman | Curvy Fashion | Ageless Style

Maxi Dress Problems Solved

Dimples on my WHAT?

Honestly, sleeveless styles are NOT my favorite. I mean, the arms I think I have, are never the arms that show up in pictures. Ugh! You might have thought that the “dimples” in my blog name refer to those on my butt. I’m not saying it does or doesn’t. 😉 But lots of us ladies of a certain age, regardless of our size have dimpled areas appear other places too.  Hey, it happens!

It might help to work out more, but sleeveless also means I have to put reading glasses on to shave my armpits! I can’t be the only one to have looked in a dressing room mirror only to see a giant patch of pit stubble that looks like it’s been missed in more than one shaving session?

While I LOVE me some denim jacket action, they can be hot to wear outside in the summer. Again, I’m no spring chicken and my tolerance to heat is severely impaired. If you struggle too, consider getting a bit more creative to cover upper arm issues and what looks to be coffee grounds under your arms. I used a short sleeve shirt for today’s look, but I could see this with a worn denim, long-sleeved shirt or one with a fun plaid or floral print.

Call in the Fixer

The first style tip is a two-for-one problem solver, maybe even a 3-fer. A simple knot is our Fixer! A knot at the hem not only pulls the hem up and off the ground, but creates a bit of a vent. That keeps things from getting too stagnant in the nether region. Knotting works well with a knit dress, but I’ve also knotted a maxi dress without stretch (see below). Just be careful, it can limit your mobility.

Knit Maxi Dress | Fashion over 50 | Curvy Woman Fashion

And don’t forget my number one curvy girl problem solver for wearing dresses no matter the length. LONG LINE UNDIES… in cotton, please! Read about my anti-chaffing bloomers if you want to.

I took this dress from a couple of years ago, to the tailor and added a vent on each side so that I could more easily knot the hem at the slit and still have a normal gait.

 I also knotted my last season camp-shirt at the waist to give it a nice shape. See? A strategic knot here and there can solve problems and add stylish detail to an outfit.

Fashion Fixes to Cover Arms in a Sleeveless Dress | Maxi Dress | Fashion for Women over 50

Fashion for Women over 50 | Maxi Dress Styling | Sweater Alternatives

A solo pair of STATEMENT EARRINGS like these from Stella & Dot keep the look fun and effortless.

Simple Summer Style

Styled this way, I could wear this maxi dress to church, a bridal or baby shower, the grocery store or even to a Little League game (and I did). A simple change of shoes, jacket, shirt or even a tee worn under it will change this dress up to meet any dress code on your summer calendar.

Be Confident. Be Comfortable. Be Cool.




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The Linkup

This Party Has a Few Guidelines:

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Meet Catherine 

catherinegraceo.com | Ageless Style Link Up | Maxi Dress | Floral Maxi Dress

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  1. Thank you for making me laugh out loud this morning. You are not alone Paula, I often miss a ‘patch’ and have to re-shave out the shower with my glasses on. I also struggle with my arm image – I stoically convince myself (in my dimly lit bedroom) they are not too bad, only to edit/crop/ditch the photos that show me the reality! I love how you have added knots to your maxi dresses Debbie, great tip! xx

  2. Paula,

    You are so much fun to follow my friend!
    Your writing is witty and authentic!
    I also hate my arms exposed in photos because they are no longer firm and muscular.

    Fabulous as always!

  3. You are such a fun writer to read! Hope that makes sense but you are a great storyteller and I could read for days. You crack me up but you’re right – in Florida we call it “swamp ass” – well at least that’s what another blogger called it and I realized that was a very accurate way to describe it. I love the idea of tying the hem up a bit to add a vent, I must try that!
    Love both of your looks Paula!!

  4. Paula, I love the knot trick for a dress or skirt that is too long. And anti-chaffing cotton bloomers are a must with every dress or skirt! You look fabulous as usual! Thanks for keeping it real and stylish!


  5. /

    Such a fun read and one that I can identify with. I love this dress on You and intend to copy the knots. Enjoy your Summer my Dear.

  6. Oh my gosh! You said “swampy”! I am falling over. You are hilarious. I mean, it’s true. But still… Honestly, I never notice pit hairs, I notice chin hairs. Like whyyyyyy?

    Maxi dresses can be difficult to wear in the summer but I do like the idea of a maxi. I’d never considered knotting my maxi before, but it does make sense. I like all of your dresses. They’re very cute and the colors are bright and summery.

  7. /

    Such a cute maxi and I love the mix of stripes! As a shorty I do like to knot a maxi dress so I am not tripping all over myself. Thanks so much for sharing your knotted camp shirt idea! I need to remember this when it is too hot for my trusty denim jacket.

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