7 Ways To Style A Kimono

Elevate Your Summer Style With a Kimono

If you’ve followed me for a while now, it’s no secret I’m crazy about kimonos! They can be made of knit or yarn for fall and winter, but a kimono in light and airy fabrics can elevate your summer style and how! Their versatility has me feeling all kinds of creative and I’m sharing 7 Ways to Style a Kimono, including today’s’ featured boho look of a kimono over shorts! 

7 Ways to Style a Kimono  ||  Summer Style for Women over 50  ||  Full Figure Fashion  ||  Wear a Kimono over Shorts

A great kimono will have you sashaying around feeling like an angel. Well, maybe not an angel but if your kimono is blowing in the breeze (and not getting caught on every doorknob in the house – if it has happened to you, you’ll know) you’ll probably feel like you have wings

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Kimonos are Stylish AND Versatile

Also not a secret, I like pieces that are versatile and a kimono fits that bill to a “T”. 

Here are a few ideas on how to wear a kimono.

7 Ways to wear a Kimono  ||  Fashion over 50  ||  Kimono LOVE  ||  Wear a kimono over shorts  ||  Plus size fashion
Kimono – sold out (similar) || Topsold out (similar) (similar – plus size) || Shorts wearing size XL || Shoes (similar) || Earrings || Bralette wearing size 2

Wear A Kimono Over Shorts

Finally, if you’re rocking dimpled darlings like I am, a long kimono styled over a pair of shorts will camouflage any cottage-cheesy lumps on the back of your thighs. 😉 Instant filter!

7 Ways to Wear a Kimono  ||  Plus Size Fashion  ||  Summer Fashion

Where I’d Wear This

I wore this outfit out and about feeling kind of cute. But, I could wear this to lunch with a friend, a barbeque party or a day out with the hubs. 

7 Ways to Style a Kimono  ||  Fashion For Women over 40  ||  Summer Fashion  2019  ||  Full Figure Fashion

What I’d Change

Although I love the lavender color of the camisole, the next time I wear this, I’ll choose a more fitted tank top. The beauty of a kimono is that it’s flowy and breezy, but because of it’s looseness, a closer cut top underneath will create a slimmer look for someone with curves like mine.

And this outfit will totally support a flip flop vibe as well.

Fashion for women over 50  ||  full figure fashion  || How to wear a kimono 7 ways
Summer style in a kimono  ||  kimono with shorts  ||  fashion for women over 50
The look you get when you want to stand here for a picture but you saw a snake over there two years ago! (true story – phobias suck!)

Do you love kimonos as much as I do? I’m excited to know how you wear yours and if I’ve given you any new ideas today. Let me know.

Wear what makes you feel beautiful!


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  1. jodie filogomo

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Paula!! Seriously the colors make it so perfect. Even with the tank that isn’t so fitted!!
    Kimonos are so versatile. Yet I still find women who don’t love them or haven’t tried them yet…crazy!

    • Paula

      Years ago I was hesitant to try one, but once i did, I was HOOKED! ☺️

  2. Mary

    I can’t count how many times I’ve caught mine on door knobs. Haha! 😄

  3. Sherry

    I love kimonos and this outfit, so I ordered the shorts. I have some kimonos. I haven’t worn shorts out in public for a while now for a few reasons. Two reasons being, I don’t like how short they get when sitting, & I don’t like sticking to restaurant chairs when it is hot🙃. A kimono would fix many of my reasons, & when it is 100+ degrees…..Thank You!!

  4. Loryl

    Just scored a cute yellow one at Kohl’s on clearance for $5!!!!
    It screams summer😎

    • Paula

      This is a GREAT time of year to get some good pieces!

  5. /

    Kimonos are the real deal and I Love the colors in yours. Enjoy every moment my Dear. . .

    • Paula

      Thank you Neti! You’ve said it perfectly.

  6. Such a pretty summer look. I have several kimonos and rarely wear them. I need to make more use out of them.

  7. Love the colors you picked so cool and refreshing. I mostly have kimonos for fall and winter. I might need to reevaluate. lol

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