Dress Cool When the Temperatures Soar

Summer Wedding Attire

and the ageless style link up

Hi friends! Welcome to the July edition of the AGELESS STYLE LINKUP. We are a group of ten women over 40 (or 50 in my case) who are out to show you that style is indeed ageless. We welcome our guest co-host Cheryl Tucker of Northwest Mountain Living. Be sure to check her out along with the rest of my fabulous friends as we show you how we dress cool in the summer heat. I’ve chosen to show how to dress for a summer wedding.

I’ve been out of town for nearly 10 days and then hosted my parents at our house for a week following. That means lots of entertaining our kids and the Littles as well. And then like all good families do, we share. This isn’t usually a problem until we share a stomach bug… STORY OF OUR LIVES! So not only was I late getting this post together, I’m doing it in a major hurry and through trips to the loo. UGH!

My parents and I were guests at my cousin’s wedding last Friday evening and it took place at a zoo! Yes, a ZOO! Oh, and did I mention that we are also experiencing a heatwave here in the Midwest? Well, YES, we are. So what does a guest wear to a wedding in the midst of a heatwave when you’re not sure if it’s an indoor or outdoor venue? And you are already a blubbering, sweaty mess because your body isn’t metabolizing the bio-identical hormone replacement therapy you’re taking? This….

Plus Size Dresses | Dressing Cool when the Temps Soar | Ageless Style

Summer Wedding Guest Dress

I wore as little as possible that covered as much as possible and was still flattering.

Target’s Ava & Viv plus size line has some gorgeous dresses and most are below the $35 price point. I chose this floral high/low hemline with flutter sleeves because well, it’s beautiful for starters. Secondly, the fabric feels cool and flowy and the sleeves keep my upper arms covered.

Sleeves and Belts and Jewelry Matter When Keeping Cool

I would have been overly conscious of my upper arms and wearing a style that makes you feel comfortable is key to keeping your cool in extreme conditions. When you’re trying to stay cool, don’t discount anything about a style that might “worry” you and make your blood pressure rise.

The high/low hem not only made the dress look fancy, it also kept it breezy. Remember I talked about that in last month’s AGELESS STYLE post? Also, if you don’t like your legs and don’t want to wear pantyhose this gives you a decent amount of coverage. I don’t like to wear them, but I know some people still do.

What to wear to a summer wedding in a heatwave | Plus Size Dresses

Minimal Everything Else

 I limited jewelry to statement earrings, like these fringy ones from Stella & Dot, for two reasons. First, the floral dress needs no competition. Second, I don’t like the feeling of anything around my neck, especially when it’s hot.  And if I’m being totally honest, I forgot to grab a bracelet and my wedding ring. Oops!

This time I opted to wear the self-tie belt until I can find something of medium width that I like with the dress and my shoes… which are really old.

Plus Size Dresses | Target Plus Size Dresses | Ava & Viv | Over 50 fashion

Underwear TMI

If you’re new around here, I’m pretty OCD about my underwear. I’ve written about it multiple times including sharing my love of cotton stretch fabric and my FAVORITE anti-chaffing long-legged underwear.

I was able to forgo the need for any constricting undergarments because the dress is flowing and forgiving. So I was rocking a no-wire, super soft bra, and my white long-line undies.

A cool updo when it's hot out is just as important as dressing cool. | Over 50 style


A quick and simple updo kept my hair off my neck. There wasn’t any real sweating surrounding my hair until we got home and one of the bobby-pins was so deeply tangled in some knotted hair that The Hubs had to cut the wad of hair out! This was only after trying in vain to cut the hairpin with a wire cutter. Yikes!

I Didn’t Melt

The venue was gorgeous and was up in the shade trees at The Treehouse at the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After waiting outside for a brief period, we were taken to the Bissel Treehouse in slightly cooled hillside trolley cars. Luckily, the reception was in a very nice indoor space following a brief and beautiful outside ceremony.

My dress is now below $25 and I’m wearing an X. You can see my current measurements here. I’ve linked several other pretty, plus-sized dresses below. Anyone of them would keep you covered and cool when the temperatures have you wanting to jump sober and naked into the nearest punch bowl.

Dress Cool When the Temperatures Soar | Plus Size Dresses | Plus Size, Over 50 and Stylish

Be Cool. Be Comfortable. Be Confident.


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  1. the cape on the corner


  2. Paula you look beautiful in your floral dress. It’s so flattering. I like to wear a “slip short” under my little dresses too just to make sure everything is nice and smooth. Hope you are feeling much better. XO

    • Paula

      Yes it is Jodie!!!! 🤣 it was only 2 hair elastics and a few bobby pins but something went haywire! 😬

      Hugs & such!

  3. Paula, this dress is gorgeous! Target is totally nailing it these days! I love the drama of a good hi-lo hem, too. I linked my post about my great underwear debacle, so now I am heading off to check out your underwear suggestions and preferences! Happy 4th of July to you. Stay cool!


    • Paula

      Thanks Shelbee. You’re right, Target is getting lots right these days by collaborating with designers. And with the addition of plus size lines, they are making it easier for us curvy girls to get in on it too.

      Hope you find some other undies that you like… of course I really only like cottony ones, so if you’re not into that you won’t love my choices. 😉


  4. /

    Fantastic dress on You and it’s easy breezy too. Enjoy July. . .

  5. You picked a winner with that pretty floral dress. I love the high-low hemline and the ruffle adds the fun factor.

    Xo, Jonet

  6. I swear Target is just killing it! Why, why do I NOT own stock in that darn company? That dress looks way more expensive than it’s under $40 price tag (and even better now that it’s on sale). Give me all the forgiving dresses that require no special undergarments. You can wear the coolest fabric in your clothing but if you are bound by spandex it is game over! Great look Paula!

  7. /

    Love this dress on you Paula! Sorry about the stomach bug..boo! But a wedding at a zoo..so fun!

  8. Barb

    This is my first time commenting, but I have to say that you look great! That dress is very flattering and wedding venue appropriate! It’s so hard to dress in this hot, humid weather, but you nailed it. Happy 4th!

  9. Well my friend, you certainly don’t look like a blubbering sweaty mess…so there’s that! I told you on Insta that I love this dress, but I’m telling you again, LOVE this dress! And how cool is a wedding at a zoo?? I hope that you’re feeling better beautiful! xo

  10. Ha, Love the name of your site. That’s great!! Thanks for hosting the link-up. I saw it on Cheryl’s site.

  11. Paula,

    This dress looked wonderful on you and I’m sure it was very chic and comfortable for your cousin’s wedding. I have never been to a wedding at a zoo and that must have been a fun venue!
    I love your updo too!


  12. Jacqui

    Well darlin’, you are just too adorable! Love the dress and it looks amazing on you! Also, your sweet personality just shines through with, your blog. I’m new to your site, but have become a fan! I’m a Midwest born gal (Ohio), but have lived West for 35+ years. I visit home 3/4 times a year and have no idea how I survived that heat and humidity all those years. It’s hot here, but dry, so it’s tolerable when it’s 100+! Keep up the great work. You are too cute!

  13. What a beautiful dress! I love all the tips you provided too — so informational {which I’m gonna need, because I’m pretty sure I’m pre-menopausal}. Also how cool to have a wedding in a zoo. That seriously sounds like something I would do.

  14. Kim

    I love the look! And I love how you break everything down for the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of your fashion choices. You look sooooo pretty!

  15. Molly

    You look beautiful and I love the dress. I’m a new subscriber and I love your wit and honesty

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